25 Amazing Japanese Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Japanese tattoos have a convention that has been followed for quite a great time with many non-Japanese embracing the Japanese tattoo culture. According to the Japanese, each tattoo worn has its relevance and resolve and is often scrutinized as a tactic to make evident one’s societal status. The thing about Japanese Tattoos is they are both illicitly clandestine and accessible which is precisely what makes them so mesmerizing. Due to the edge of their rich culture, history, and innuendo to meanings behind images, Japanese Tattooing was all about artistic stuff. Machines hopped in quite late to the Japanese Tattoo and scene. Also, we are well versed with the fact that Japanese swallow in detailed and high-quality work that takes a great deal of patience and commitment in whatever they do, their entire heritage and work ethic exhibits that. Here is a list of 25 amazing Japanese tattoos with their meanings attached. And then, you can crave of getting a one as your body ink.

Japanese Tattoo

1. Symbol Of Protection

Symbol Of Protection Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are night and day like they mean different things to different people. Some wear them as a sign of preservation from glamour and charisma plus a badge of fidelity.The Japanese tattoo design below can be witnessed as a token of protection of the body from any infliction or aggression. The tattoo is quite all-purpose, embracing the gross body making it look quite charming with the vibrant colors thereby blending it pretty beautifully.

2. Full of Images, Art Tattoo

Art Tattoo

Usually, a number of images are used in the Japanese tattoo designs. The images repeatedly traject a person’s personal conviction, character oddity or future ambitions. The image used in the tattoo design above is quite dashing and terrific at the same time. The design comprises a blend of various themes and gimmicks making the entire Japanese tattoo a full proof work of art.

3. Flowing Tattoos

Flowing Tattoo

Japanese tattoo designs preoccupy multiple characteristics and are widely famous for their harmonious artistic styles. The consonance is done in a way that flows so well even if transmitted to other parts of the body. The Japanese tattoo design above is such an artistic design with flowing composition. The owl used as a symbol in the tattoo would be recognized to mean the wearer identifies with the high-powered characters of the owl. Also, just like other animal tattoos, the owl tattoo has a well-heeled symbolic value. The owl is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and transition. Also, it was considered as the guardian of sacred knowledge.

4. Womaniya Tattoos

Womaniya Tattoo

The above Japanese tattoo is almost ideal for a young and attractive woman to wear it on the back of her body. We can see a mermaid kind of a theme adorned with an interfusion of vibrant hues and mosaic all around. We cannot be sure of what exactly this tattoo means, but it shows a flowing composition of beautiful art done by taking care of minute details even. Mermaids, otherwise are symbolic of magic spell and witchery along with unrivaled beauty, grade, lust and never-ending charisma.

5. Japanese Dragon Motif

Japanese Dragon Motif Tattoo

Japanese tattoo designs are irresistible and fascinating, so much so, that you can’t get yourself keep away once addicted. The tattoo in the above picture is a Japanese dragon blended perfectly with kanji design. Dragons are one of the most mythological and prized creatures in Asian culture. Whether as a traditional Chinese Dragon or a Jade Dragon tattoo, these designs often symbolize Wisdom, Will Power, Strength, Power, Longevity, Prosperity, and Good Fortune.

6. Tree Tattoo

Tree Tattoo

The Japanese tattoo design above is solitary, unexampled and truly one of its kind. The ink of a tree with the mesmerizing vegetation and the clouds is a perfect work of natural art. The tattoo looks fairly well on the back where it is worn provided it’s huge and needs a vividly giant space where all the features can be minutely seen. One can make out from this tattoo that a person is a nature lover and admires creativity at its best.

7. Dress Tattoos

Dress Tattoo

The Japanese tattoo design above looks more sensational and the person might bark up the wrong tree by mistaking it for wearing a blouse instead. The colors used brew so well with the tone of one’s body. Such tattoos give a look as if a person is wearing an apparel.

8. Jomon Tattoos

Jomon Tattoo

Tattoos in Japan can be imprinted to the Jomon period. The word Jomon literally means the design of the rope. And many pots with designs of this kind were found from this era.

9. Strength Tattoo

Strength Tattoo

The Japanese tattoo above is undoubtedly a symbol of vigor and vitality like that of a dragon. The perfect utility of green color has brought into existence some element of unexampled uniqueness. The artwork stands out as the best with the entire flow of the design making the Japanese tattoo above solely smashing.

10. Koi

Koi Tattoo

Koi has been world famous tattoo since the time immemorial. Carp or Koi are colorful jewels like, auspicious and brave. Raised exclusively for its visual appeal, this carp becomes both a living piece of art and piece of jewelry that breathes. By getting a Koi tattoo on your body, you get to have this magnificent artwork that has come about by intermingling of nature and man on your body. Plus there is the question of picking an exquisite design – you always cannot get enough of it!

11. Kanji Tattoos

Kanji Tattoo

Kanjis are lettering used to write in Japanese. This is a very transparent explanation for the word Kanji. Kanji is a blend of both aesthetic and mystique. Entwined with flowers leaves and petals it can make for an amazingly glorious tattoo design, especially when done by hand with the profound shading which is part of the Japanese way of tattooing.

12. Wave Tattoo

Wave Tattoo

The Japanese folks have long been affiliated with the tremendous tidal waves. Tides are mostly related with absolute power and destruction. Wearing a wave tattoo shows the strength of nature and will also act as a frame for one’s strength and willpower to stay uprooted, breathe, make a comeback and grow enormously.

13. Japanese Peony

Japanese Peony Tattoo

The symbol of a peony in the Japanese tattoo in the above picture is a sign of stocks and bonds, sophistication and prosperity. The rose flower without thorns is understood as the king of flowers and usually a sign of strong character.

14. Fu Dog Tattoo

Fu Dog Tattoo

The Fu Dog Japanese tattoo holds a very significant meaning. It is a symbol of courage, audacity, and protection. Even the scary animal tattoos have varied purposeful meanings.

15. Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo

The snake or Hebi is a very mainstream Japanese ink design. It can be taken as an incomprehensible recognition that is suggestive of a large scale of hypothesis which includes safety against bad luck, bad health, and disaster. Additionally, the universal symbol for medicine and invigorating is snakes and daggers. The snakes and daggers represent Asclepius, which is the Greek god of healing and medicine. Universally, snakes are considered as the symbols of paganism, fertility, and rebirth.

16. Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoo

Most Japanese flower tattoos are blended in shades of gray to give a unique look. Flower tattoos stand for love and good vibes.

17. Religious Tattoos

Religious Tattoo

Every culture has some illusions and views that antagonistically interpret them with multiple characteristics and themes that analyze with such facts. The Japanese have a pretty well-off cultural belief with Japanese tattoos being the best way of personalizing the cultural practices and allocating them with other cultures. Above is an example of God-fearing folks’ inks.

18. Beauty Girl Tattoo

Beauty Girl Tattoo

The Japanese tattoo design above beholds just as magnificent as the wearer. The characteristics and colors used got brewed so well and can be witnessed as an epitome of protection or beauty as the girl symbol on the tattoo design are out of this world in terms of defining beauty.

19. Good Luck Tattoo

Good Luck Tattoo

The tattoo below is a good fortune tattoo. It drives away the evil spirits and immunity from misfortunes.

20. Courage Tattoo

Courage Tattoo

The Japanese tattoo above is an absolute unification of all the features used in Japanese tattoo designs. The tattoo can be well interpreted to mean courage, heroism, strength, and protection. Having all the features well-crafted on your back is a sign of maximum protection like having your back covered.

21. Women Faces

Women Faces Tattoo

It is a very common tattoo in Japanese culture. It can mean that either you are fond of women or you are trying to extend gratitude and respect to them. Also, it can be referred to mean beauty, elegance, charm, and magic.

22. Samurai Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo

Samurai tattoos depict traits and attributes of the Samurai. It often symbolizes strength, courage, and spirit to do something good in life.

23. Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo

The Phoenix bird is usually inked with a long flowing tail and vividly-lustrous colors, bright, plumage, in which red is always the most prominent. The Phoenix is related with the fire element and is usually paired in opposition with the dragon due to their opposing elemental natures that is, fire and water.

24. Turtle Tattoo

Turtle Tattoo

The turtle is a symbol for acumen, safekeeping, victory, and longevity. In traditional Japanese artwork, including tattoos, turtles are often shown with a long train of seaweed or algae that takes on the appearance of a tail. And these turtles are known as minogame. For they are good fortuned and saint enough to be so long-lived they have grown this tail of seaweed. Turtles, or minogame, are less seen in traditional tattoos. They are usually depicted in water and the other times with other water-related creatures.

25. Oni Mask

Oni Mask Tattoo

Oni is actually ogres or demons that administer spine-tingling punishment to the wicked or guilty. They are tall and scary, usually viewed with red or blue skin, wild white hair, and tusks. They wield massive, spiked clubs, can replicate form at will, inflict disease, insanity, and death as they find fine, and are intellectual and extremely nasty. Their favorite food is human flesh.

Thus, the oni mask tattoo shows the necessitation of behavior codes or the doling out of punishment. Oni is known to scare villages, cause societal harm, and are considered reincarnations of particularly wicked and evil people, which matches perfectly well with the yakuza lifestyle.

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