Seth Rollins’ 2 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Colby Lopez, professionally known as Seth Rollins, is an American professional wrestler, who is a two-time WWE Champion, two-time Universal Champion, two-time Intercontinental Champion, one-time United States Champion, and five-time WWE/RAW Tag Team Champion. Unlike other wrestlers, Seth Rollins has got only a few tattoos inked on his body. Each tattoo of Seth Rollins has got a distinctive reason and meaning behind it. Let’s read further to know more details regarding his tattoos along with their meanings.

Seth Rollins

1. ‘Japanese Samurai Warrior Code Bushido’ Tattoo

bushido tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Japanese Samurai Warrior Code Bushido’ Tattoo on his back.

Meaning: Seth Rollins got ‘Japanese Samurai Warrior Code Bushido’ tattoo on his back. This tattoo is inked in the vertical form down the spine. In an interview with Corey Grey on video, Rollins told that this was his first tattoo which is a ‘Japanese Samurai Warrior Code Bushido’ which means integrity, respect, courage, honor, compassion, honesty, and loyalty. He confessed that he got this idea of getting this tattoo inked while watching Tom Cruise’s ‘The Last Samurai’. He even expressed that this tattoo reminds him to follow the Bushido Code throughout his life.

2. ‘forever’ Tattoo


forever tattoo

Tattoo: ‘forever’ Tattoo on his left wrist.

Meaning: Seth Rollins got the word ‘forever’ inked on his left wrist. In an interview explained that this tattoo is a remnant of a burning page with the word forever on it and he got this tattoo inked when he was very young. He didn’t exactly explain the meaning behind this tattoo.

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