Christina Aguilera’s Piercings

The beautiful Christina Maria Aguilera is often known as Christina Aguilera. A cultivated entertainer, this lady is yet too young in spite of always working throughout her life. She has been a complete basket, not just a successful woman with her name in limelight in the music industry, but a responsible mother and a committed wife too. She is a proven multi-lady. Her past says all of it. She is an Irish, Ecuadorian, German, French and Dutch. Being a pop icon and a fashionista, she is on her way to becoming a legend in the world of music. She claims she has been singing professionally since she was a naive, a child. Let us have a look about this gorgeous lady’s body piercings.


Christina Aguilera, the famous singer rocked piercings in her nipples, vagina, ears, and tongue during the “Dirrty” years, but she took them all out gradually and kept only one. She says back in 2004, “I’m rebelling against myself,” And later elaborated, “I’ve taken out all of my piercings apart from one in my right nipple. That’s for me. I had piercings when I was down. There’s a comfort to me in pain.” Please find below few pictures of the same.

Christina-Augilera-Piercings (1)


Christina-Augilera-Piercings (2)

Christina-Augilera-Piercings (3)

Christina-Augilera-Piercings (4)

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