Shane Burgos’ 24 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Shane Burgos, the famous American Professional Mixed Martial Artist, was born on March 19, 1991. Shane currently competes for UFC in the featherweight division. He has been crazy about fighting since his childhood though he made his professional debut in July 2013. What is not known to many of us is that he is known by the nickname: Hurricane. His Instagram handle is also named in the same.  Just like many of MMA’s, Shane also has got multiple body tattoos. Let us see what unique tattoos he has and what meanings do they have for him.

Shane Burgos

“I don’t do shooting, the only thing that I do and love besides my fighting is food and tattoos. It is the happiness and one thing that sparks me every there and then”

1. Pair of Dove Birds Tattoo

Shane pair of doves tattoo

Shane flying dove tattoo

Shane angel tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right forearm, Shane has the Tattoo of a pair of dove birds facing each other.

Meaning: Dove bird is observed a the symbol of hope, victory, freedom, and positiveness. The Tattoo of a pair of dove birds represents the beginning of new love or relationship between a couple. They are the token of blooming love and affection between two people. Also, dove birds symbolize purity and peace.

2. Ankle Tattoo

Shane ankel tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of his right ankle, Shane has got three stars inked.

Meaning: The star tattoo is the symbol of direction, guidance, ambition, and success. Three stars inked in different shapes, each shape being more prominent than the previous is the symbol of the journey taken in the past. Celebrities, actors, and players often get this design of three stars inked to represent the times and the struggle they have undergone to reach the point in their lives where they are at present!

3. Believe Tattoo

Shane believe tattoo

Tattoo: On his inner right bicep, Shane has got the Tattoo of the word, ‘Belief.’ Surrounding the word tattoo is the rays of light spreading all over.

Meaning: The word Believe is a motivation that instills confidence in the individual to believe in himself and lead his life with ‘Faith in Himself.’ The rays of sunlight around represent the ray of hope and freshness to overcome hard times with courage and keep spreading light and smiles all around.

4. Angel Tattoo

Shane bicep tattoo

Shane bicep tattoos

Tattoo: On Shane’s right shoulder, there is a tattoo of a male angel. Alongside, a few other figures are speculated to be the representation of the angel vs. devil. The Tattoo of the angel vs. demon is symbolic of the victory of good over evil. It is meant to display the two opposite ends of the world, the good and the bad. Hereby, the good and the honest always survive compared to the bad and the evil whose existence comes to an end, sooner or later.

5. Writing on Bicep

Shane bicep writing

Tattoo: On his upper right arm, another word tattoo can be read as, ‘Bravery.’

6. Writing on Neck

Shane chest writing tattoo

Tattoo: Shane has a short phrase inked that can b areas as ‘To Quit Does Not Exist” across his neck.

Meaning: Shane has never said anything in this regard, but we can see that this is another self-motivation for him to keep himself going ahead in his life. Be it his game in the ring or his personal life, he believes in continuing to fight; thus, there is no reason for him to leave ever.

7. Rose and Clock

Shane rose and clock tattoo

Shane forearm tattoo

Shane clock and rose tattoo

Tattoo: On his inner right forearm, Shane has got a magnificent piece that displays a clock stopped at 3:20 along with roses inked around it.

Meaning: The clock is the symbol of marking the critical times and events of your life, making the moments live long in your mind and, thus, life. Rose is the symbol of love, affection, and romance. However, roses along with the clock represent everlasting love. The choice to mark the time on Shane’s clock tattoo symbolizes that this Tattoo is dedicated to a significant event or memory in his life.

8. Floral Garland with a Cross Tattoo

Shane elbow tattoo

Shane cross tattoo

Tattoo: Surrounding his right elbow is the tattoo design of a floral garland with a cross in the center.

Meaning: Cross is the Holy symbol of the Christians. It represents their faith in Jesus Christ and his blessings. The cross surrounded by the floral design or the flowers represents the embracing of spirituality with beauty, pureness, and charm.

9. Leg Tattoos

Shane leg sleeve

10. ‘Family Forever Tattoo

Shane family tattoo

Tattoo: Representing his everlasting love for his family, Shane has got the Tattoo done on his left forearm, which says, ‘Family F<3rever’. This shows how close he is to his family. Shane was born to Renee Burgos on March 19, 1991.

11. ‘Inverted V’ Tattoo

Shane flying bird tattoo

12. Finger Tattoos

Shane hand tattoo

13. Leg Tattoo

Shane leg tattoo

14. Portrait on Leg

Shane portrait on leg tattoo

15. Roaring Bear Tattoo

Shane roaring bear tattoo

Tattoo: On his left thigh, Shane has got the Tattoo of a rating bear inked. Towards the inner side of his thigh, there is an angry eagle inked too.

Meaning: A roaring bear tattoo symbolizes the strength, courage, and willingness to face all life’s challenging phases and challenges without giving up. At the same time, a furious eagle represents dominance, power, authority, and focus. It is also considered as the apostle of God as per some cultures and mythology.

16. Roaring Lion Tattoo

Shane roaring lion tattoo

Tattoo: Towards his lower left leg, there is a tattoo of the face of a roaring lion.

Meaning: Roaring lion represents the ferocious attitude of the tattoo wearer. A lion usually roars to show power and dominance or let his pride know about the impending danger. As per the Christian belief, a lion is also considered the symbol of strength and power.

17. Roman Numerals on Stomach

Shane roman numerals tattoo

Tattoo: Some Roman numerals are inked right under his left pec on the left side of his stomach. They can be read as ‘II XX VII.’

Meaning: When converted, these can be deciphered as 2 27.

18. Shoulder Tattoo

Shane shoulder tattoo

19. Stars on Shoulders

Shane stars on shoulders tattoo

Tattoo: There is a pair of five-pointed stars inked in shades of red and black on Shane’s shoulder, one on each.

Meaning: The nautical star or compass star tattoo is designed in alternating dark and light shades, shown with red and black on Shane’s body. It represents the eternal circle of life and is also a symbol of protection and balance. The five segments represent the essential five elements of the universe, i.e., water, fire, air, spirit, and earth.

It is a common tattoo that is believed to guide the tattoo wearer through the particular phases of his life. Thus, acting as the token of direction and guidance.

20. ‘V’ Tattoo

Shane V tattoo

21. Wolf Tattoo

Shane wolf tattoo

Tattoo: Shane’s left leg is covered from the top to its bottom. He revealed this Tattoo on his Instagram post, which also helped us know that he has a tattoo sleeve done on his left leg. The tattoo artist Sergio Gang did the Tattoo.

Meaning: Wolf attracts spiritual protection to the tattoo wearer. Additionally, the wolf is believed to be the purest symbol of loyalty, safety, and strength. Wolf tattoos hold different meanings for different people. For some, it can also mean family, devotion, love, and luck.

22. HummingBird Tattoo

Shane woodpecker tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right upper arm, there is a tiny hummingbird inked.

Meaning: Hummingbird is the universal symbol of freedom and bravery. It represents Shane’s belief in being robust and brave enough to deal with his life positively and upcoming stress and struggles with all faith in himself.

Some cultures also celebrate hummingbirds as the symbol of love, joy, hope, good luck, and happiness

23. Wrist Tattoo

Shane wrist tattoo

24. Pair of Swallows Tattoo

Shane pair of swallows tattoo

Tattoo: Near his collarbone, Shane has got a pair of swallows inked with their face towards each other, inked on either shoulder.

Meaning: Swallow tattoo is a common choice among the sailors to represent their sailing experiences. However, many people get this tattoo design to showcase their forever love and loyalty for their family. The Tattoo on Shane’s upper body is inked in the shades of maroon and black, and this is the second body tattoo that Shane has dedicated towards his love for the family.

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