Imogen Anthony’s 15 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Imogen Anthony, the famous Designer, a Qualified Beauty Therapist, and a Model also trained in make-up artistry is the Girlfriend of well known D.J Kyle Sandilands. She has been known for her eclectic collection of tattoos, and thus her famous Instagram account. Imogen has always said that every artwork on her body is there to symbolize or remind her of certain things. Besides getting permanently inked, she has been a diehard lover of getting temporarily inked on a regular basis. Here you may read further to get to know about all her tattoos and their meanings.

Imogen Anthony

1. Unicorn Tattoo

Imogen Anthony Unicorn Tattoo

Tattoo: This Unicorn on her right lower back is Imogen’s first ink ever.

2. ‘3 Black Dots’ Tattoo

Imogen Anhony 3 Black Dots Tattoo

Tattoo: Back in April 2014, Imogen got 3 Dots Inked on her Right Hand.

3. ‘I, by living have conquered the universe’ Tattoo

Imogen Anthony Back Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘I, by living have conquered the universe’ inked on Imogen’s back.

Meaning: Imogen got these words inked and immediately after sharing the Instagram revelation post she was mocked for getting the wrong quote which otherwise originally says, “By the power of truth, I, while living has conquered the universe.” The quote is also featured in the graphic novel, V for Vendetta, and its 2005 film adaptation starring Natalie Portman. But Imogen has insisted her ‘slight adaptation’ was her purposeful decision as she is the believer of her own actions, and told her critics to ‘back the f**k off’.

4. ‘Tattoo on the center of her Back ( The Voyager )

Imogen Anthony Voyager Tattoo

Tattoo: Voyager 1 inked on her back.

Meaning: Just a few days after being trolled for her wrongful ink on her back, Imogen got another tattoo. She had stripped off to uncover the inking of Voyager 1 – a space probe that was launched by NASA in 1977. She had shared a long Instagram post explaining the importance of the craft and how she had been amazed to such an extent that she decided to get this inked. Voyager 1 has been the farthest one till now and still continues to travel ahead. She has explained herself to be a

“Science and a Space Nerd “.

5. ‘Humming Bird’ Tattoo

Imogen Anthony HummingBird Tattoo

Tattoo: Humming Bird on the mid-back of her back.

Meaning: This hummingbird on her back is the symbol of her self-growth and her second home in L.A.

6. ‘Raindrop (“Tasty Like A Rain Drop”)’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Imogen got the raindrop tattoo on her forearm from Lennox Head Tattoo Parlor.

7. ‘Naked woman’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Imogen has ink on her back showing a naked woman.

8. ‘Crying Female’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On the show, “Just Tattoo Of Us” Imogen choose a mermaid fin as a tattoo of “Us” for her friend Krystal, whereas Krystal Dawson chose a crying female for Imogen.

9. ‘Huge Snake’ Tattoo

Imogen Anthony Huge Snake Tattoo

Tattoo: Imogen got a Huge Snake inked on her left forearm.

Memory: In the memory of hard times she has ever had, Imogen got a snake ink done by Glen Middleton at Sydney’s Royal Tattoo Parlor. During her young age she had harder times, additionally her love for music especially rock/metal/ punk inspired her to get this design inked. The tattoo signifies the cover of her album and of her love for music and also her rebirth over her trouble. Metallic Black Album and the words “Metal Baby” tattooed on her arm. Spitting cobra because they spit fire at the gates of hell which is the symbol of old Egyptian Goddess Wadjet and is used a symbol of Royalty, deity and divine authority.

10. ‘A Scorpion’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Imogen got another tattoo which includes a Scorpion. She had decided to show-off her arm by strategically placing her ink through two racy Instagram pictures.

Imogen Anthony Scorpion Tattoo

11. “I Love you” and “I fuck you” Tattoo

Imogen Anthony I Love you and Fuck You Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘I Love you’ and ‘I Fuck you’ inked on her each foot.

Meaning: In her Instagram post, Imogen had shown her bronzed Feet as she pulled back her black socks in the picture towards the tip of her respective foot to highlight the tattoo. “Art is the expression”. I have a tiny ‘fu** you’ and ‘I love you’ tattooed on each foot, they make me smile every time I get a pedicure, she quoted. However, she had previously told in her post that her Granny hates her foot tattoos.

12. ‘Goat’ Tattoo

Imogen Anthony Goat Tattoo

Tattoo: Imogen also has a goat inked on her left forearm which she got in the memory of her late goat “Cheechy”.

13. ‘A Heart’ Tattoo

Imogen Anthony Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: Love Heart tattooed on her upper arm with The 25-year-old paid tribute to her mother by getting a love heart tattooed on her upper arm with the word ‘mummy’ written in the middle.

Her Instagram post included her saying ‘When a butt cheek can officially rest on something L.O.V.E my new little arm addition by my baby girl @laurenwinzer #mummy,’.

14. ‘Black Widow on her ankle’ Tattoo

Imogen Anthony Spider Tattoo 1

Tattoo: Imogen also has a black widow spider tattoo on her ankle done by @laurenwinzer at @HunterandFoxTattoo. This tattoo was an inspiration immediately after a spider crawled up her thigh during her photoshoot.

15. The symbol on her Wrist

Imogen Anthony Left Arm Symbol Tattoo

Tattoo: Imogen is tattooed with a Viking symbol on her left hand’s wrist.


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