Travis Scott’s 39 Tattoos & Their Meanings

American Rapper, Jacques Webster, aka Travis Scott, started playing instruments when he was merely three years old. From his humble beginning to a high rise of stardom, he is one of the most talented artists of this era. Along with his affection and dedication to music, Travis Scott also shares a passion for tattoos, so let’s take a look at his inscriptions.

Travis Scott-


1. Monkey with Headphones on Left Shoulder

monkey with headphones-Travis scott tattoos

Tattoo: Monkey with Headphones attached to Celtic Cross

Meaning: Travis Scott has a monkey tattoo inked on his left shoulder. The tattoo depicts the monkey is listening to Celtic Cross through headphones.

2. Full Moon above bat on Left Upper Arm.

full moon tattoo-travis scott

3. Lips on Right Upper Arm

Lip tattoo-travis compressed

4. Anchor near his Left Ear

anchor-travis scott tattoos

5. Tiger on his Neck

tiger-travis scott tattoo

6. Pow on Right Arm

POW -travis scott tattoos

7. “Lion with Wings” on Right Side of Waist

Lion with wings-travis scott tattoo


8. “Butterfly” on his Left Ankle

Travis scott Butterfly tattoo

Tattoo: A tiny Butterfly

Meaning: Traviss has inked a tiny butterfly on his left ankle. he had this matching tattoo with his wife, Kylie Jenner. It appears the symbolic butterfly is most likely a nod to Travis’ song “Butterfly Effect,” which, of course, fans speculate is about Kylie. Tattoo Artist, JonBoy inked this tattoo.

9. Tribal Design Lines on the Skull

tribal design on head-travis scott

Tattoo: Tribal Design

Meaning: Travis has a large tattoo inked on his Skull, on the left temporal region. This tattoo is inked by the celebrity tattoo artist, Scott Campbell. According to his Instagram account, he specifically captioned the pic as, “Tour-ready,” as this tattoo was inked before the starting of his Astroworld Tour. Neither Scott nor Campbell have commented about the meaning behind this ink.

10. “Nature Landscape” in a circle on his Left Hand

Portland tattoo-travis scott

Tattoo: Scenery of Portland

Meaning: Tavis has got a nature scenery tattoo which looks like hills inside a compass, on the back of his hand. It is the scenic view of his favorite place in Portland in the United States. In his Instagram account, he posted the picture of his tattoo and wrote:

I was once asked my fav place in America to find peace. Portland is the answer. Took a trip and found happynes.”

11. “Flying Bird” between his Chest

flying bird-travis scott tattoo

12. Woman Screaming to Broken Heart on his Right Shoulder

screaming women-travis scott tattoo

13. “Cross” on his Neck

celtic cross on neck-travis scott tattoo

14. “PUKE” on his Neck

Travis Scott puke tattoo

15. “Small Tree” on his Right Upper Arm

tree tattoo-travis scott

16. “Bee” on his Neck

bee tattoo-travis scott tattoo


17. Alphabet “L” below his Right Ear

Travis scott L tattoo

18. Face of a Lady on his Right Hand

Face of a aldy-travis scott tattoo

19. “Mercy” on his Right Wrist

Mercy-travis scott tattoo

20. Three Emojis on his Right Forearm

Emoji Tattoos-travis scott

Tattoo: Sad, Smiling and one more Emojis

Meaning: Travis has inked his right Forearm with sad, smiling and one more emojis.

21. Broken Head on Right Forearm

Travis scott-broken head tattoo

22. Cartoonish Face on his Left Forearm

cartoonish face -travis scott

23. An animal with an apple in its mouth on his Left Forearm

animal with apple-travis scott

24. “Smile Mood” and three Cactus Plants on his Left Elbow

Travis Scott smile mood and cactus tattoo


25. “ART” with a Microphone on his Lower Waist

art with microphone-travis scott tattoo

26. “Free” Below his Left Eye

free tattoo-travis scott

27. Crying Face on the Back of his Neck

Crying face-travis scott tattoos

28. “Upside Down Cross” on the back of his Neck

upside down celtic cross-travis scott tattoos

29. Braid like Design on his Left Thumb

Braid like design-travis scott tattoos

30. Alphabets on his Knuckles

Alphabets on his knuckles-Travis scott tattoos

31. Undefined Design on his Left Forearm

Undefined design on left arm-travis scott

32. “Cactus Jack” Tattoo behind his Right Ear

cactus jack-travis scott tattoo

Tattoo: Cactus Jack

Meaning: Scott has inscribed Cactus Jack tattoo behind his right ear. Cactus Jack, is the name of the shoe, he released with the brand, Air Jordan in June 2018 and is set to release more series of this shoe in the upcoming years.

33. Eagle on the back of his neck 

eagle like tattoo-travis scott

34. “Antler-like Design” on his Left Forearm

antler like tattoo-travis scott tattoo

35. Writing on his left Forearm

writing on his Forearm-travis scott tattoos

36. Cube with a circle on his Left Forearm

cube with circle-travis scott tattoo

37. “713” on his Left Forearm

w3 tattoo-travis scott

38. Compass-like Design on his Left Wrist

Travis Scott Compass like design tattoo

39. Rose on his Right Forearm

Rose-travis scott tattoos-


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