Penélope Cruz’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The ever so gorgeous Spanish actress Penélope Cruz has made her way to be one of the most prominent Latin actresses in Hollywood film industry today. Cruz is married to Javier Bardem. The couple is blessed with a son named Leo and a daughter named Luna. The ravishingly beautiful actress sports some distinctive body inks. There have been many rumors about her tattoos previously. Below mentioned are the details about her body inks with their meanings.

Penélope Cruz Tattoos

1. Ankle Tattoo

Penélope Cruz Ankle Tattoo

Penélope Cruz’s “883” ankle tattoo has been a subject of speculation for a long time. Penélope said in an interview: ‘It’s not a Harley Davidson. It’s not the different things that have been said. I don’t think anyone cares. It’s my own tattoo.’ The mystery behind these numbers has not been revealed yet. However, she previously said that her lucky numbers are 8 and 3.

2. A Crucifix

Penélope Cruz Crucifix Tattoo

Penélope Cruz has got a new tattoo on her right hand, and that is of a crucifix. There have been rumors that it has some links to Scientology or Numerology since she has unveiled this new ink.

3. Wrist Tattoo

Penélope Cruz Wrist Tattoo

Penélope Cruz has an interesting ink on her left wrist.

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