10 Best Tattoo Artist in Paris

The whole of France has long been a country of cultural and artistic exploration. Paris, in particular, has seen a long list of artists and visionaries even in the past, such as Claude Monet and Edgar Degas. However, looking at today’s trends and beyond the art and artists we study in school, it also has some of the world’s best tattoo artists too. In fact, Paris hosts the best trips in the world- iconic monuments, amusing libraries, and museums, shopping on Champs- Elysees, and for sure getting inked to remember this Sejour!

Tattoos in Paris is also popular because this city hosts one of the biggest tattoo conventions, Mondial du Tatouage. Nonetheless, even if you are not a part of this convention, you might be looking out for the best tattoo artists in Paris to get yourself inked. Here is a list of the top 10 best tattoo artists and their studios in Paris. So, scroll down! On y va!

1. TinTin- Tin-Tin Tatouages

Tin-Tin Tatouages is considered quite a name here in Paris. In fact, the convention called Mondia du Tatoage that we talked of before is hosted and organized by the owner of Tin-Tin Tatouage. This convention collects and brings together a gathering of thousands of tattoo artists all over the world. Many people get inked during this convention. It is extremely popular and you can easily google about this exhibition and book yourself a slot to find the best tattoo artists!


Tin-Tin, the mind behind the Tin-Tin Tatouages and Mondial du Tatouage is considered to be the “father of the tattoo world” by the Parisians. He also created the National Union of Tattoo Artists in France, so you know he is quite a big deal.

Today, Tin-Tin is accompanied by a group of 8 other tattoo artists at his tattoo studio established in Pigalle, and as you can assume, has a really long waiting list. So make sure you book your appointment because the waiting period might be months long! Tin-Tin is known to make extraordinarily realistic tattoos as well as animated creations.

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2. Carin Silver, Sixo Santos, Carlo Amen- Les Maux Bleus

Les Maux Bleus

Les Maux Bleus was actually created by three tattoo artists who have different styles of inking. Carin Silver, the first of the lot usually inspires her designs from nature. Sixo Santo has a graphic reach towards her style and Carlo Amen is more of a color and thick line guy. These three artists together create one of the most popular tattoo shops in Paris and are extremely talented in bringing out your need.

The tattoo showroom can be found in the heart of Paris in a clandestine patio that flaunts a glass ceiling: an ideal location to get a wonderful tattoo, in my view!

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3. The Body Staff

Many people who visit Paris do want to stay at this place and get themselves inked as a souvenir. The Body Shop is located a bit outside the main city of Paris in a place called Vincennes but is nonetheless is well-known in the city of Paris. It is an excellent body ink parlor but does not have quite a hefty staff.

They also like to invite guest artists to their salon from all over the world and organize many events throughout the year.


The team members are really friendly and provide all sorts of advice regarding tattoos. The ambiance is spectacular and chic. The prices too, probably because of the location, are fairly cheaper than other salons.

Vincennes is a brief metro ride away from the heart of Paris, and the trip is totally worth it!

  • Shop Name: Body Staff Tattoo Shop
  • Address: 45 Rue Robert Giraudineau, 94300 Vincennes
  • Contact: 01 41 93 14 13
  • Facebook: Body Staff
  • Instagram: @bodystaff
  • Website: body-staff.com
  • Timings: Monday-Saturday 10 am-7 pm

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4. Thongsavanah Sirisouk, La Peau Dure

La Peau Dure was established by the owner, Thongsavanh Sirisouk, who has quite an experience working in major fashion brands as a jewelry designer. He decided to follow his passion of being an illustrator. He has always been an artist firsthand and then a jewelry designer or a tattoo artist.

The style they follow at Le Peau Dure is surely minimalist, with the largest part, if not all, of the designs coming out of the gallery, is done by making black and white lines. Sirisouk is essentially spurred by nature and animals. His designs are rather chic and poetic in nature. They are exquisite! 

Thongsavanh Sirisouk

Not only has he founded La Peau Dure, but has also worked with the largest of the companies as a designer of leather goods for more than a decade. He has collaborated with fashion chains like Chlor, Kenzo, and Givenchy out of others. To date, he spends a lot of his time designing and refining minimal elements in high-end jewelry and other accessories. In his words,

“After working for 7 years for the biggest luxury houses (Chloé, Kenzo, Givenchy) as a  leather and jewelry designer , I come back to my first passion: illustration. Discover my experimental workshop inspired by dreams, nature and the great outdoors.”

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5. Jeykill and Veenom, Bleu Noir

Bleu Noir, established in the 18th arrondissement not far from the metro station Abbesses, stands as a motivation for cultism in the tattoo world of Paris. It is not just a tattoo salon, but the owners Jeykill and Veenom have made sure that it features one of the best designs by tattoo artists all over the world. Thus, a mini-exhibition while you get yourself inked!

Bleu Noir
Bleu Noir is a unique tattoo parlor that is dedicated to the art of tattooing and was founded in 2010 by Jeykill and Veenom, the skilled tattoo artists and members of the 9eme Concept collective. It is located right in the middle of the Abbesses and their specialty lies in offering a variety of independent works, ephemeral installations, and the residence of some of their painters or tattoo artists.

The kind of style that the artists have is pretty well expressed by the environment of the studio: Minimalistic. The artists at this salon are also very particular about the kind of design that they ink. Thus, they advise their customers to take a look at their website and check out the particular styles that they cater to.

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6. Lamine, La Mine

La Mine Tattoo Shop is one of the chicest tattoo shops in Paris. The owner, Lamine is particularly talented and has made his journey to being one of the best tattoo artists in the city just by word of mouth. He is also very kind and gentle when it comes to designing as he considers tattooing a meditative procedure.


The style that the La Mine represents is minimal and simplistic. They have specialized in line work which is also their forte. Their Instagram and testimonials speak for themselves. The studio is pretty small yet friendly and has warm vibes to it. It is an excellent choice if it is your first time getting inked. The team is quite professional when it comes to handling first-timers.

  • Shop Name: La Mine
  • Address: 225 Rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris, France
  • Contact: +33 6 58 09 16 26
  • Facebook: La Mine Tattoo Shop
  • Instagram: @laminetattooshop
  • Timings: Hours May Vary

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7. Leo Gavaggio, L’Encrerie

L’Encrerie is a well-known tattoo salon in Paris that features at least 9 different tattoo artists with their own individual tattoo style. The parlor also invites guest tattoo artists many times a year and does a lot of events.


Their forte lies in typography, realistic designs, line work, and dot work and illustrations. The owner, Leo Gavaggio, claims that there is something for everyone.

Before you head to the salon, Leo advises you to visit their website and book an appointment because you can come across a long line of people waiting for their chance. It will also help you get in touch with the artist who can correspond better to your specific needs.

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8. Karissa Lyttle

Karissa Lyttle is an independent tattoo artist based in Paris. She posts a lot of her works and illustrations on Instagram where she got really popular too. This artist has carved a niche for herself just by the word of mouth and her social media speaks for itself.


Even though not French in origin, this Irish gal has been living in Paris forever and is quite an amazing tattoo artist.

9. Maria, American Body Art

American Body Art has been on the list of best tattoo shops in Paris for more than 20 years. It is located in Chatelet. The founder and owner of American Body Art, Maria, has been exceeding everyone’s expectations. Realism, Portraits, Watercolors, and Geometric designs are her forte.

American Body Art

She along with her teammates has created various books on the art of tattooing. Not only does she provide tattoo services but also a variety of jewelry and aftercare products. This is not just a tattoo studio but is famous for its piercing as well. They make sure that they cater to their customer’s needs by maintaining hygiene and sanitation. They are also known for their personal follow-up of their clients even after their session is over. Maria says, “The welcome and the follow-up are essential for us because we have been doing our job for several years with always as much passion in our work.”

The motto of the American Body Art is that the customer is above all, and their Rock & Roll vitality. Maria has spread her studio all over the world with her parlors in France, Florida, Australia, and Lebanon.

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10. Lilo, Daomey Tattoo Studio

Lilo is the owner of the Daomey Tattoo Studio in Paris with his origins in hip-hop culture and street art, and so you know what to expect! He excels in various kinds of tattoo arts and knows his basics well. The other tattoo artist, Jeekey is an illustrator and a tattoo artist who has practiced his art for more than a decade now. His main styles are inspired by Manga, Marvel and DC comics, and semi-realism.


Nico is another artist who is also pricing this art for more than a decade and is passionate about illustrating and drawing. His style incorporates an amalgamation of modernistic and traditional styles which is inspired by pop culture. His strength lies in creating neo-traditional and semi-realistic designs.

Audrey who goes by the alias Drey is another tattoo artist in Daomey Tattoo Studio whose style is inspired by his professional career and his personal interests. His style can be said to be spurred by the RnB culture of the 90s and Star Wars. He loves to create his designs with a combination of art forms. For example, he likes to mix both feminine and masculine elements creating something unique each time. He loves to work with black and grey ink giving the designs a shading effect and dot work.

  • Shop Name: Daomey Tattoo Studio
  • Address: Daomey Tattoo Studio, 30 Rue Brochant, 75017 Paris, France
  • Contact: +33142290241
  • Facebook: Daomey Brand
  • Instagram: @daomeytattoo
  • Websitedaomeytattoo.com
  • Timings: Monday-Sunday 11 AM- 8 PM

Location on Google Maps:

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