Lucas Digne’s 17 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Lucas Digne is a French professional footballer who plays for Everton in the Premier League and also for the France National Team. He has represented several big clubs during his career that include the likes of Roma, Barcelona, and Paris Saint-Germain. Like most of his contemporaries, Lucas also has many incredible inks on his body. Let us take a look at his tattoos and the meanings behind them.

Lucas Digne

1. Chest Tattoo

Lucas Digne chest tattoo

Tattoo: The upper part of his chest contains the line, “I never walk alone” tattooed across it along with swirly lines.

Meaning: Many people believe that the quote on his chest represents his love for the club, Liverpool who have a similar motto but it is not true. While talking about the tattoo, he said, “My parents offered me a locket when I was four, for my very first day at school. On top of it was engraved: ‘I’ll never walk alone.’ The reference from my tattoo comes from here. It has nothing to do with football. It is a homage to my parents.”, revealing that the tattoo is a tribute to his parents and not for the team.

2. ‘Tiger’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne tiger tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of the head of a tiger tattooed across Lucas’ chest with both of its sides cover each of his pecs.

Meaning: Lucas got the tattoo of the tiger as it resembles his personality. He thinks the beast is a symbol of strength and power, just like himself.

3. ‘Bird and Statue’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne bird statue tattoo

Tattoo: The upper left arm and shoulder of the footballer contain a large tattoo of a statue on it with rays of shine coming from behind it. There is also a dove bird tattooed on his shoulder.

4. ‘Eye’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne eye tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of an eye, peeping through a dark hole, on Lucas’ left bicep.

5. ‘Christ’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne christ tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of Jesus Christ, on the backside of his left upper arm, just above his elbow. The tattoo is done in the exact same style as the statue of Christ The Redeemer in Brazil.

Meaning: The tattoo of Christ The Redeemer on his arm represents his faith as it is a symbol of Catholic belief.

6. ‘Diamond’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne diamond tattoo

Tattoo: There is a diamond tattooed on his left elbow.

Meaning: The diamond tattoo on his arm is symbolic of purity, strength and invincibility.

7. ‘Clock’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne clock tattoo

Lucas Digne clock tattoo2

Tattoo: The upper side of his left forearm contains a large tattoo of a clock on it. It is done in the style of a pocket watch and is showing 10:00 as the time. There is also a chain attached to it that is tattooed around the clock. The rest of his arm contains tattooed of clouds on both the inner and outer side to complete his sleeve.

Meaning: Clock tattoos are symbolic of a special time in someone’s life to commemorate that moment. With the clock showing 10:00, there might be a hidden meaning to it but it has not been revealed by Lucas yet.

8. ‘Lipstick’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne lipstick tattooLucas Digne lipstick tattoo

Tattoo: There is a lipstick mark tattooed on the upper left wrist of the football in the shape of a kiss.

Meaning: The tattoo represents his love for his wife, Tiziri Digne.

9. Quote Tattoo

Lucas Digne quote tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his left forearm contains a quote tattooed on it.

Meaning: While talking about his tattoos, Lucas revealed that the quote translates to, “Make your life a dream, and your dream, the reality” and the tattoo always helps him to work harder to achieve everything that he wants for himself and his family.

10. ‘Crown’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne crown tattoo

Tattoo: There is a queen’s crown tattooed on his left hand too.

Meaning: The queen’s crown on his hand also represents his love for his wife, Tiziri Digne who is also his high school sweetheart.

11. ‘Number and Talisman’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne number talisman tattoo

Tattoo: The number, III is tattooed on his right shoulder on a broken old wall design that covers his upper arm too. There is also a talisman tattooed on his right shoulder that contains the face of a cougar on it.

Meaning: The cougar tattoo on the talisman is a symbol of leadership and represents independence and a balanced leadership as it exercises the ability to lead without force.

12. ‘Heart’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne heart tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a heart, made by the joining of two hands, on the upper right arm of the footballer done inside a cloud. There are two stars, one above and below the design too along with clouds covering the empty spaces on his upper arm just like the other one.

Meaning: The hands are an interpretation of his own and his wife’s hand and represent the bond that they have an everlasting love between them.

13. ‘Pain and Gain’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne pain gain tattoo

Lucas Digne gain tattoo

Tattoo: The upper side of his right forearm contains the words, “No Pain” tattooed on it and the inner side contains the words, “No Gain” tattooed there. There are clouds tattooed around both the words along with stars.

Meaning: The words together make up the quote, “No Pain No Gain” which represents his hardworking and determined side.

14. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne rose tattoo

Tattoo: There is a rose flower tattooed on the upper side of his right forearm.

15. ‘Bear and Bunny’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne bear bunny tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his right forearm contains a tattoo of a toy bear along with a toy bunny.

Meaning: Lucas got this tattoo for his son, who was born in April 2017 to represent his favourite toys.

16. Date Tattoo

Lucas Digne dates tattoo

Tattoo: There are four dates tattooed on the inside of Lucas’ right wrist.

Meaning: The dates represent how much he loves his family as they are the date of births of his parents, Philippe and Karine Digne, his elder brother, Mathieu Digne, and his wife, Tiziri Digne.

17. ‘Woman’ Tattoo

Lucas Digne woman tattoo

Tattoo: The upper side of his right wrist contains a tattoo of a woman, with her right hand’s finger covering her lips and her head cloaked.

Meaning: The tattoo of the woman on her lips represents secrecy and the ability not to spill and secrets. There might be a hidden meaning to this tattoo but when asked about it, Lucas did not reveal it.

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