Bonez MC’s 26 Tattoos & Their Meanings

John Lorenz Moser, who is recognized mostly by his stage name Bonez MC, is a well-known German rapper and music producer. Bonez is well known for his body tattoos, which are huge in number and cover major parts of his body. He is a member of the hip hop crew 187 Strassenbande, which includes other famous rappers Gzuz, Maxwell, LX, and Sa4. Let us see what tattoos exist on MC’s body and what meanings they hold for him.

1. ‘Mercedes Benz Logo’ Tattoo

Bonex left upper leg tattoo

Tattoo: On his upper arm, Bonez has the Mercedes logo tattooed. The logo carries the words ‘Mercedes Benz.’

Meaning: Bonez is known to be a huge Mercedes lover. He even gifted himself Mercedes-Benz S63 and posted it on his Instagram. Also, Bonez has produced a song named ‘Big Body Benz.’

Thus, this tattoo holds great relevance for Bonez.

2. ‘1985’ Tattoo

Bonez MC 1985 tattoo

Tattoo: On the corner of his left hand, Bonez has got the year ‘1985’ inked.

Meaning: The year represents the birthyear of MC as he was born on 23 December 1985.

3. ‘2016’ Tattoo

Bonez 2016 tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his left inner upper arm, we can see the year 2016 tattooed.

Meaning: The relevance of the tattoo has never been shared by Bonez. However, it might be as the source of memorizing the year since he was lucky enough to win five National Awards in 2016.

  • 2016: Best National Group (jointly with RAF Camora)
  • 2016: Best National Release (for Palmen aus Plas tik jointly with RAF Camora)
  • 2016: Best National Video (for Palmen aus Gold jointly with RAF Camora)
  • 2016: Best Hip-Hop Act (jointly with RAF Camora)
  • 2016: Best National Album (for Palmen aus Plastik with RAF Camora)

4. ‘Ace of Cards’ Tattoo

Bonez ace of card tattoo

Tattoo: On his right wrist, we can see the Ace of Cards tattoo.

Meaning: Ace of Cards is the symbol of good luck. Though multiple other meanings are attached to the ace of cards, positivity, luck, and power are the main reasons people get it inked.

5. Left Arm Tattoo 


6. Left Forearm Tattoo

7. Buildings Tattoo 

Bonez buildings tattoo

Tattoo: On his right leg, under his knee, some shaded buildings are inked.

8. Clock Tattoo

Bonez clock tattoo

Tattoo: Clock tattoo on MC’s right forearm.

Meaning: The clock is the symbol of marking the important moments of your life. Many people get a clock tattooed with some fixed timings, quite specular to the tattoo wearer, which might be a way to reflect an important incident, occasion, or a moment of their life.

9. Finger Tattoo

Bonez finger tattoo

10. ‘280’ Tatt00-Right Hand

Bonez hand tattoo

11. French Writing Tattoo

Bonez hand writing tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Jusqu’ici, tout va bien’ is tattooed on Bonez’s left hand.

It is actually French writing that stands for ‘So Far, So Good’ when translated into English.

12. Left Forearm Tattoos

Bonez left arm tattoo

13. ‘Portrait of a Girl Tattoo

Bonez left forearm tattoo

14. Donald Duck Tattoo

Bonez left leg ink

Bonez left leg tattoo

Tattoo: On his left leg, Bonez has multiple tattoos, including various cartoons and eerie-looking figures. One of them is the portrait of Donald duck.

Uncle Scrooge is inked on his left leg. It is a cartoon character that was created back in 1946 for the famous Walt Disney Company.

15. Palm Tree

Bonez palm tree tattoo

Tattoo: Across his left hand’s thumb, Bonez has got a tiny palm tree inked.

The palm tree tattoo is believed to be the symbol of rebirth, rejuvenation, resurrection, and immortality. Having a palm tree tattoo can mean that you seek to live a long life or to have some sort of life after death.

16. Palm Trees Tattoo

Bonez palm trees

Tattoo:  On his right leg, there are multiple palm trees inked.

Meaning: Palm trees are the symbol of goodness and wisdom. Also, they might be used to represent the Garden of Paradise.

It is also said that Palm trees are also symbolic of the life after death or the thoughts of a lively person who wishes to prolong his life in this universe.

17. Portrait Tattoo

Bonez portrait on arm

18. Gzuz’s Tattoo

Bonez portrait on bicep

Tattoo: On his left upper arm, Bonez has got the portrait of Gzuz inked.

Meaning: Gzuz is the stage name of the famous German rapper Kristoffer Klauß, who was born in 1988. Bonez shares a good bond with him besides the fact that they have produced multiple songs together.

19. Rolling Dice Tattoo

Bonez rolling dice tattoo on leg Bonez rolling dice tattoo

Tattoo: Pair of rolling dice is tattooed on his leg.

Meaning: Rolling dice is the symbol of good luck. It is symbolic of gambling and, thus, the carefree attitude of the person as to how he is willing to take whatever life throws at him at any point in life.

20. Shoe Tattoo

Bonez shoe tattoo

21. Roses and Skulls Tattoo

Bonez skulls and rose tattoo

Tattoo: His leg is covered with skulls and roses.

Meaning: Skull is the symbol of evil and death, whereas roses represent love and romance. Together they are used to denote two opposites of the world, i.e., evil versus good and beautiful vs. ugly.

22. Writing Tattoo

Bonez writing tattoo

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