Dani Alves’ 37 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Daniel Alves da Silva, better known as Dani Alves is one of the most celebrated players in the history of football. He is a famous professional Brazilian player who currently plays for Brazil National Team. With 43 trophies in his name, Dani is considered the second -most decorated defender of all time in the European competitions. Dani stepped into this sport due to his father’s love for the game who started his football team where Dani joined at the age of 6 as a winger. However, due to the fewer goals, his father had repositioned him and ultimately shifted him as the right-back, and here he is, still playing in the same role to date. Dani is one of those football players who are also famous for their heavily tattooed bodies. He is rather a tattoo freak! Let us see what tattoos he has got and their special meanings in his life.

Dani Alves


1. ‘Daniel J’ Tattoo

Dani chest writing


Tattoo: Across his chest, Dani has got a name tattoo that reads, Daniel Jr. It is the tattoo dedication for his son, Daniel Alves often named Daniel Jr. On his abdomen, there is another name tattooed that says, ‘Victoria. Victoria is the first name of Dani’s daughter.

2. Bicep Tattoo

Dani shoulder tattoo


Tattoo: On his left bicep, Dani has got the tattoo of some religious deity who is seen resting over the lotus flower with folded hands.

3. Ankle Tattoo


Tattoo: On his right ankle, Dave has got the cartoon of Silvestre inked.

Meaning: His full name being Sylvester James Pussycat, Sr. is a fictional character, a tuxedo cat from the famous cartoon series, The Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. Most of the time he was seen chasing Tweety ‘9yellow colored bird), Speedy Gonzales(fastest mouse in the series), or Hippety Hopper (young kangaroo).

4. Portrait Tattoo


Tattoo: On his right shoulder, Davi has got the portrait of his mother tattooed. The name of his mother is, Duna Lucia. Dani Alves was born on 6th May, 1983 to Duna Lucia and Domingos Alves Da Silva.

5. Neck Tattoo


Tattoo: Towards the right side of his neck, Dani has got a double outlined triangle inked with a smiley inside shaped in the form of two dots and a deep U to represent a smiling face. The tattoo is the representation of “smile-l0ve-live”, words being written on the outside geometrical shape. The tattoo is the representation of his positive approach towards living his life.

6. Hand Tattoos


Tattoo: On the outer side of his hands, he has got word tattoos whose beauty has been enhanced by the heart and the rose tattoos. On his right hand he has got the word ‘Vida’ tattooed horizontally inside a heart whereas, on his left hand, there is the tattoo of a rose along with the word, ‘Love’.

Meaning: Vida is a Spanish word that stands for ‘Life’ when translated into English. Whereas the Heart itself is the symbol of love. The tattoo on his left hand represents the rose that is the universal symbol of love, romance, affection, and innocence. It is also symbolic of love for someone who is no more alive. The tattoo on Dani’s hands’ symbolizes that he is a cheerful personality who leads his life with all the positivity rather, loves his life!

7. Koi Fish Tattoo

Dani fish tattoo


Tattoo: On his right forearm, there is an intricate tattoo design that represents the Koi Fish.

Meaning: Koi Fish is often linked with its origin from Chinese Mythology. Koi Fish is the universal symbol of perseverance as per the Chinese Culture. Also, it is used a the symbol of the present of the individual as to how he is dealing with the current difficult times of his life or the hard times that he has already seen in his past and his ability to overcome them with confidence and silence.

Koi Fish are known to climb waterfalls that have strong water currents. So is their relevance used to represent the strongest nature of the tattoo wearer who is observed to adapt himself to different shades of life and bear all the ups and downs with ease.

8. Father’s Name

Dani writing on left side


Dani writing on stomach

Tattoo: On the left side of his stomach, Dani has got the name of his father tattooed. The name is inked vertically and shows the first name of his father, Domingos (Domingos Alves Da Silva).

9. Crown Tattoo

Dani crown tattoo


Tattoo: Towards the right side of his stomach, Dani has got the tattoo of a crown. Below the crown, there are four aces of playing cards inked.

Meaning: Crown is the symbol of supremacy, victory. self-glory, strength, and self-control. The crown as the tattoo is a common choice among strong men. Ace of cards is the highest playing card in the deck and also know own as the death card.

Four Aces of cards are considered to be the token of wealth, good luck, and prosperity.

10. Writing on Stomach



11. Writing on Lower Leg

Dani writing on leg

Tattoo: Surrounding his right lower leg is a small quote that can be read as ‘MY RICHNESS IS LIFE FOREVER’. However, we can see the spelling error in Dani’s leg tattoo where RICHNESS is rather misspelled as RICHES. It is a popular line quoted by Bob Marley. The quote started spreading from the time when Bob was once asked in an interview,

Are you a rich man, do you have a lot of possessions?

He replied:

I don’t have that kind of richness, my richness is life.

12. Prayer on Arm

Dani writing on arm

13. Skull with a Hat

Dani skull with a hat tattoo

Tattoo: Skull with a hat is tattooed on the inner side of Dani’s right upper arm.

Meaning: Skull is the symbol of evil, death, and bad omens. However, some people also believe the skull to represent the strong personality of the individual which keeps him going ahead in his life and overcome all the fears and hard times.

A skull with a flat-crowned and a broad-brimmed top hat no doubt gives a sophisticated look to the tattoo, however, it is observed as the symbol of death and sometimes a symbol of high fashion, and respect.

14. ‘Shhh’ Tattoo

Dani shhh tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Shhh’ is tattooed on the inner side of Dani’s right hand’s index finger.

15. Roses on Arm

Dani roses on arm

Tattoo: Dani’s right upper arm is covered with black roses.

Meaning: Rose is the universal symbol of love, romance, and friendship. However, a black rose is the symbol of death and evil. Often, people get black rose/roses inked to express their grief for someone close who is no more alive.

Many people also consider the black rose to be symbolic of being rebellion and represent the strength of the tattoo wearer.

16. Dice Tattoos

Dani rolling dice tattoo

Tattoo: Alongside his skull tattoo, Dani has got red-colored pair of dice tattoos.

Meaning: Dice tattoos are considered to be the welcomers of good luck and wealth. They are the symbol of risk-taking capabilities and thus, the risk-taking nature of the individual towards living his life.

Roll a dice is a common saying which when assumed in the shape of a dice tattoo means to represent ‘take a risk’ in life!

17. Roman Numerals Tattoo

Dani roman numbers tattoo

Tattoo: Across his chest, Dani has got the tattoo of some roman numerals tattooed horizontally inked between his pecs.

Meaning: The roman numerals tattooed can be read as, ‘IX.VI.MMVI’. It stands for 9.6.2006.

18. Ankle Tattoo

Dani right leg tattoo

19. Portraits on Back

Dani portraits on back

Dani portrait on back

20. Portrait of Jesus Christ Tattoo

Dani Portrait of Jesus Christ Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, there is a huge portrait of Jesus Christ tattooed along with a sacred heart and ray of hope armored surrounding his head.

Meaning: Jesus Christ represents the global image and the most peaceful symbol representing patience and life. Jesus Christ is the God of Christians and thus, this tattoo on Dani’s body tells us about Dani’s belief and faith in Jesus and his blessings.

A sacred heart is believed to be the most revered and sacred symbol in Roman Catholicism. It represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ his crucifixion for the sake of humanity. It is the purest representation of Christ’s love for society and human beings.

21. Mask Tattoo

Dani mask tattoo

22. Leg Tattoos

Dani leg designs

23. Resilence Tattoo

Dani left hand tattoo

Tattoo: On his right hand, Dani has got another word tattoo, that was added after the Love Vida ink. It says, ‘Resilencia’.

Meaning: Resiliencia is a Spanish word that stands for ‘Resilience’ when translated into English. It is meant to give patience to an individual. Resilence stands for the mental stability of the individual, grants him the peace, and the capability to overcome all the hard times and storms of his life with his inner strength and power.

24. Spanish Writing on Arm

Dani forearm writing

Tattoo: There is another Spanish writing on Dai’s body that says, ‘Dios es mi fuerza’.

It stands for ‘God is my strength’ when converted into English.

This is another kind of religious tattoo on Dani’s body that tells us about his strong religious beliefs and deep faith in God and his blessings upon him,

25. Flowers on Arm

Dani flowers on arm

Tattoo: Dani’s left forearm towards the outer side is covered with tiny flowers followed by few lilies around his elbow.

Meaning: Flowers are the symbol of freshness, positivity, and growth.

26. Rose on Bicep

Dani flower on bicep

27. Arrow Tattoo

Dani fishbone tatto

Tattoo: On the center of his stomach there is an arrow inked vertically.

Meaning: Arrow being used as a weapon since ancient times, is observed as the symbol of victory and strength. As for arrow tattoos, they are a popular choice among tattoo lovers for being the perfect symbol of confidence, inner strength, and the ability to direct towards the right path in one’s life.

28. Date on Bicep

Dani date tattoo

Tattoo: There is another date inked on the inner side of Dani’s right bicep. It can be read as, 28.06.03. Also, there are stars inked on the upper side of the date.

Stars are the symbol of direction, positivity, and guidance. However, nothing has ever been revealed by Dani about the dates inked on his body.

29. Cross On Arm

Dani cross tattoo

Tattoo: Dani’s left bicep has a cross tattooed over it. There is a banner that wraps around the bottom of the cross and reads, ‘Bless me’.

Meaning: The Cross is the Holy symbol of Christians. It represents that wearer is a Christian rather than a Catholic. It is symbolic of Dani’s deep religious beliefs and how he wishes to seek God’s blessings on every step that he takes forward in his life. The stars scattered around the cross represent their strong force of being the source of guide and direction for Dani.

Also, the Cross is another means of showing unconditional love and paying tribute to the sacrifice which Jesus did for the sake of humanity

30. Compass Tattoo

Dani compass tattoo

Tattoo: There is a compass inked on the major portion of Dani’s stomach, towards the left side of his body.

Meaning: Compass is the symbol of spiritual awakening, direction, and guidance in life. Compass is also regarded as the token of good luck and aids you in leading the right path in your life. Also, it grants you faith in the directions that you opt for and the firm belief in your own decisions.

31. Four Leaf Clove Tattoo

Dani clove leaf tattoo

Tattoo: There is a four-leaf clover inked on the inner side of Dani’s; left leg.

Meaning: Four Leaf Clover is obv=served as the symbol of good luck. As per the very common superstition, the four leaves represent Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck.

32. Birdcage Tattoo

Dani bird flying out of cage tattoo

Tattoo: There is a huge birdcage inked along with a bird who is seen flying out of the cage, on Dani’s; eg.

Meaning: A bird flying out of a birdcage is the symbol of freedom. It is the representation of the free mind and free will. The transition of the individual from the phase of restricted life to a place where he is, rather he has decided to take his own decisions and is all set to live his life independently.

33. Leg Tattoos

Dani bands on legs tattoo

Tattoo: Dani has got some mysterious tattoos on his lower legs. There are black bands along with a thin red band tattooed across his left ankle where on his right ankle there are some geometrical figures inked.

34. Black Bands Tattoo

Dani bands on left leg

Tattoo: Dani’s left ankle is covered with black-colored bands. Also, there is a red band inked in between them.

Meaning: The red band is the band of connection. it is believed to keep the bond of two people close to each other, r]=be it in a marriage or a relationship. It is also known as the red string of fate. The black bands represent strength, power, courage, and protection. Some people also get black band tattoos to mourn the death of a loved one.

35. Baby Cherub Tattoo

Dani baby cherub tattoo

Tattoo: Under his prayer on scroll tattoo on his left inner bicep there is another religious tattoo that shows a baby cherub.

Meaning: Baby angels or cherubs are the best representation of God’s protection and his glory. They are the pourest symbols of God’s purest love. Additionally, cherub tattoos are also used as a means to represent a young one who is no more alive.

36. Historical Building Tattoo

Dani arm tattoo

37. Lion and Baby Goat Tattoo

Dani animals on leg tattoo

Tattoo: There is a portrait of a lion tattooed on the backside of Dani’s left leg. Right under the lion, there is a tattoo of a lamb.

Meaning: The Lion and The Lamb are linked together to represent the two opposite personalities and spirits. The lion is the symbol of power, courageousness, strength, and masculinity whereas the lamb on the other hand is the symbol of innocence, purity, sacrifice, meekness, and moral pureness. As per the Judeo Christian bible, Lion represents the Messianic Age and the lamb symbolizes the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for the same of humanity. It is the complete direction towards a peaceful future.

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