Lloyd (Singer) 20 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Lloyd Polite Jr. who is an American R&B singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer and actor is better known by his mononym Lloyd. His career began from the time when he became a member of the preteen-boy band N-Toon. However, he took up his solo career in 2003. The group disbanded in 2001, and Lloyd embarked on a solo career in 2003. He has also worked for a television program on the UPN show One on One. He came into limelight when he donated his overlong hair to Charity. Lloyd has got multiple body tattoos that cover most of the portion of his arms. Let us explore the inks that adore his body and see what relevance they hold for him.

Lloyd Polite Jr

1. ‘Portrait of a Baby’ Tattoo

Lloyd Baby Portrait Tattoo

Lloyd Clouds and Baby Angel Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a baby angel inked on Lloyd’s left inner arm. The baby is sleeping and has angel wings inked around it.

Meaning: In an interview Lloyd had explained the meaning behind his song “Tru”, expressing how he and his girlfriend had lost an unborn child to an abortion and that it left a big hole. This tattoo is obviously dedicated to their lost child who is now in God’s arms. However, later their wishes of having a baby together were fulfilled when his girlfriend gave birth to their son River and also welcomed their daughter in late 2018.

2. ‘Angel’ Tattoo

Lloyd Baby Angel

Tattoo: On his right forearm there is another angel tattoo inked.

3. ‘Cross’ on Arm Tattoo

Lloyd ROSE MARY Tattoo

Lloyd Cross on Right Arm

Tattoo: Lloyd’s right bicep is inked with an enormous cross. Under the cross are the words inked that can be read, ‘May the Peace Be With You‘ meaning to wish or grant wellbeing of others. Also, surrounding the cross there is banner inked in the center which contains the words, ‘ROSE MARY’

4. ‘Eagle with open wings’ Tattoo

Lloyd Eagle Tattoo

Tattoo: Lloyd’s left bicep is tattooed with a huge eagle with open wings.

Meaning: Eagle is the symbol of freedom, strength, and wisdom.

5. ‘Family Crest’ Tattoo

Lloyd FAM Tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of his stomach Lloyd has got a huge family crest inked.

Meaning: The family crest tattoos represent history, love, and connection between family members. Famil Crest is also used in the honor of loved ones who have passed away.

6. ‘Guns and Roses’ Tattoo

Lloyd Guns and Roses Tattoo

Tattoo: Lloyd’s backside of his head is tattooed with Guns and Roses. Lloyd revealed his ink on BET’s “106 & Park” with co-host Rocsi Diaz.

“I’m a walking contrast…you know, I go from hard to soft,” Lloyd explained. “I go from guns to roses, which is in my tatt. I like to go from the streets to the sheets. I make street-savvy R&B music, but I also like to slow it down and be sensual at times. When you listen to ‘King of Hearts,’ you get a lot of the contrast, which is me.

7. Portrait On Right Hand

Lloyd Hand Portrai Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a portrait of a lady inked on his right hand, as per our research the portrait is of his girlfriend, Dehea Abraham.

8. ‘Helicopter and Planes’ Tattoo

Lloyd Hericopter and Planes Tattoo

On his right forearm there is a helicopter inked in a very light shaded ink followed by a group of five jet planes below it and an airplane towards his wrist.

9. Left Arm Design

Lloyd Left Arm Design Lloyd Left Arm Ink

Lloyd Left Arm

10. ‘RUDE BOY’ Tattoo

Lloyd Left Pec Tattoo

Tattoo: Lloyd’s left pec is inked with the face of the tiger followed by the words, ‘RUDE BOY’ tattooed under it.

11. Wrist Tattoos

Lloyd Polite Wrist Tattoo

Covering both his wrists is his own name tattoo that can be read as ‘Lloyd Polite’ tattooed on his right and left wrist, respectively

12. Portrait on Left Arm

Lloyd Portrait on Left Arm

Tattoo: On his left forearm Lloyd has got his own portrait tattooed.

13. Right Arm Design 

Lloyd Right Arm

14. Tattoo on Wrist

Lloyd Right Hand Wrist

15. World/Globe Tattoo

Lloyd Right Pec Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a huge globe tattoo that lies on Lloyd’s right pec. In the center of the glide there are stitches seen which are meant to symbolize the unity among all and to keep all stitched together. There are words tattooed around the globe, ‘I HATE TO SEE THE WORLD CRY’.

16. ‘Rosary Beads’ Tattoo

Lloyd Rosary Bead

Lloyd Rosary Beads Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left upper arm there is long rosary beads necklace inked.

Meaning: Rosary Beads Tattoo is a symbol to offer prayer to Lord and regret against your sins. It tells us about Lloyd’s religious beliefs. Also, people wear it as per the belief that Jesus and Mary’s blessings be with them always.

17. Skull Tattoo

Lloyd Skull Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a huge skull inked on the left side of Lloyd’s stomach.

Meaning: Skulls no doubt are the symbol of death, however, they are also used as the symbols of overcoming struggles and obstacles in life.

18. ‘Angel with Baby in Arms’ Tattoo

Lloyd Stomach Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a mother angel with large wings inked on the right side of his stomach. The mother angel is also holding a baby girl in her hands and close to her chest.

19. ‘Buddy Boy’ Tattoo

Llyod BUDDYS BOY Tattoo

Tattoo: On the top of his left pec there is a tattoo that can be read as, ‘Buddy Boy’

20. Bicep Design

Llyod Right Bicep Tattoo

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