15 Amazing Bougainvillea Tattoos Designs with Meanings and Ideas

Flowers add beauty to nature. They are not just pleasing to the eyes but also give a true meaning to our lives. One such type of flower is the Bougainvillea flower. Bougainvillea flowers also known as paper flowers are colourful paper-like bracts surrounded by tiny white flowers. It is mostly found in regions with warm climates such as South America, Western Peru, Southern Argentina, etc. They come under the family NyctaginaceaeThere are around 300 varieties of species around the world. They are sun-tolerant and have many medicinal uses. They generally grow 1 to 12 meters tall with their main feature being evergreen and deciduous. Its leaves are alternate, simple-ovate-acuminate 4–13 cm long and 2–6 cm broad. Bougainvillea flowers are popular among gardens where they add great diversity to any flowery arrangement. It can be grown along fence lines, walls, containers, and hanging baskets.

Its history date back to the 18th century when it was first discovered by a Botanist named Philibert Commerçon in Rio de Janeiro. He named it after a French Navy Admiral whose name was Louis Antoine de Bougainville. These two were on a voyage of circumnavigation of the earth. However, this flower was first observed by his lover and assistant Jeanne Baret.

Bougainvillia Flower

Meaning of Bougainvillea Tattoos

Bougainvillea is been chosen as the symbol in a number of countries. It is the official flower of several counties in Taiwan and Malaysia. In the United States, it is the symbol of three California cities: Camarillo, Laguna Niguel, and San Clemente. In all, Bougainvillea symbolizes welcome, passion, peace, and beauty.


In Hawaii, Bougainvillea is called “pua kepalo” which means a devil flower. In spite of its devilish name, Bougainvillea is widely used to make floral garlands to welcome visitors and celebrate happy occasions. Likewise, in many regions, welcoming people is symbolized a heart whelming nature and friendliness.


It is a deep feeling to accomplish something or an intense enthusiasm to achieve the desired result. Passion can be an attraction, excitement, or emotion towards a person. A Bougainvillea flower tattoo depicts the attachment of a tattooed person with his/her lover or parents. It can be his/her desire for a particular goal.


Peace is an absence of violence and hostility in presence of social friendship and harmony. Bougainvillea tattoo signifies social harmony among individuals. The owner of this tattoo has satisfaction in his mind and does not want any conflicts around society.


 A Beauty is a feature of an object such as shape, form, or color that is pleasurable to aesthetic senses especially the sight. Its definition changes from place to place. In the Kayan tribe, beauty is believed to be a long giraffe-type neck. So, people start to prime their necks from age five with heavy brass rings. While, in some parts of the world, beauty is pale or white skin. A person with his tattoo has either a beautiful physique or a beautiful face. Bougainvillea flowers tattoo denotes the attachment of that person with beautiful things.

Meaning of Bougainvillea Tattoo Colors


The violet colour represents glamour and loveliness. It can also symbolize sovereignty, spiritual passion, subconscious, awareness, profuseness, and inspiration. The person with his colour tattoo brings meaning to life. There are two shades of violet. One is a lighter shade and another one is a darker shade. While women prefer a lighter shade, men prefer a darker shade.


Yellow color denotes sun. As the sun is yellow in colour which radiates creativity, positivity, intellect, and clarity, similarly, a tattoo in a form of yellow colour symbolizes positive mindset, intellect, protection against evil, and clarity in thoughts. It is also said that the person with the yellow tattoo has a clear vision towards his/her goal and is confident in what he/she needs to achieve.


The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about pink is the little girls, brightly coloured bubble gum, and cotton candy. Pink denotes femininity, tenderness, sensitivity, and romance. It is considered instinctively cute, sweet, and charming. It also symbolizes first love, innocence, and healing.


Purple is known as an exciting colour with the distinctive feature of both warm and cold colours. As the purple dye is expensive, the person with his coloured tattoos tends to be from a rich background. It symbolizes royalty and affluence. it is also connected with religion and spirituality. It holds a special meaning in Catholicism, Judaism, and Buddhism.

Where Should you get Bougainvillea Tattoo Designs?

For Women

  • Wrist
  • Ribs
  • Arms
  • Ankle
  • Left Abdomen

For Men

  • Biceps
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Forearms

List of Bougainvillea Tattoo designs and Meanings

  • Muscular and Black Leopard Bougainvillea Tattoo design on a leg

Leopard Bougainvillea Tattoo

Leopards are considered the fastest animal on earth. Getting a leopard Tattoo on your leg denotes your ability to go a long way in a journey of life. It signifies endurance and a muscular physique combined with the ability to fight against all odds with a strong mindset. Adding a leopard with your Bougainvillea design is indeed an amazing concept in your everlasting artwork.

  • Melodramatic Japanese Doll Bougainvillea Design on Biceps

Japanese Doll Bougainvillea Tattoo

Japanese people are hard-working and polite in nature. As Japanese people work day and night to accomplish their goals, similarly, this Bougainvillea Tattoo with a Japanese doll symbolizes the hard-working nature of a person. The first thing that people notice about Japanese people is their polite behavior towards everyone irrespective of their caste and nationality. Their best way to greet other people is by bow which is way more polite than a handshake. This tattoo denotes the sense of politeness in the person’s behaviour.

  • luscious and perfect Potato Bougainvillea Tattoo on a Wrist

Potato Flower Bougainvillea Tattoo

Potatoes are known to be rich and pleasant in taste. They are of several types which vary from region to region. Having a Tattoo of such type on your wrist is itself signifies your taste in various activities such as music and food. It shows that you have good and pleasant choices of everything. As potato is pure by nature, similarly, the person with this tattoo on his wrist indicates your good deeds in the past.

  • Gentle and Colossal Blue Whale Bougainvillea Tattoo

Blue Whale Bougainvillea Tattoo

This Blue Whale Bougainvillea flower tattoo inked on the biceps connotes the person’s gentle nature. Blue Whales usually swim in pairs or alone yet are thought to form close attachments with other animals. Similarly, the person having this tattoo symbolizes that the person is intelligent and doesn’t depend on others for his/her need. Also, they have a friendly nature and can easily bond with other people.

  • Unstoppable solid Rocket Bougainvillea Tattoo on the arm

Rocket Bougainvillea Tattoo

A rocket bougainvillea Tattoo on the arm is an amazing concept. It always seems to symbolize and give out unique vibes. It denotes that the person is progressive, adventurous, spiritual, and possesses a good sense of humour. Just like a rocket prepares itself to launch, the same way the person with this tattoo is ready to start its journey.

  • Bougainvillea Tattoo with butterfly in the center on the chest

Bougainvillea Tattoo with butterfly in the centre

This tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos around. As butterfly goes through a process known as metamorphosis and undergoes a transformation from a caterpillar into a butterfly after breaking out of its cocoon. Same way, it is associated with trauma and emotional moments in their lives. Its symbolic meaning differs from culture to culture. In China, it is associated with the true love of Romeo and Juliet of the concept of unrequited young love that is the main theme of the tale. Therefore, a butterfly tattoo denotes a romantic meaning. In Japan, butterfly tattoo is associated with marriage and weddings. It also symbolizes freedom. confidence, and femininity. 

  • Little bird bougainvillea Tattoo on the ribs

Little bird bougainvillea Tattoo


Little bird Bougainvillea Tattoo on the rib inspires the person with Tattoo to achieve the impossible in his/her daily life. As small birds are free is something we all want to experience. They denote philosophical and spiritual content. It symbolizes peace, love, elegance, and beauty.

  • Holistic Yellow Primrose Bougainvillea Tattoo on the shoulder

Yellow Primrose Bougainvillea Tattoo

Yellow Primrose Bougainvillea Tattoo on the shoulder symbolizes feminism. It also has a connection with youth and longevity. The person with this Tattoo stands for all of the various stages of life, including birth, life itself, consummation, and of course, death. It is a unique symbol that says that the person with this tattoo cannot live without something or someone. It embodies ideas of love.

  • Squirrel Knight Bougainvillea Tattoo on the arm

Squirrel Knight Bougainvillea Tattoo

Squirrels are animals that symbolize liveliness. Besides this it also denotes playfulness. Anyone who has lost their playful side with age can go for this amazing Squirrel Knight Bougainvillea Tattoo. It is a great tattoo for people who have made mistakes in their past and want to be cautious in the future. As squirrels are the animals that use their time to roam around freely during the days, the same way, the person with this tattoo loves travelling and is more seen outside rather than sitting at home.

  • Quetzal Bird Bougainvillea Tattoo on the elbow

Quetzal Bird Bougainvillea Tattoo

If you are looking for the Bougainvillea Tattoo with any bird then this is the one. Guatemala, a country has named it their national bird. It has a unique design with vibrant colors and long plumage. It symbolizes freedom and liberty. It shows that the person with this tattoo hasn’t confined himself/herself physically and mentally. Society wants to follow the leader and go by the rules. However, the owner of this Tattoo is a person who can’t be held down and value his/her liberty. Another reason, the person can have this tattoo is because he/she is a fan of beautiful things.

  • Discus fish Bougainvillea Tattoo on Biceps

Discus fish Bougainvillea Tattoo

This type of Bougainvillea tattoo is ideal for people who are outgoing and extroverted. Discus fish are the types of fishes who are social by nature and always swims in a group. The person with this tattoo tends to have more friends and loves to travel in groups.

  • Eternal Expression Bougainvillea Tattoo

Eternal Expression Bougainvillea Tattoo

This amazing hand holding a Bougainvillea flower tattoo is a symbol of true love and emotions within a person. The owner of this tattoo is emotional by nature and loves to be around someone to whom he/she can share her thoughts. He/she is calm by nature. This tattoo is simple yet complex with a deep meaning that inhibits the true nature of its owner.

  • Egyptian fruit bat with jasmine and bougainvillea tattoo on the shoulder blade

Egyptian fruit bat with jasmine and bougainvillea tattoo

The main symbol of such types of tattoos is intuition, vision, and dreams. Creatures that sleep in the caves and rise out in the night also speak rebirth. There are more meanings of this Egyptian fruit bat tattoo which include facing your inner demons, illusion, happiness, darkness & death, and communication.

  • Blackberry Bougainvillea Tattoo

Blackberry Bougainvillea Tattoo

Blackberry fruits themselves have multiple meanings across religious, ethnic, and mythological realms. In Christian art, it is used to symbolize spiritual neglect or ignorance. In actual mean, the Blackberry Bougainvillea tattoo is believed to hold the seeds of life like other fruit tattoos.

  • Subtly Inhumane Skull and Bougainvillea Design Tattoo on the Biceps

Skull and Bougainvillea design Tattoo

This Tattoo is a symbol of death and mortality. In a true sense, it means that the owner of this tattoo is optimistic in his/her approach like overcoming obstacles and protecting oneself. Death does not scare them. It also denotes that death is inevitable. That is why we should live our lives to the absolute fullest. In different nations, it has various meanings. Like in Japan, Skull Bougainvillea Tattoo is all about being alive and ready to fight when needed. Likewise, in most nations, this tattoo symbolizes the afterlife after death.

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