25 Amazing Arabic Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Arabic Tattoos are grandiose and on the first look appear mind-boggling too. One can find a lot of young people highly enraptured by Arabic language and font for its creative come the cursive flow of letters, thereby making it a mesmerizing experience. In Spite of the weird Islamists’ opinion that Arabic tattoos are in stark contrast to their religion, we can commonly find Arabs wearing the same. There are multiple designs and quotes of Arabic Tattoos. It can be a person’s name or theological or maybe some spiritual words or phrases.  But actually, folks are just so fascinated by the beauty of the script and do not really bother as to what the words mean. The cursive flow of Arabic letters of the language is so well-bred, graceful and exquisite. So, folks, if your taste is responsive to the Arabic language, then the following Arabic tattoos can provide you some deep insights.

Arabic Tattoo

1. Arabic Tattoo for Courage

Courage Tattoo

Courage is one of the most important traits we need in life in order to be successful enough.

2. Strength Arabic Tattoo

Strength Arabic Tattoo

In the above picture, we can see an inspirational Arabic tattoo design, which is inked as Strength. Strength can be synonymized as inner capacity of a person.

3. Happiness, Life and Health Tattoo

Happiness, Life and Health Tattoo

The symbol in the above picture is Egyptian cross. It depicts happiness, life, and health.

4. Phrase Tattoo

Phrase Tattoo

The phrase in the above picture means, “Stay Strong and just Breathe.” 

5. Religious Tattoos

Religious Tattoo

The meaning of the above tattoo is “Endless Love for Jesus.”

6. Belly Tattoo

Belly Tattoo

The above tattoo depicts crashing waves. Waves are a representation of the ancient and natural fluctuation of the Earth’s oldest resource. The image of a wave is a symbol of the discouraging power of the ocean as well as the calm waters that lie beneath.

7. Stars and Flowers

Stars and Flowers Tattoo

Stars basically represent growth and development. Flowers along with are symbolic of love, positivity and new hopes. It’s basically a very feminine tattoo.

8. Dove Tattoo

Dove Tattoo

The words inked here means, “Faith, Hope, and Love.” And Dove tattoo holds great significance in Christian religions, and so many dove tattoos are generally viewed as symbols of a person’s religious faith and belief. Also, they represent Holy Spirit, that is the third component of the Christian Trinity.

9. Peace and Love Tattoo

Peace and Love Tattoo

The creative look of Arabic script means that it can oftentimes be twisted and shaped in order to incorporate other designs. This particular one features the words peace and love weaved to form the body and head of a dove.  The dove generally symbolizes both peace and love so this small tattoo carries a huge message.

10. Princess Tattoo

Princess Tattoo

The above tattoo is a princess’ tattoo in the Arabic language.

11. Lotus Tattoo

Lotus Tattoo

The tattoo in the above picture symbolizes Lotus in Arabic font accompanied by a picture. Lotus tattoos reflect a quest for knowledge and enlightenment.

12. Medallion

Medallion Tattoo

Amalgamating the script in Arabic tattoos with a large, flabbergasting and brewed color design creates an original looking and first-class piece.  The medallion here in the middle of the back is hugely oversized but not that gigantic as to take away from the tiny-miny writing underneath.  The use of the blues and purples in this piece is absolutely magnificent. It has a perfect balance that gives tranquility and a sense of peace when looking at it.

13. Soul Tattoo

Soul Tattoo

The tattoo above is representing “Soul Tattoo” in Arabic. Soul tattoos are inspirational and at the same time very lively too.

14. Hamsa Tattoo

Hamsa Tattoo

It is one of the most significant Arabic tattoos which reflects immunity from the evil and is considered pious amidst Arabic culture.

15. Arabic Henna Tattoo

Arabic Henna Tattoo

It is not a permanent ink but is widely worn by women on different occasions.

16. Arabic Music Tattoo

Arabic Music Tattoo

Music Tattoos are usually worn by people who have a good taste for music or practice music. They get such inks to relish the same as and when they feel like.

17. Shaped Arabic Tattoo 

Shaped Arabic Tattoo

Often times, people get Arabic tattoos inked with the words placed in such a way that they form different shapes, the heart shape is the most accepted. Heart shape tattoo represents sacredness and divinity.

18. Gap Design Arabic Tattoo

Gap Design Arabic Tattoo

A special mannerism of writing the Arabic script is a very famous gap design in the Nastaliq style of calligraphy where the words of a phrase or the letters of a word are written in a circular fashion. This gives the tattoo a tantalizing look even for those who hardly know anything about that particular language or script.

19. Arabic Family Tattoo

Arabic Family Tattoo

The above ink in the picture represents family tattoo. One who wants to feel togetherness of a family in spite of barriers as per one’s discretion can get this done.

20. Love Arabic Tattoo

Love Arabic Tattoo

The above tattoo is used as a lovey-dovey tattoo. It reads, “To the moon and back.” One can get it done to extend his or her feelings of love and affection for anyone who means so much.

21. Name Arabic Tattoos

Name Arabic Tattoo

Names inked in Arabic is highly prevalent since ages. One can get his/her or somebody else’s name tattooed in the Arabic language. The name in the above picture reads, “Rebecca.”

22. Arabic Calligraphy Tattoo

Arabic Calligraphy Tattoo

The above tattoo symbolizes random calligraphy done in the Arabic language.

23. Greatness To God Tattoo

Greatness To God Tattoo

The Arabic line, which reads “for our God is a consuming fire” has been engraved with a flame motif, thereby presenting a saintly-spiritual Arabic tattoo design.

24. Enticing Piece

Enticing Piece

This is basically a Tibetan prayer flag. The lettering inside the embroidered mirror has an ornamental display.

25. Arabic Verses

Arabic Verses

One can also wear verses on the body as shown in the picture above, especially who’s a tattoo freak or loves Arabic scripting by heart.

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