Maluma’s 24 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Reggaeton singer and a songwriter, Juan Luis Londono Arias, popularly known by his stage name, Maluma is one of the sexiest singers from Columbia. He began his career in 2010 and got fame after the release of his first album, Magia, in 2012. He was also nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist and won “Best Radio Song” at the 2013 Shock Awards for his single, “La Temperatura.” He started getting inked when he was merely 14 years of age. His all inks are dedicated to his family and his life. Let’s check the meanings behind his inscriptions.


1. “Maluma” on his Left Lower Leg

maluma tattoo

Tattoo: “Maluma”

Meaning: Maluma got the first tattoo of his stage name, Maluma inked on his leg when he was 14 years of age. This name is the tribute to his family. He took the first two letters of his mom, dad and sister’s names; Margie, Louis, and Manuela and created the name “MALUMA.” In an interview, he said that his mom was pretty mad at him for getting such a big ink on his leg, but after knowing the meaning behind this tattoo, she was okay with it.

2. “Magia” on his Left Forearm

Magia- Maluma tattoo

Tattoo: “Magia”

Meaning: Maluma has tattooed the name of his first album, Magia, on his left forearm. This tattoo was inked by one of his friends, Sara, in Bogota. He also posted on Instagram with a caption, “#Magia August 7 GREAT LAUNCH .. !! 💿📀”

3. “Four Elephants” on his Right Forearm

elephant with shadows-maluma tattoosElephants-maluma tattoo

Tattoo: Four Elephants

Meaning: Maluma has got his right forearm inked with a family of elephants which represents his family. This tattoo was inked by the tattoo artist, from Miami, Stefano Alcantara. He said, “I want to remind them that even if my parents are divorced, we have to keep together.” This tattoo was inked after the release of his song, “Felices los 4,” which means the four of us are very happy. There is a reflection of his family in the water underneath the elephants.

5. “Buddha” on his Left Forearm

Budha -maluma tattoo

Tattoo: Face of Lord Buddha

Meaning: Maluma got the face of Buddha inked on his left forearm. It was his first big tattoo. In an interview, Maluma said he loves Buddha because of his teachings. He says,

I’m Catholic, but I love taking the best thing of every religion.”

6. “Horse” on his Right Elbow

Horse-MALUMA tattoo

Tattoo: A Horse- “Hercules”

Meaning: Maluma has got the tattoo of a horse inked on his right elbow. This tattoo represents his first pet horse, named, Hercules. Stefano Alcantara has inked this tattoo.

7. “Owl” on his Left Shoulder

Owl-MALUMA tattoos

Tattoo: An Owl

Meaning: Maluma has got another massive piece on his left shoulder. It is an Owl or Buhu in Spanish, which, represents Wisdom and Protection. In an interview, Maluma said,

It is an important tattoo for me and spiritual as well, as it protects me and my family from bad vibes and bad energies in the world and helps to control them.”

8. “Lion” on his Left Side of Chest

lion-maluma tattoo

Tattoo: Lion

Meaning: Maluma has got a giant tattoo of a lion on his left side of the chest. This tattoo is inked by the tattoo artist, Cesar Leonardo Gomez, in November 2015. Maluma said that this is the most beautiful tattoo he has and it was a bit painful getting inked at the chest area. In his Instagram post, he wrote,

Un obra de arte más adherida a mi cuerpo, como siempre gracias a @Cesar por impecable trabajo… El León es sinónimo de liderazgo, fuerza y sabiduría.. habilidades claves para esta nueva etapa de mi vida.”,

which means, “A work of art more attached to my body, as always thanks to Cesar for impeccable work … The Lion is synonymous with leadership, strength, and wisdom … key skills for this new stage of my life.”

9. “Shrine” on his Left Elbow

Japanese house-Maluma tattoos

Tattoo: Shrine-Japanese Temple

Meaning: Maluma got a tattoo of a Japanese temple on his left elbow. Maluma said that it is like his sanctuary and it feels like his home. There are flowers and wind added around this tattoo.

10. “Flying Bird” on his Left Hand

Flying bird-Maluma tattoo

11. “Dove” on his Neck


Tattoo: Flying Dove

Meaning: Maluma has got a tattoo of a flying dove on the right side of his neck. He got this tattoo while flying 43000ft in the air in his private plane to Miami. This tattoo was again inked by the tattoo artist, Stefano Alcantara. In an interview with the artist, when he was asked about the tat, he said,

The dove means peace. The first idea that he wanted was for it to represent peace, but it was also flying so it was a coincidence that we did it in the air. We were talking about it while we were tattooing that the sky’s the limit, which has a deeper meaning in his career. It was a great moment to get that tattoo.”

12. “Pies en la tierra” on his Feet

maluma feet tattoo

Tattoo: “Pies en la tierra”

Meaning: Maluma has got a Spanish phrase, “Pies en la tierra” inked on his feet which means “Feet on the Ground.” In his Instagram post, he wrote,

PIES EN LA TIERRA, No te olvides de quién eres y de cómo empezó la historia.”

which means, “FEET ON EARTH, Do not forget who you are and how the story began.”

13. “Rose” on his Right Upper Arm


Tattoo: Rose

Meaning: Maluma got a big rose on the back of his right upper arm. This tattoo signifies respect for women.

14. “Guardian Angel” on his Right Elbow


Tattoo: “Guardian Angel”

Meaning: Maluma has got ink of a guardian angel on the back of his right elbow. This tattoo was again inked by his favorite tattoo artist, Stefano Alcantara. In an interview, Maluma said,

Behind every successful man there is always an incredible woman. That’s why I got this girl holding my back which could be his mother or his girlfriend or his grandmother.”

15. “Compass” on his Left Upper Arm

Compass maluma Tattoo

Tattoo: Compass

Meaning: Maluma has got a tattoo of a compass on the inner side of the left upper arm. It represents that everyone should be oriented in their lives.

16. “Crown” Behind his Left Ear

crown-maluma tattoo

Tattoo: Crown

Meaning: Maluma has got a tattoo of crown behind his left ear. In his Instagram post, he posted his picture with a caption,

 Esta corona es el agradecimiento Hacia las personas que con su lealtad acompañan mi Carrera y mis pasos”

which means, “this crown is the gratitude towards the people who accompany my career and my steps with their loyalty.”

17. “Lotus Flowers” on his Left Forearm

lotus flower-Maluma tattoo

Tattoo: Lotus Flowers

Meaning: Maluma got lotus flowers inked on his left forearm. As only lotus flowers grow in the marsh, so this tattoo represents; a sign of struggle against difficulties and the importance of always fighting.

18. “Romeo” on his Back

Romeo-Maluma tattoo

Tattoo: “Romeo”

Meaning: Maluma has got the name, Romeo, inked on his back. Romeo is the name of one of his beloved cousins. On his Instagram account, he wrote, “REAL LOVE..!! Te Amo príncipe “ROMEO.”

19. “Apolo” on the back of his Neck

apolo-maluma tattoo

Tattoo: Apolo

Meaning: Above the Romeo, he has got the name of his other beloved cousin, Apolo.

20. “MMXV-IV-VI” on his Left Shoulder

roman date-maluma tattoo

Tattoo: Roman Numerals- MMXV-IV-VI

Meaning: Maluma got inked a date in Roman numerals on his left side of shoulder. It translates into 6-4-2015. The exact reason behind the date is not known. On his Instagram account, he wrote, “Dates that change your life.”

21. “MMVII-XII-XVI” on his Right Shoulder

roman numeral on right shoulder-maluma tattoo

Tattoo: Roman Numeral- MMVII-XII-XVI

Meaning: Maluma got inked with another Roman date at the right side of his shoulder. This Roman date translates into 16-12-2018.

22. “Date 25-3-18 and M.S.G. below it” on his Right Wrist

maluma right wrist tattoo

23. “Eagle” on his Left Shoulder

Eagle tattoo- Maluma tattoo

24. “Infinity Sign” on his Left Thumb

infinity sign-maluma tattoos

Tattoo: Infinity Sign

Meaning: Maluma has got the matching tattoo of the infinity sign on his left thumb with his girlfriend, Natalia Barulich. Natalia wrote on her Instagram post, “Always Together ❤✨

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