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30 Amazing Tree Tattoos Designs with Meanings, Ideas, and Celebrities

A Tree is a perennial plant with an elongated stem or trunk. It can include only woody plants with secondary growth and can consist of plants with taller heights. Some tall plants like palms, tree ferns, bamboos, and bananas are also trees. Most tree species are angiosperms or hardwoods and many are softwoods as well. They are long-lived and many are there those who live for more than a thousand years. According to data, there are three trillion mature trees in the world.

Trees play a crucial role in reducing erosion and moderating the climate. They remove carbon dioxide by storing large amounts of carbon in their tissues. They are also a habitat for many plants and animals. They also have very large usage, like providing timber for construction, fuel for cooking and heating, providing fruits like apple, guava, litchi, cherries, etc, and many other usages. They play a crucial role in many mythologies. They usually reproduce using seeds. A large percentage of trees have fruits for seed production. However, there are some such as conifers, which have pollen cones or seed cones.

Meaning of Tree Tattoo


As we all know that we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. On the other hand, trees have a vice versa rule, which means that they breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. This oxygen we inhale. In a genuine sense, we can say that we depend on trees for life. Inking a tree tattoo on the visible part of your body symbolizes the life-giving nature of the tree.


Trees are taller compared to plants and animals. There are many trees that are taller than 70 meters from the ground level. Not only they are tall but also they have a large surface area. This surface area is helpful to humans and animals as they take shelter under it. It provides shadow under scorching heat with its dense branches and leaves which protect them from extreme summers. In olden times, students were taught under the trees.


Trees are the epitome of nature. In many parts of the world, trees are sacred pieces of wood that hold deep meanings in many cultures. As a result, trees have overpowered many rituals and rites. Since ancient times, the rites and rituals are held through trees. Inking the tree tattoo on your body denotes your liking for nature.


Wisdom is the quality of being wise. The trees are often seen as the symbol of wisdom. They are mostly taller. Taller than a three-story house. With such a height, all the things are tiny in the front of the trees. For a reason, trees are known as the symbol of wisdom due to their enormous size. Inking a tree tattoo on your body signifies your wisdom.


Trees live for over many hundred years. There are many who lives for more than a thousand years. They do not move, and nor do they communicate. They remain stable in one place for their entire lifetime. As a result, trees are also seen as a symbol of stability. Stability in the sense of remaining for many years or decades. Inking a tree tattoo on the visible part of your body symbolizes the stability quality of the wearer. It means that the wearer loves to remain stable in extreme circumstances.

Where Should You Get Tree Tattoo Designs?

For Women

  • Back
  • Biceps
  • Shoulder Blade
  • Thighs
  • Stomach

For Men

  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Legs
  • Ribs

List of Tree Tattoo Designs and Meanings

  • Chestnut Tree Tattoo on the Leg

Chestnut Trees are deciduous trees that are native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They are also the producer of chestnut fruit. This type of chestnut tree tattoo looks good on the wearer’s leg. This tattoo is a mixture of dotted and line art tattoos, which are often difficult to ink. The wearer has taken immense pain to get this tattoo, which denotes the wearer’s hardcore love for permanent tattoos.

  • Pine Tree Tattoo on the Biceps

Pine Trees are among the most important commercial tree species known for their timber and wood pulp throughout the world. They are found in the Northern Hemisphere. This tiny pine tree tattoo looks appealing and marvelous on the wearer’s biceps. You can pair it up with a nice pair of T-shirts.

  • Bamboo Tree on the Biceps

Bamboo is a group of perennial flowering plants and is the largest member of the grass family. This beautiful bamboo tattoo has covered the entire biceps. They are considered very lucky and auspicious. Inking a bamboo tree denotes your good luck and prosperity in life.

  • Group of Trees Tattoo on the Forearm

It is a black and grey color tattoo of a group of trees surrounded by mountains. This tattoo has a distinct appeal to the wearer’s personality. The wearer wants to show their ardent love for nature by inking such a tattoo.

  • Mini Tree Tattoo on the Forearm

This small tree tattoo looks cute on the forearm. The branches of the tree are rounded off to accumulate on the body. Overall, the tattoo has a unique appeal to the wearer’s personality.

  • Tree with its Roots Tattoo on the Back

This tree tattoo, with its root at the back, looks exceptional on the wearer’s body. It signifies that the wearer has achieved a lot of success, yet they are grounded in their roots. They like to remain down to earth and calm, no matter how harsh the situation is.

  • Oak Tree Tattoo on the Forearm

Oak Tree is a type of tree widely found in America, Asia, Europe, and North Africa. There are approximately 500 species of Oaks. They have spirally arranged leaves with lobate margins in many species. This black and grey color tattoo on the forearm looks wonderful. The tree inked has a realistic appeal. You can pair this tattoo with a nice t-shirt.

  • Trees With the Cemetery on the Chest

This tattoo has covered the entire chest, which gives your personality a unique look. In the tattoo, a cemetery is shown with two trees with no leaves. This symbolizes that nothing lasts forever. There is an end to everything. This cemetery has a gate, which means that death is the ultimate truth.

  • A Tree with the DNA Tattoo on the Forearm

DNA is Deoxyribonucleic acid, which is a molecule that carries genetic instructions in all living beings. This DNA with the tree symbolizes that the tree is life. We breathe in oxygen through trees. In other words, we can say that the trees are the source of life. Trees form a vital part of our birth and death. We indirectly depend on them.

  • Colorful Tree Tattoo on the Forearm

This colorful tree tattoo looks beautiful and realistic on the forearm. It symbolizes the wearer’s love for nature. It also denotes the wisdom and stability of the wearer. You can pair this tattoo with a nice pair of T-shirts.

  • Blackout Tree Tattoo on the Forearm

Blackout tattoos are difficult to ink. Not only they are difficult to ink but also they are extremely painful to the body. This tattoo is a tree in blackwork form which is inked on the visible part of the body. It is surrounded by a yellow and red color which is the sunlight. Overall, the tattoo looks pretty decent and appealing to the eyes.

  • A Tree with a Skull Tattoo on the Biceps

This tattoo of a tree with the skull and an eye looks realistic on the wearer’s body. The skull symbolizes death and mortality. You can team this tattoo with a nice pair of shirts. Above the skull, there is a single eye inked, which denotes that God is omnipotent and watches us all the way through. It lives everywhere. Wherever we see, God is present.

  • A Tree Tattoo with Red Flowers on the Right Chest

This tree tattoo with the red flowers looks beautiful on the wearer’s right chest. In this tattoo, the branches of the tree are inked with the flowers. The flowers don’t seem to be from this tree. However, the red flowers here show the wearer’s creativity. The flowers are of various designs and are going through the chest to the biceps. Same as that of branches of the tree that are protruding towards the biceps.

  • Tree Tattoo on the Back of the Neck

This tree tattoo design, in a form of a silhouette, looks extremely marvelous on the back of the wearer’s neck. Along with the tree, the black moon is shown, which depicts the nighttime. Overall, the tattoo gives a raw look at the wearer’s personality.

  • Small Line Art Tree Tattoo

This simple tree tattoo on the wearer’s body looks pretty decent. In this tattoo, two trees in a form of the line art design are inked with the half-moon. It denotes that the wearer has a sober nature and loves to experiment with his/her style. Also, the wearer has a simple taste when it comes to inking permanent tattoos.

  • A Willow Tree Morphing from a Human Heart Tattoo on the Biceps

The willow tree, which is also known as Sallows and Osiers, is a deciduous tree that comes from the genus Salix. It is particularly found on moist soils in cold and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. In this tattoo, a willow tree is protruding out from a heart, which denotes the emotional nature of the wearer. It shows that the tree is life. We take oxygen from them, which is very useful for our livelihood. Also, it symbolizes the closeness of the wearer to nature. This tattoo is a black and grey color design that shows the off-beat character of the wearer.

  • Tree with no Leaves Covering the Entire Left Arm

This tree tattoo, which has no leaves but has roots, looks quite stunning and realistic. It has covered the entire left arm of the wearer, which shows that the wearer is straightforward. Whatever he/she wants to say, he/she says it in front of the person and not at the back. Also, this tattoo shows the importance of nature in a person’s life. Without nature, life is dead just like this tree, which has no leaves and the roots have protruded out from the ground.

  • Tree with a Clock Tattoo on the Biceps

This tattoo of a tree with a clock teaches the value of time in a human’s life. The tree has a root grounded under the ground, which denotes that no matter how hard the situation is, our feet should always be grounded. Also, the clock is inked above the tree, which means that the wearer wants to say that time is above all. Overall, the tattoo gives a distinct appeal to the wearer.

  • Line Art Tree Tattoo with the Quote on the Forearm

From this tattoo, the wearer wants to show his determination and courage to achieve success in life. The quote says that no matter how harsh the situation is; the wearer has kept his spirits high to achieve a particular goal in life. Above the quote, a line art tattoo of a tree is inked, which looks appealing and classy to the naked eye. As line art tattoo is mostly painful to ink, so it denotes the wearer’s tolerance power and also the passion to ink the permanent tattoos.

  • Dotted Tree Tattoo on the Shoulder Blade

This black and grey color dotted work tree tattoo looks phenomenal and realistic. In this tattoo, a tree with an unknown name is inked on the shoulder blade, which relates to the wearer’s mysterious nature. It shows that the wearer is calm and composed. Also, it is very difficult to identify his/her mood at a particular time. Dotted work tattoos are the most difficult tattoo to ink, which denotes the wearer’s patience level. With that, such tattoos are painful to ink, which denotes the tolerance power of the wearer.

  • Magical Tree House Tattoo on the Forearm

This treehouse on the forearm looks amazing and astonishing. This tattoo denotes the wearer has an animated nature and loves to live their life to the fullest. Also, he/she is creative and wants to experiment with their tattoos.

  • Family Tree Tattoo on the Thigh

A family tree inked on the thigh is a unique concept. From this tattoo, the wearer wants to show his family in a form of a family tree. This tattoo looks decent and shows the value of a family for the wearer.

  • Pine Tree on the Biceps

Pine trees are conifer trees that are found in almost the entire Northern Hemisphere. They are one of the most popular trees in Russia, Japan, and a few countries in Europe, like Portugal. Inking this tattoo not only denotes your love for the Pine tree but also your nationality. You can team this tattoo with a nice pair of clothes.

  • Sakura Tree Tattoo on the Forearm

Sakura trees, also known as Cherry Blossom, are one of the most popular trees, especially in East Asia, including China, Korea, and Japan. They can be referred to as ornamental cherry trees. This Sakura tree tattoo has covered the entire forearm, which not only looks beautiful but also adds grace to your personality.

  • Tree Inside a Bulb Tattoo on the Forearm

Yet another unique concept is where a tree is inked inside a light bulb. The light bulb symbolizes creative thinking and imagination. The tree inside denotes the wearer has different thinking about nature and loves to perceive this wonderful nature in their own way.

  • Tree Tattoo inside a Bicycle Chain on the Body

This tattoo of a tree inside a bicycle chain denotes the wearer’s love for fitness. While through cycling, the wearer wants to remain slim and healthy. On the other hand, the tree tattoo shows the wearer’s love for greenery. He/She knows that greenery is important to remain fit. Overall, the tattoo adds grace to your personality.

  • Two Trees with the Hammock on the Thigh

In this tattoo, a hammock is attached between the two trees. This small tattoo looks decent and cute. The person is resting on a hammock with a dog in this tattoo, which shows that the wearer loves to relax and chill amid the nice greenery around. He/She also has a love for beautiful things around the world and wants to enjoy life to the fullest.

  • Red Bud Tree on the Leg

The Red Bud tree is a large deciduous shrub or small tree found in eastern North America. It is found in several colors, like green, yellow, and pink. This tattoo looks colorful and represents a redbud tree. It symbolizes the wearer’s soothing and soft-hearted nature. You can team this tattoo with a nice pair of clothing.

  • Tree in a form of a Skull Tattoo on the Forearm

This tattoo gives a horror look at the wearer’s personality. It is inked on the forearm, which matches well with a nice pair of tops. The branches of the tree are protruded out in a form of a skull, which symbolizes that the wearer loves horror movies and doesn’t fear death. He/She has a sensitive nature and likes to hang out with friends.

  • Family Matters Tree Tattoo on the Forearm

This tattoo looks great on the wearer’s arm. The wearer has put family first when it comes to choosing between family and friends. It is in a form of a circle which denotes the circle of life.

Celebrities with Tree Tattoos

  • Zoe Kravitz


It’s a palm tree tattoo that is inked on Zoe’s right forearm. Along with the tattoo, Bahamas country is inked in a vertical direction. The Bahamas is the hometown of her grandmother and she has spent a large part of her childhood there.

  • Teri Polo


This tree tattoo has covered almost the entire back of Teri Polo. It has no leaves and denotes the true nature of the actress. It also symbolizes that the actress believes in simplicity more than stardom. 

  • Dua Lipa


Dua Lipa has inked this small palm tree tattoo on the back of the upper left arm. Los Angeles is Dua Lipa’s favorite city and the Palm tree is one of the famous trees grown there. So, Dua Lipa has inked this tattoo as a remembrance of her favorite city.

  • Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran has an inked family tree on his right bicep. He is a family man and this tattoo denotes the same. He has revealed this tattoo in 2013 on Instagram.

  • Travis Scott

Travis Scott, an American rapper, has inked this small tree tattoo on his upper right arm. He is many tattoos inked on his body, but this tattoo is special for him.

  • Jerome Agyenim Boateng

This family tree tattoo was inked by the tattoo artist on his upper left arm before the 2010 Football World Cup. It is a huge tattoo comprising 21 family members. It took 90 minutes to complete this tattoo.

  • Jat Alvarrez

Jat Alvarrez has inked a palm tree tattoo on the inner portion of his left forearm. This tattoo was inked in 2016 by the tattoo artist, Konstantin Nossachev.

  • Catherine McNeil

This small palm tree tattoo is inked on Catherine’s right ring finger. It denotes the wearer’s ravishing lifestyle.

  • Johnny Edlind

Johnny Edlind, a Swedish model, has inked a palm tree tattoo behind his right ear. Palm trees represent the Garden of Paradise. It also symbolizes wisdom, eternal love, blessings, positivity, and the great powers of God.

  • Memphis Depay

Memphis Depay, a Dutch Footballer has inked a Palm tree tattoo on his left leg. The palm tree has always been a symbol of paradise, which also means positivity and eternal love.

  • Steven Hiroyuki Aoki


Steve Hiroyuki Aoki, an American musician, and DJ have inked this tree tattoo on his upper right back. It is a simple tree that shows Steve Aoki’s simple life.

  • Kesha

Kesha, an American singer, got this palm tree tattoo in 2016 on her upper right arm.

  • Bea Miller

Bea Miller, an American singer-songwriter, has inked two trees in her upper left arm. The trees symbolize Bea’s hometown, Maplewood, New Jersey.

  • Skylar Grey

Skylar Grey has inked a forest that has covered almost her entire back. This tattoo represents her struggling days when she lived in the woods in Oregon. In an interview, she revealed,

“I moved into a cabin in the woods and I was broke and I was down on my luck and depressed. It was there that I proved to myself that I could survive anything. And when I came out of the woods, I wrote ‘Love The Way You Lie’ and that changed my life forever. So that tattoo represents that entire dream to me.”

This tattoo was inked by a tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon. She has inked this tattoo on her back to depict the lumberjack clowns. Further, she told,

“I wanted a lumberjack. Mister Cartoon has this signature thing that he does clowns. So I thought, why not just make it a lumberjack clown? Because that’s what I do, I mix weird stuff together. My album is like that, my fashion sense is like that,” It was she who told Amp Radio.

  • Amira McCarthy

Amira McCarthy has inked this palm tree tattoo design in December 2013 by the Tattoo artist Gabzink. The palm tree is one of the popular trees in Los Angeles, California and this tattoo represents her hometown, Los Angeles. Talking about her tattoo, she told,

“So happy it looks exactly how I wanted it to. I used to live in LA and there are palm trees everywhere!!! It reminds me of sunny CA.”

  • Sosie Bacon

Sosie Bacon, an American actress, has inked a tree tattoo on her left upper back.

  • Frances Bean Cobain

The inked tattoo is of a Willow Tree on Frances Bean Cobain’s upper left arm. It was inked by the tattoo artist named Dr. Woo.

  • Marzia Kjellberg

Marzia Kjellberg has inked a lemon tree tattoo on her upper left arm to remember the lemon tree, which was grown in her house’s backyard during her childhood. It was inked by the tattoo artist named Katja Graaf in October 2016. Revealed further on this tattoo, she told,

“The first one I got today is a lemon tree. My dad is my hero, he is just so kind and was always (and still is) an example for me. Considering that he grew up in a poor family, didn’t have access to many things, and didn’t complete his education, he is one of the smartest and strongest people I know. He is very cultured, you can ask him anything and he will most likely know the answer to it. He never shows off. He set up his business, becoming successful, providing for our family. He is so good at many things, maybe that’s why I never felt the need to select one path for myself because I could see him do all these different things: sure, he has the main job, but he has plenty of other passions, like archery, traveling, and gardening – to name a few. He always took care of our garden, making it look like it came from a book. One tree I liked the most, out of all the plants he cares for, is the lemon tree. It looks so quirky to me, growing from a small pot, so big and beautiful. Anytime I go back home to Italy, I see them (he has 3 now), and to remind me of my dad, and everything I look up to, I wanted the lemon tree to be tattooed on me.”

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