Dennis Rodman’s 10 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Dennis Rodman has caught the public eye for his ever-changing hair color, tattoos, body piercings, and unorthodox lifestyle. North Korea’s unlikely spokesman has some of the best tattoos in NBA history. This is his super-confident personality and attitude that made Rodman one of the most memorable players in the league.

Dennis Rodman Tattoos

1. Angry Bulls

Dennis Rodman Bulls Tattoo

Dennis Rodman has two giant angry bulls on each side of his chest. The body inks appear as the two angry bulls about to lock horns on his chest.

2. Stomach Tattoos

Dennis Rodman Tribal Tattoos

He has an extensive amount of large tribal tattoos on his stomach. Also an intensive quantity of huge tribal tattoos on his abdomen.

3. Shoulder & Neck Tattoos

Dennis Rodman Shoulder Tattoo

Tribal tattoo designs are also around the shoulders and neck area.

4. Back Tattoo

Dennis Rodman Back Tattoo

Rodman previously unveiled the scary tattoo on his back, which is of a woman eating ‘her own vagina’.

5. Belly Tattoos

Dennis Rodman Belly Tattoos

Dennis Rodman has a Cross with a few stars around his belly button.

6. Hand Tattoos

Dennis Rodman Hand Tattoos

Rodman has interesting designs on his hands. Tattoos consist of a large eye, star, and word Infinity with other inks.

7. Rear Neck Tattoo

Dennis Rodman Neck Tattoo

His last name “Rodman” is inked on the rear of his neck.

8. Right Arm Tattoos

Dennis Rodman Right Arm Tattoos

Dennis Rodman Right Arm Tattoos1

The tattoos on his right arm embrace an outsized sun with a shark within the middle, a red dice, a tribal design of sorts, a motorcycle among other pieces of artwork down his arm.

9. Left Arm Tattoos

Dennis Rodman Left Arm Tattoos

The tattoos on his left arm and shoulder include a small cross, a devil lady with a pitchfork, a giant squid, plus various other designs.

10. Leg Tattoos

Dennis Rodman Leg Tattoos

Dennis Rodman has tattoos on his legs too.

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