Terrence Ruffin’s 2 Tattoos and their Meanings

Professional bodybuilder Terrence Ruffin is well-known for his involvement in the Classic Physique class. He has won several bodybuilding contests, such as the Mr. Olympia competition. Ruffin is renowned for his aesthetic physique and commitment to the game. It is well known that Terrence Ruffin enjoys getting tattoos. He frequently displays his numerous tattoos in his social media images and videos. Read below to learn about his body art.

Terrence Ruffin picture

1. Chest Tattoo

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Terrence Ruffin bull tattoo

He has inked a Bull inked on his chest. The Bull is a powerful symbol that embodies courage, strength, bravery, confidence, guardianship, and protection.

2. Bicep Tattoo

Terrence Ruffin bicep tattoo

He has another tattoo on his bicep. It is not clear what the tattoo represents as it’s not clearly depicted in his pictures, but a tattoo is a visual expression of an individual’s beliefs and values and so it would be.

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