Naldo’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Ronaldo Aparecido Rodrigues is a former Brazilian footballer who is known by his nickname, Naldo. He used to play as a center-back. Naldo has few interesting body tattoos especially the one which made him quite famous among footballers. The tattoo on his back, yes! The huge masterpiece is his special tribute towards his Christian beliefs and faith in Jesus Christ. Let us explore other tattoos that he has.


1. Arm Band Tattoo

Naldo arm band design Naldo arm band tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tribal-designed band inked on Naldo’s left upper arm.

Meaning: Tribal design is the symbol of protection, strength, and power. It is a common way of paying tribute to one’s rich culture and heritage. Also, some people get tribal designs specifically to mark important achievements of their lives.

2. Wife and Son’s Name Tattoo

Naldo wife and son name tattoo

Naldo arm writing tattoo

Tattoo: Covering a major portion of his inner right bicep, we can few names tattooed.

Meaning: The names in the tattoo are of his son and wife. His child’s first name being Naldo (Naldo Aparecido Rodrigues) and his wife’s first name is Carla, (Carla Paludo Rodrigues).

3. ‘Jesus Christ and Angels’ Tattoo

Naldo back tattoo

Tattoo: On his back, Naldo has got a magnificent tattoo piece that depicts Jesus Christ on crucifixion along with two angels, on either side. The angle on the right side is seen holding a guitar whereas the angle on the left side is seen holding a heart. There are banners seen flowing at the bottom of the tattoo which carries Portuguese writing that can be read as, “De Todo o Nos Livrai time Amém”.

Meaning: This tattoo tells us about Naldo’s faith and religious beliefs. He is a devout Christian and holds deep faith in Jesus Christ and his blessings. The tattoo of Jesus on crucifixion is the representation of how Jesus Christ gave up his life for the sake of humanity. The Portuguese writing when translated into English stands for (“Deliver us from evil, Amen“). The tattoo was done by the tattoo artist Frank Kassebaum.

“I am very religious, and have faith in God. It is to my family and will always protect me.”

4. Writing on Arm

Naldo left arm writing tattoo

5. ‘Rosary Beads and Cross Pendant’ Tattoo

Naldo rosary beads and cross pendant tattoo

Tattoo: Rosary beads along with a cross pendant are tattooed on Naldo’s left forearm. The tattoo is inked right below his tribal band.

Meaning: Rosary represents Virgin Mary whereas the Holy Cross is the representation of the sole godly figure of Christians i.e. Jesus Christ. The tattoo tells us that Naldo is a Christian and more specifically that he is a firm catholic. The Holy cross along with Rosary beads is the symbol of protection for the wearer.

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