Manish Pandey’s 2 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Manish Pandey is an Indian cricketer, who is not only famous for his splendid batting on the field but also for his style quotient off the field. He is one such trendsetter kind of cricketer that the youth generally go on following, especially because of his tattoos. Let’s get to know more about his tattoos.

Manish Pandey Bio


1. Maori Superstar

Left Arm Tattoo Image

Manish Pandey, with his KKR Teammate Kuldeep Yadav

Left Arm Tattoo Pic


Fond of tattoos, Pandey got himself inked at Mayur’s Tattoo Zone in Bangalore. The tattoo is a Maori Design on his left arm going towards his shoulder.

Talking about the tattoo, This tattoo is based on a Polynesian tribe called “Maori” based in New Zealand.

2. Tribal Back Up

Upper Back Tattoo


Manish Pandey also flaunts a tribal tattoo on his upper back which he got during ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup in 2009

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