Maxx Crosby’s 26 Tattoos and their Meanings

Born on 22nd August 1997, in Michigan, Maxx Crosby is a national-level player. After moving there with his family, he spent most of his childhood in Texas. However, his career in American football kicked off when he shifted to Eastern Michigan where he played for his college team. During this time, he was fortunate enough to be drafted by the National Football League(NFL) and was selected officially by the team, Oakland Raiders in 2019, and plays for the Las Vegas Raiders currently. Maxx’s devotion to sports has not merely shaped his profession but his body as well in the form of numerous tattoos. We will explain the symbolism and meaning of each ink wrapped around his body in this article.

Maxx Crosby

1. Surname & Birth Year on the Right Wrist

Maxx Crosby's Surname Tattoo

Maxx Crosby proclaimed in an interview with the GQ Magazine, that he got his first tattoo when he was merely 17 years old and had to use his elder brother’s ID to get inked.  It is a cursive design of his surname along with his birth year, “Crosby 1997.”

2. Great-Grandmother’s Name on the Forearm

Maxx Crosby's Wrist Tattoo

The player seems to share a strong bond with his family as he got the name of his great-grandmother tattooed on his right forearm to honor her as well as for his mother who was dearly close to her grandmother. The tattoo symbolizes Maxx’s utmost respect and love for both the females in his life.

3.  “Turn Pain Into Power” on the inner Right Bicep

Maxx Crosby's Inner Bicep Tattoo

Most of Crosby’s fans know his journey and recovery from addiction. The player strongly advocates for a clean and sober life, thus to showcase this mindset and his ongoing triumph over it, Crosby got this tattoo inked. It serves as a constant reminder of the challenges he faced and his war against alcohol, as well as motivates him to remain sober.

4. The Letter “E” & number “92” on the Right Forearm

Maxx Crosby's E Tattoo

For Maxx Crosby, the number “92” and the state of Michigan hold a special place in his heart. The number represents the jersey that he wore on his college football team at Eastern Michigan University, where he first started playing American Football. The state of Michigan is also where he was drafted by the NFL, launching his career as a professional football player.

5. “N: OW” on the back of the Right Wrist

Maxx Crosby's NOW Tattoo

D’Angelo Russell, a professional basketball player, has a unique tattoo on his arm that reads “Now.” The tattoo represents his motivation to live in the present moment and to fight against addiction, no matter the time or situation. The tattoo has even inspired a digital clock that displays the same word, serving as a constant reminder of the importance of being present and focused.

6. Sobriety Date on the Right Hand

Maxx Crosby's Date Tattoo

Maxx Crosby explained in the same interview that he got his sobriety date inked on his right hand and that it reminds him of the years he has remained sober and will continue to do so. The tattoo appears to be quite sentimental and personal to him and showcases the depth behind Crosby as a person and not just an athlete.

7. Triangle on the Left Hand

Maxx Crosby's Left Hand Tattoo

The tattoo of Maxx Crosby, combined with his sobriety date, is a powerful testament to his journey towards sobriety. Overcoming addiction is a challenging and personal journey, and many people choose to commemorate their sobriety in different ways. The use of triangles as a symbol of sobriety is a popular choice among those in recovery, as it represents strength, stability, and balance. For Maxx Crosby, this tattoo represents not only his journey toward sobriety but also the ongoing commitment he has made to his health and well-being.

8. Symbol of XXXTentacion on the Right Forearm

Maxx Crosby's XXXTentacion Tattoo

The tattoo serves as a testament to the impact that XXTentacion had on Crosby’s life, both as a musician and as a person. It’s a way for Crosby to keep his memory alive and to pay homage to the talented artist that he was. For Crosby, this tattoo is not just a symbol of his love for rap music, but also a way for him to express his emotions and pay tribute to someone who had a significant impact on him.

9. Roses on the Right Arm, Chest, and Left Hand

Maxx Crosby's Rose Tattoos

Maxx Crosby also has several tattoos of roses on his body, each holding a special meaning close to his heart. The tattoos are a tribute to the two most important women in his life – his wife, Rachel Rose, and his daughter, Ella Rose. The tattoos serve as a reminder of the love and support that they provide him, and the inspiration that they give him to be the best version of himself. Each rose tattoo has its unique meaning and significance. One represents the bond between a father and daughter, while the other symbolizes the unbreakable connection between husband and wife.

10. “Humble & “Beast” on Each Shoulder

Maxx Crosby's Shoulder Tattoos

There is no information available regarding these tattoos inked on the player’s shoulder either directly by him or through other sources. However, it can be assumed that “Humble” signifies the kind of person Crosby is in his personal life. In contrast, the tattoo “Beast” serves as an expression of his demeanor as a football player playing for one of the top teams of the NFL.

11. Symbol of Las Vegas Raiders on the upper Right Arm

Maxx Crosby's Raiders Tattoo

Maxx Crosby proudly sports a tattoo of the Las Vegas Raiders logo on his arm, a testament to his dedication and commitment to the team. As a professional football player, Crosby has had the honor of playing for the Raiders, and the logo tattoo serves as a symbol of his loyalty and love for the team. The tattoo is also a reflection of Crosby’s personality and character. He is a passionate and dedicated athlete, with a fierce competitive spirit that drives him to be the best. The tattoo serves as a way for him to express his love for the game and his team, as well as his commitment to excellence

12. Symbol of Mad Max on the upper Right Arm

Maxx Crosby's Mad Max Tattoo

During his professional career, Maxx Crosby has earned the nickname “Mad Max” from his fans and teammates. The moniker is a testament to his tenacity, intensity, and relentless pursuit of excellence on the field. To commemorate the nickname and what it means to him, Crosby has a symbol of it tattooed on his body. According to him, the tattoo is a constant reminder of the hard work and dedication that it takes to achieve success in professional football.

13. Skeleton on the Right Hand

Maxx Crosby's Hand Tattoo

For Maxx Crosby, the tattoo on his hand is a crucial detail, as he believes it’s the first thing anyone sees when they meet him. As a result, he chose to get a tattoo of a skeleton on his hand, a design that holds a special meaning for him. The skeleton tattoo is usually a symbol of mortality and the fleeting nature of life.

14. Triangle on the Front and Back of the Neck

Maxx Crosby's Neck Tattoo

The player has more triangle tattoos to showcase his decision to remain sober and they also serve as a constant reminder of the challenges he faced and his victory in the war against addiction. He derived inspiration for this tattoo from the wrestler, Conor McGregor.

15. “Be Legendary” on the Chest

Maxx Crosby's Be Legendary Tattoo

“Be Legendary” is a quote that holds a special place in Maxx Crosby’s heart. It’s his all-time favorite quote and serves as a constant source of motivation and inspiration for him. The quote is a powerful reminder that we all have the potential to be great and to leave a lasting legacy. It’s a call to action to strive for excellence in everything we do and to never settle for mediocrity. For Crosby, the quote is a mantra that he lives by, both on and off the field.

16. Faces of Basketball Players on the Chest

Maxx Crosby's Torso Tattoo

In an effort to express his admiration for his favorite basketball players uniquely, the player decided to get their faces tattooed on his torso instead of the more common back tattoos. The artwork, inspired by Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Muhammad Ali, took 13 hours to complete over two sessions with a tattoo artist named Ortega. It was important for the player to pay tribute to his inspirations in his way, and this was the perfect way to do so.

17. Face of his Daughter on the Chest

Maxx Crosby's Daughter Tattoo

To showcase the importance of his daughter Ella Rose in his life, Maxx Crosby, an American football player, has a tattoo of her face on his chest. This symbolizes that she holds the topmost position in his life and is his highest priority. It’s a touching way to express his affection and devotion towards his daughter. The tattoo serves as a constant reminder of the love and affection that he has for Ella Rose and his commitment to being a responsible and loving father. It’s a beautiful way to express his love and to keep his daughter close to his heart at all times.

18. Number “98” on the Chest

Maxx Crosby's 98 Tattoo

In the world of sports, a player’s jersey number is often more than just a number. It’s a symbol of their identity, their position on the team, and their connection to their teammates and fans. For Maxx Crosby, a professional American football player currently playing for the Las Vegas Raiders team in the NFL, the number “98” holds a special significance. “98” is the jersey number that Maxx wears on the field, and it has become a symbol of his identity as a player and a member of the Raiders team. The number represents his position on the field and his connection to his teammates, coaches, and fans.

19. Diamond on the Chest

Maxx Crosby's Diamonds Tattoo

There is not a lot of information available regarding this tattoo either by the player or other sources. However, “Diamond” tattoos among athletes and sports stars signify the pressure and challenges they are put through during their training, and the sheer willpower of such players that aids them in emerging victorious through everything.  It can be assumed that Maxx Crosby shares the same sentiment and got this design as a tribute to his rookie days.

20. Mcgregor Vines on the Spine

Maxx Crosby's Spine Tattoo

The design of this tattoo is inspired by the wrestler, Conor McGregor who got the design inked on himself first.

21. Map of Michigan on the Left Thigh

Maxx Crosby's Map Tattoo

For some, the place where they were born and raised holds a special place in their heart. This is exactly the case with a certain player who has a tattoo of a map of Michigan on their body. The tattoo represents the place where the player was born and spent the first 10 years of their life. It’s a reminder of their childhood memories and the experiences that shaped them into the person they are today.

22. “Kill or be killed” above the Knee

Maxx Crosby's Knee Tattoo

Athletes often look to their peers for inspiration, both on and off the field. For Maxx Crosby, a professional American football player, one of his favorite quotes comes from Nate Diaz, a mixed martial artist. The quote, “Kill or be killed,” holds a special place in Maxx’s heart and has even been tattooed on his body. In a GQ interview, Maxx mentioned that he loves the tattoo and what it represents. The quote serves as a reminder to always give his best effort and never to give up, regardless of the situation. It’s a symbol of his relentless drive and determination, on and off the field.

23. The letters “CH” in the middle of a Paw on the Right Arm

Maxx Crosby's CH Tattoo

No information is available regarding the tattoo but from the design, it can be presumed that it is in the memory of a pet as the ink is of a paw with the initials “CH” in the center. Pet tattoos have become common in the modern era and have become a medium to express their love and affection towards animals. Crosby’s paw tattoo may symbolize his deep connection with canines as well.

24. “VII. LX. VI” & “IX. LX. VII” on the Right Bicep

Maxx Crosby's Forearm Tattoo

The tattoo is of roman numerals stating “7. 60. 6” and “9. 60. 7” but the meaning behind these numbers have not been explained by the player himself or by other sources.

25. An Eye in the middle of a Clock on the Right Bicep

Maxx Crosby's Eye Tattoo

This is another mysterious tattoo inked on Maxx Crosby’s body. The meaning behind this design is unknown and the player has not delved into any information regarding its significance. However, the design is of an eye with the hands of a clock drawn on the eyeball pointing downwards in the opposite direction.

26. Number “106” on the Right Bicep

Maxx Crosby's 106 Tattoo

After shifting to Eastern Michigan, Maxx Crosby kickstarted his amateur career, evolving from a 250-pound hulk to a fast-paced interceptor and a dominant tackler. Yet, he was still an undersized defensive end and there had been no whispers of being drafted as he fell to the fourth round during the NFL 2019 season. However, a sudden surprise shook the rookie through his debut career by wreaking havoc in his opponents’ backfields. This moment became a turning point and Crosby was finally drafted by the Oakland Raiders and became the overall 106th pick. To commemorate the triumph, the player got a tattoo of the number “106” on his right forearm as a tribute.

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