Helen Mirren’s Hand Tattoo & its Meaning

The Academy Award-winning actress, Helen Mirren is deemed for being a Dame, which is a congratulatory title appointed by the Queen of England. She has got a tattoo on her hand. She first exemplified it as nothing more than a drunken act of insurrection from her springtime of life. Dame Helen Mirren has now let cat out of the bag the bottom line of the tattoo ingrained on her left hand. She has got the motif of interlocking which connotes ‘love thy neighbor’ among tattoo artists – and for the Oscar-winning actress, it is a daily memorandum of the significance of tolerance. When asked, the sixty-eight-year-old actress explains: “I have a tattoo that means love thy neighbor– even if your neighbor is as different from you as you can possibly imagine. The story of the film, The Hundred-Foot Journey is in my tattoo”. However, “love thy neighbor” is by far unyielding of all the mitzvahs. Find below the picture of the same tattoo henceforth.

Helen Mirren Tattoo

Helen Mirren Tattoo


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