Marketa Vondrousova’s 30 Tattoos and their Meanings

With athleticism running through her bloodline, Marketa Vondrousova is a 24-year-old Wimbledon Champion. After being introduced to the world of sports at the age of 4 by her father, going on to becoming the former top 1 junior player and winning two major double titles, Vondrousova currently ranks as one of the top 10 tennis professional players as stated by the Women’s Tennis Association.  To commemorate her career, Marketa has inks symbolizing the triumphs and challenges she experienced as a woman tennis player. This article will unveil and explain the meanings of her every tattoo and what they mean in her life.

Marketa Vondrousova


1. “No rain, no flowers” above the Right Elbow

2. Number 13

3. Olympic Rings

4. Smiley Face

5. Rose

6. Flowers

7. Heart on the Right Bicep

8. Number 150723 on the Right Arm

9. Sword on the side of the Right Arm

10. “Search and you will find”

11. “One day at a time” on the back of the Right Forearm

12. “It’s okay” on the back of the Left Forearm

13. Sitting Fairy on the Left Bicep

14. Dice on the side of the Right Forearm

15. Skeleton’s Hand Clutching Four Aces on the Right Forearm

16. “F” on the inner side of the Right Bicep

17. “Let them be them, let us be us” on the Left Bicep

18. “Golden” on the side of the Left Bicep

19. Butterflies on the Right Forearm

20. Pinky Promise Gesture on the Right Arm

21. Two Hearts Pierced with a Safety Pin

22. Abstract Line Art on the Upper Body

23. Lightning Bolt Symbol on the Right Wrist

24. Number “777” on the Left Shoulder

25. Drawing of a Girl on the Right Arm

26. Black Line Across the word “Feel” on the Left Arm

27. Sleeping Cupid on the Left Forearm

28. Star on the side of the Left Wrist

29. Woman’s Eyes with Hands on the side of Right Abdomen

30. Flower Band on the side of the Left Forearm












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