Lily Collins’ 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Lily Collins, a British-American actress, and model, who has some good movies to her list. Even though her acting skills are no doubt phenomenal, what we like about this star is her taste in tattoos. Lily is no stranger to ink and needle, and even though she possesses 4-5 tattoos, her taste in tattoos is subtle yet very charming.

Lily Collins
Let’s look out at her tattoos and get to know her better.

1. Crown & wings on her wrist

Lily Collins - bristish crown wrist tattoo

Lily Collins got a super cute tattoo of British Crown along with angel wings on her left wrist. She explains her tattoo saying that since she is British, having British crown is for that and since her mom has a tattoo of an angel on her, she wanted wings. She also said that she went to get this tattoo along with her mom.

2. “Love Always and Forever.”

Lily Collins - love always and forever lady tattoo
Lily has the words “Love Always and Forever” tattooed on her upper back in beautiful cursive writing script. She added a tattoo of a nude girl sitting on the lily pad just below the wording. She got that done during her Korea’s Vacation from an artist named Doy. The girl has her hair up in a bun and sits in a position that only her back is visible. It is one of the intricately detailed dazzling tattoos.

3. Rose Tattoo

Lily Collins - Rose foot tattoo
It seems that Lily is quite proud of her British heritage and therefore to honor that, she got another tattoo regarding that. She got the English rose inked on her right foot. The tattoo surely looks stunning on Lilly.

4. Tinker Bell Tattoo

Lily Collins - Tinker Bell Tattoo
Well, Lily herself looks like no less than Disney princess, and therefore we guess she got a cute little adorable Disney fairy tale inspired tattoo on her left ribs. It seems like a tinker bell with the words “fragile thing” inked as well.

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