Bonnie Rotten’s 46 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Bonnie Rotten is an American pornographic actress who is known for her amazing performances in various adult movies. Most of her body parts are covered with tattoos; each having a specific meaning. Let’s have a look!Bonnie Rotten Tattoos

1. Zombie Tattoo

Bonnie Rotten-Zombie-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Zombie’ tattoo on her stomach area.

Meaning: According to Bonnie, the ‘zombie’ tattoo was her first tattoo and took more than 13 hours to get inked. This tattoo of a zombie is from the comic book, ‘Night of the Living Dead: The Beginning, Issue 1’.

2. ‘Dead girls don’t cry’ Tattoo

Christy Mack-dead girls dont cry

Tattoo: ‘Dead girls don’t cry’ tattoo on her ribcage.

Meaning: ‘Dead girls don’t cry’ is the name of a studio album by a Danish-American band ‘Nekromantix’ which was released in 2004.

3. ‘Plank from ‘Ed, Edd n Eddy’ Tattoo

Bonnie Rotten-Thigh-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Plank from Ed, Edd n Eddy’ tattoo on her right leg.

Meaning: Plank is the name of a character of a wooden board in a Canadian-American television series, ‘Ed, Edd n Eddy’. Plank is portrayed as an innocent and insecure character; often seen with Sarah (Ed’s younger sister).

4. Spider Web Tattoo

Bonnie Rotten-Armpits

Tattoo: ‘Spider Web’ tattoo on her left armpits.

Meaning: Spider web tattoo symbolizes mystery, magic, balance, trap, desires, and struggles.

5. ‘Snake around an Apple’ Tattoo

bonnie Rotten-Apple and Snake-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Snake around an Apple’ tattoo on her left arm.

Meaning: Snake around an apple symbolizes temptation, lust, desires, sin, knowledge, and sexuality.

6. Tattoo on her left arm

Bonnie Rotten-Tattoo

7. ‘The Hanging Gardens of Babylon’ Tattoo

Bonnie Rotten-Chest-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘The Hanging Gardens of Babylon’ tattoo on her chest.

Meaning: ‘The Hanging Gardens of Babylon’ were one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Ancient World’ which is said to have been built in the ancient city of Babylon, Iraq. However, according to the sources, the exact location of this place has not been definitely established.

8. ‘Spider Web’ tattoo on her boobs

Bonnie Rotten-Spider Web-Tattoo-Boobs

9. Tattoo on her right arm

Bonnie Rotten-Tattoo-Arm

10. Tattoo on her back

Bonnie Rotten-Tattoo-Back

11. Halloween Pumpkin Tattoo

Bonnie Rotten-Leg-Right-Leg-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Halloween Pumpkin’ tattoo on her right thigh.

Meaning: Halloween pumpkin tattoo symbolizes evil spirits.

12. Rat Fink Tattoo

Bonnie Rotten-Tat

Tattoo: ‘Rat Fink’ tattoo on her right arm.

Meaning: Rat Fink is a cartoon character, portrayed as an anti-hero to Mickey Mouse, created by an artist, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

13. Tattoo on her right thigh


14. Tattoo on her back

Back-Tattoo- ofBonnie Rotten

15. Tattoo on her left arm


16. ‘1428’ Tattoo

Bonnie Rotten-1428-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘1428’ tattoo on her right forearm.

Meaning: This tattoo refers to the address of the house in an American supernatural film, ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’.

17. ‘Odessa’ Tattoo


Tattoo: ‘Odessa’ tattoo on her right arm.

Meaning: Odessa is the name of Bonnie’s great grandmother.

18. ‘The Saw Is Family’ tattoo on her left forearm

Bonnie Rotten-The SAW IS FAMILY-Tattoo

19. Tattoo on her left hand

Bonnie Rotten-Hand-Tattoo

20. ‘CAMP BLUD’ tattoo on her fingers

Bonnie Rotten-CAMP BLUD-Tattoo

Meaning: In an interview, she said,

In reference to Friday the 13th my knuckles say “Camp Blud”

21. ‘THE PROMISE OF A BETTER FUTURE IS A LIE’ tattoo on her right arm

Bonnie Rotten-The Promise of a better future is a lie

22. ‘Seed’ tattoo on her left hand

Bonnie Rotten-Seed-Tattoo

23. Tattoo on her left torso

Bonnie Rotten-Torso-Tattoo

24. ‘Portrait of Frank Sinatra’ Tattoo

Bonnie Rotten-Frank Sinatra-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Portrait of Frank Sinatra’ tattoo on her left thigh.

Meaning: Frank Sinatra was an American singer who was one of the most famous personalities and music artists of all time. In an interview in June 2013, she made a statement that the tattoo of ‘Frank Sinatra’ is one of her favorite tattoos.

25. Tattoo on her right leg

Bonnie Rotten-Tattoo-Leg

26. Tiny Stars Tattoo

Bonnie RottenTiny-Stars-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Tiny Stars’ tattoo on her right arm.

Meaning: Stars tattoo is a symbol of guidance, protection, truth, spirituality, good luck, and fight against the darkness.

27. Tattoo on her pelvic area

Bonnie Rotten-Pelvic area-Tattoo

28. Tattoo on her left wrist

Bonnie Rotten-Wrist-Tattoo

29. Tattoo on her right armpits

Bonnie Rotten-Armpits-Tattoo

30. Tattoo on her right leg


31. Tattoo on her right arm

Bonnie Rotten-Arm-Tattoo

32. Tattoo on her right arm


33. Ringmaster Tattoo

Bonnie Rotten-Back-Tattoo-Tattoo

34. ‘Syndicate’ tattoo on her left thigh

Bonnie Rotten-Syndicate-Tattoo

35. Bomb Tattoo

Bonnie Rotten-Bomb-Tattoo

36. Tattoo on her right arm

Bonnie Rotten-Arm-Tattoo-Tat

37. Tattoo on her right arm


38. Tattoo on her back

Bonnie Rotten-Back-Tattoo on her back

39. Tattoo on her left foot

Bonnie Rotten-Foot-Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo says,

If you aint sinnin you aint winnin.”

40. ‘demon’ tattoo on her right hand

Bonnie Rotten-Hand-Tattoo-Right Hand

41. Tattoo on her right arm


42. Tattoo near her right wrist


43. ‘THE PROMISE OF BETTER FUTURE’ tattoo on her right arm

Bonnie Rotten-The promise of Better future tattoo

44. ‘UNTIL DEATH’ tattoo on her knuckles

bonnie rotten untill death tattoo

45. Tattoo on her left leg

left leg of bonnie rotten

46. Tattoo on her right arm

right arm of bonnie rotten

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