131 Vibrant Dandelion Tattoo Ideas with Meanings and Celebrities

Many women and men wear the dandelion tattoo, and anyone attracted to its design and meaning can obtain it as well. When compared to other flowers, such as the rose and lotus, dandelion is perceived as plain and ordinary. Despite its lack of simplicity or elegance, its unique geometric form compensates for these shortcomings. There is no restriction on where this tattoo can be tattooed on the body, but they tend to appear most on the shoulders.

In this article, we will explore the symbolism and designs associated with the dandelion plant. You will have an opportunity to view photographs in a variety of styles. Our goal with this article is to provide you with ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo project. Thus here are 131 vibrant dandelion tattoo designs that you can follow through!

Meaning Of Dandelion Tattoo Designs

This tattoo symbol has a positive meaning and is among the most popular tattoos. A variety of cultures have used the dandelion as a symbol over the years. Dandelions have also been featured in folklore and legends for centuries.

Dandelions differ from other flowers in their appearance. Dandelions are considered ordinary and plain when compared to showier blooms like the rose and lotus, but what the dandelion lacks in color and appearance, it compensates for with its unique geometry. Dandelions are irresistible to children for their distinctive appearance, and many of us have exhaled within a few feet of a dandelion sprig before, so we’re familiar with the joy of watching their seeds float through the air. The fluff they release when you blow on them makes you notice them, even though they are common weeds. It is for this reason that the dandelion is a symbol of youth and joy.

Dandelions are named after their jagged, toothlike leaves, which derive from the French “dent de lion,” meaning “lion’s tooth.” This healthy edible weed is used by many to treat a variety of minor ailments. Its Latin name is Taraxacum officinale, meaning “the official remedy for disorders.”. In the early 19th century, early settlers brought dandelions from Europe to America for medicinal purposes and food. It made sense because dandelions grow almost anywhere and are full of vitamins that we can’t get in winter. Native Americans ate the roots and leaves as if they were lettuce, and roasted the leaves for coffee-like drinking. The tonic derived from dandelion leaves has been used against illnesses for ages. As overlooked as dandelions themselves, these health benefits should not be overlooked. The brewer’s yeast in these products is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, they contain twice as much vitamin A per serving as most vitamin pills.

Symbolic of Life

Dandelions can be seen as a representation of life. Because of its exceptionally strong roots, it is nearly impossible to eradicate this unimpressive and unappealing weed. It is then transformed into a beautiful flower, fluffy, and white, that towers above the grass and weeds when it goes to seed. However, one strong wind will blow one day, and suddenly its beautiful geometry will no longer exist. You can use the dandelion tattoo to remind yourself to cherish every moment that you are blessed with. The lesson here is that life is both tenacious and delicate, and we only get one shot at making the most of it.

Dreams and Hopes

In addition, dandelion symbolizes hope and fulfillment of dreams. Since children blow on a dandelion’s fluff, they close their eyes and wish for happiness. Their eyes are reminded of all the things they have and all the things they will wish for when they see a dandelion head. Some of us are fortunate enough to have our dreams come true. When this happens, dandelion tattoos can be worn as a symbol of dream fulfillment.


The dandelions are associated with a wide range of superstitions and magical beliefs. Children who find one are told that the size of the stalk indicates how much they will grow in the next year; other children are told that you can use the dandelion to predict how long you will live when you will get married, and how many children you will have. Additionally, it is believed that the growth of dandelions in a bridal bouquet will bring the bridal couple good luck. A dandelion blowing in the wind loses all of its seedlings, which means it has been loved. For your wish to be fulfilled, you have to blow the dandelion and then all of its fluff will blow away.


An image connected to this meaning depicts the seedlings of the flower transforming into birds. This song is a testament to the notion that not all blows of life are bad; sometimes, they provide a great opportunity to free yourself from the emotional ties that bind you, to actually get on with your lives. As soon as the seedlings are released from their bonds, they follow the wind’s course and finally become their true selves free birds. For those of you who are drawn to this interpretation and feel like taking a risk, going out of your comfort zone, helping you find yourself, this option could be ideal.


When you see the bright yellow flowers dazzling like the sun in the fields of the suburbs, isn’t all this bringing back childhood memories? We all remember those simpler times when there were no complications or responsibilities to deal with; this was the time when we had all the time in the world to play, to chase butterflies, collect dandelions, and make tons of wishes, even if it meant catching the tooth fairy! There is no way to regain innocence back then. As a result, dandelion tattoos serve as a reminder of childhood memories, joy, and carefree days that are long gone.


Where all of us were born with innocence and were then subjected to experiences that destroyed it. Do you remember how a blowing dandelion would seem to be the ultimate means of communicating with the power of granting wishes? Our wishes are being sent to the universe by the seeds of this wishing flower as if they are being sent out to the universe to be granted. Aside from the design itself, this tattoo also has another aspect. A common belief among most people is that wishing and dreaming is an important part of living, and eventually, their wishes will come true.

Life’s Brevity

You see a yellow flower that is believed to represent the sun. The next day, you notice a white puff that looks like the moon, which, when blown, disperses its seeds in the surrounding like stars in the sky. It is linked by many as a reminder that life is short; one day you might be gone and tomorrow you might be here again. As you go about your daily life, appreciate every blessing you receive, and make sure that you live each moment in the best way you can. What has already occurred can’t be changed. You never know where tomorrow will lead you, but today is the day you have. Don’t just think about it, live it!

Letting Go

Some people believe the secret to happiness is not just good health, but a bad memory as well! Many of the complications that occur in life are caused by our unwillingness to let go of the past. People, things, feelings, memories, or things that have hurt us remain in our minds. Due to this, we do not experience spiritual freedom, but rather feel trapped by the negative aspects of life. It’s important for us to be reminded, to be inspired recollections for letting go of things that don’t serve our purposes, and starting something new and delightful. It is undoubtedly a dandelion that reminds us of these things.

Good Luck

In addition to bringing prosperity and luck, dandelion seeds are believed to bring good luck as well. Dandelions are also associated with a superstition: if you add one to your wedding bouquet, it will bring the newlyweds luck. In addition to this, legends and folklore illustrate many other benefits that come with this remarkable flower. People believe that rubbing these flowers on their bodies can bring luck by bringing appreciation and having your presence appreciated everywhere you go. An image of the yellow dandelion flower can also be associated with good luck when it comes to wealth.


According to superstition, this wishing plant also possesses magical powers. Furthermore, dandelion seeds are said to boost one’s psychic abilities as well as increase one’s wishes and desires. As for this flower, it is believed that it acts as a medium between the human and the spirit world. Some of us may consider this design to be spooky enough, but those who can see its other side shouldn’t hesitate to get themselves inked with it.

Christ’s Sacrifice

The dandelion symbolizes Jesus Christ’s love for mankind and his willingness to sacrifice himself for us. Jesus’ short life on earth, the radiance and simplicity he displayed, and the ability to make others experience joy, as well as his willingness to give up himself for the sake of others*, all these aspects remind us of our Savior, who died to save us, sinners, without hesitation. Theologically, this symbol holds a lot of significance because of these and many other aspects.

Ideas for Dandelion Tattoo Designs

The possibilities are a few when it comes to dandelions tattoo designs.

  • In most tattoo designs, the seed of the dandelion is depicted in the form of blowing seeds. Designing seeds in this way can take on different forms: sometimes the seeds turn into birds, hearts, and other symbols.
  • The ink used for dandelion tattoos is mostly solid black. However, the color would enhance their appearance considerably. It is not only possible to shade in the background, but you can also add the yellow flower. The colors I would suggest are pale blue, light pink, and purple. This color combination complements black ink well.
  • Dandelions can be made in a wide range of sizes and can be applied to any part of the body.
  • This article includes many different dandelion tattoo designs that you should take the time to browse through. Using this as an inspiration will assist you with your own design.

Blowing Dandelion Tattoo

There is probably no other tattoo design of dandelion that is more popular. In most cases, the meaning of this tattoo is very personal and not immediately apparent when you first glance at it. For some, it symbolizes good luck and granting wishes as it comes from an age-old superstition that if you blow on a dandelion while making a wish, your wish will come true. As a symbol of mindfulness and a reminder to live in the moment, some think of this design as a reminder to live in the moment.

Watercolor Dandelion Tattoo

The tattoo features bright colors, making it look more fluid and vibrant than ones done in black ink. They are perfect for those who want to get a delicate tattoo. Tattoo artists sometimes surround watercolor tattoos with black lines, giving the image more definition. This tattoo is often inked with the seeds outlined and the stem inked in black and colors in the background.

Dandelion Fluff Birds

Often referred to as the blowing dandelion tattoo, the birds (usually swallows) are blown away as the dandelions are blown. Tattoos with this design are usually a way for the wearer to display their imagination, creativity, and dreamily. Traditionally, the seeds are regarded as symbolic of dreams and hopes. Become birds and they can fly farther and accomplish far more than they would as seeds.

Blowing Dandelion With Quote

Symbolizing hope and the ability to overcome hardships and obstacles in life, the blowing dandelion is for some a source of inspiration. They often include meaningful quotes in their dandelion tattoo designs to emphasize and convey their message. Due to the delicate nature of the dandelion, the tattoo quote is often written in a light font to match and can be placed anywhere near the tattoo. They are sometimes attached to the stem of a flower.

Small Dandelion Tattoo

There is no need to include a lot of detail in dandelions tattoo designs since they are so easy to distinguish and have such a simple structure. Because of this, they’re ideal for simple, small tattoos, which only require a black outline. Small dandelion tattoos look great almost anywhere on the body, and if you don’t care about the seeds blowing away, the tattoo can still be placed on a small area of skin.

Blooming Dandelion Tattoo

During the bloom, dandelions are a symbol of joy, happiness, and peace. Most likely, their color has something to do with it. Yellow is often associated with joy or friendship. Blooming dandelion tattoos also depict overcoming difficulties, surviving times of difficulty, or undergoing the healing process. This meaning can be attributed to dandelions being extremely resilient flowers that spread readily and can survive on their own.

Wrist Dandelion Tattoos

The trend of tattooing dandelion tattoos on the wrists has become increasingly popular over the past decade. A single image spreads across both wrists, then the image is divided into two. On one wrist, there is a full dandelion tattoo, while on the other wrist there are a few seeds that have been painted to look as though they are blowing away.  The tattoos form a single, beautiful image when both wrists are held together, but they also look great when separated and still make sense since the seeds are symbolic of the full flower.

Single Seed Dandelion Tattoo

Consider adding a single dandelion seed to your tattoo if you are in the market for an extremely simple dandelion tattoo. It will serve to represent the same symbolism and meaning as a full dandelion tattoo, but it will be quite less obvious. The tiny size also makes it much easier to fit on the smallest space, like an ear or a finger.

Where Should You Get Dandelion Tattoo Design?

Dandelion tattoos should be positioned according to their size and orientation. Compared to what I mentioned before, a 12-inch tall dandelion blowing seeds on a 16-inch width is inherently only comfortable for your back or chest. In addition to adorning the wrist, foot, or shoulder with dandelions, the smaller dandelions also add grace and complementarily. Dandelions are among the least offensive designs, so there is no reason to conceal them under clothing unless your employer requires it.

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder blade
  • Behind the ear

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Dandelion Designs

  • Sweet Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

1 black and grey dandelion

This tattoo takes a realistic approach to these little flowers by incorporating the seeds blowing in the wind, which is another element common to these tattoos. Shades of black and grey are effectively used in the image and add a degree of depth that enhances the overall effect. This is a nice tattoo, however, there is a small inconsistency in the design: on the right-hand side, the stalk of the plant is not connected to the flower itself, which leaves a feeling of incompleteness. This can be easily corrected, nonetheless, and this tattoo remains a nice representation of the style.

  • Cute Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

2 tiny colored dandelion tattoo

Tattoos are usually considered to be very similar, but this piece is unusual for how it departs from the norm. In this design, simple, fine line work is maintained, but the creative piece is infused with dashes of color. Besides being red, this tattoo also features a small addition to the flower that looks like a piece of string tacked to one of the stems. It could be a symbol of remembrance or aide-mémoire, similar to the common practice of wrapping a string around a finger as a souvenir. The placement of this delicate piece on the inside wrist makes it a nice choice for a subtle, feminine style.

  • Little Dandelion Tattoo Design On Ankle

3 small dandelion tattoo with numbers

Dandelion tattoos for men like this one are great examples of cute and clever art. Compared with traditional tattoos, here’s a design that takes the feminine and delicate elements and flips them. The hopping dandelion man on this tattoo uses such cool details as the shadow beneath the figure and the seeds trailing behind to create a playful and engaging tattoo. It appears under the text that this is an existing design, with this addition potentially adding some significance for the wearer and completing this design concept.

  • Musical Dandelion Tattoo Design On Leg

4 musical dandelion tattoo

The following is another example of the creative use of dandelions that illustrates some of the more innovative tattoo designs. In this drawing, simple black lines are used, dotted with stippling to create seeds blowing in the wind. As a symbol of the wearer’s love for music, the musical notes on this tattoo add a unique element to set the piece apart from similar pieces. A somewhat chaotic aesthetic is created by the composition and technique, making it a genuinely interesting and well-executed piece.

  • Awesome Dandelion Tattoo Design On Leg

5 dandelion with lead tattoo

The charming little tattoo stands out in the field (bad pun) of dandelion tattoos for its great design and tight execution. This tattoo is almost abstract in its minimalist design, yet retains a dandelion’s essential characteristics, making it obvious that it is a dandelion. With its bold, negative space for the flower, as well as sleek black and grey shading, this simple tattoo catches the eye and makes it a one-of-a-kind design.

  • Amazing Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Back

6 dandelion bird tattoo

An excellent example of how these tattoos can be creatively interpreted. Black lines used on the stem provide a wonderful contrast to the fine, black, and grey lines used for the leaves and the seeds blowing in the wind. During the seed dispersal, birds join them to spread the seeds even further. In placement on the shoulder, flowing upwards to the neck, the tattoo utilizes the body’s natural lines beautifully, creating a well-conceived, dynamic tattoo.

  • Simple Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

7 arm sweet dandelion tattoo

The following example illustrates how simple these designs are. Here, dandelion tattoos are characterized by clean, uncomplicated lines that are characteristic of dandelion tattoos. With light shading used to depict the seeds, the tattoo conveys the delicate nature of these flowers. The placement of the tattoo on the inside arm permits the wearer to display their tattoo and keep an option to incorporate it into a larger piece later on.

  • Petite Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Back

8 tiny black dandelion tattoo

With a minimalist approach, this tattoo takes an already simple concept and makes it more interesting. Stems are created by a single line, while flowers and seeds are created with delicate hatching. Using negative space to express the gossamer nature of these delicate plants helps to convey a sense of the flower’s center. In addition to seeds blowing in the wind, the most impressive tattoos can convey the feeling of weightlessness as well. There are many examples of this style out there, and this is a good one.

  • Creative Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

9 lovely floral dandelion tattoo

In this tattoo, although dandelion is not the only flower, numerous flowers and plants are used to create a floral composition: poppies, ferns, dandelions, and bees work together to create a pleasing composition. As with most tattoos, these different species have special meanings for their wearers, and it is, therefore, safe to assume that each has its own particular significance for the wearer. This tattoo is a beautiful example of black linework and interesting placement—wrapping around the inner forearm. Above the image, the longitude and latitude coordinates provide added personal meaning to the piece.

  • Colorful Dandelion Tattoo Design On Foot

10 watercolor bird dandelion tattoo

Many dandelion tattoos include a simple black design, but what makes this art so beautiful is that the only limits are the imaginations of the artist and the client. It is possible to see how the watercolor style has been incorporated into this tattoo to create an eye-catching and fascinating design. Colors are used in an unconstrained way, exemplifying the watercolor aesthetic, whereas linework of dandelions lends some structure to the composition. Birds are incorporated into the style of the paint and placed in a natural flow from the foot up the leg, creating an interesting composition when viewed for this one-of-a-kind piece.

  • Imaginable Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Back

11 neck dandelion tattoo

This time we have the popular design element of dandelion and bird again. To achieve a more realistic appearance of the flower, this tattoo uses black and gray shading and white highlights to create contrast and make the details of the flower stand out. The placement of the flowers on the upper shoulder blade and extending up the back of the neck takes advantage of the body’s natural lines, while the shading on the outside of the flowers makes the design pop against the wearer’s pale skin tone.

  • Stylish Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

12 colorful dandelion bird tattoo

I love the watercolor style of this tattoo which is a dandelion design combined with a watercolor style. A more conservative application of color has been used to emphasize the dandelion without overpowering the overall effect. As an alternative to the wide swaths of bright color often used with the watercolor style, colorful accents are used here to create a more subtle look. Taking advantage of the natural lines of the body and creating a composition that utilizes the upper arm and shoulder helps create an interesting composition that utilizes the natural lines of the body.

  • Fantastic Dandelion Tattoo Design On Leg

13 dandelion wine moonshine leg tattoo

The tattoo we’ve seen today is another fantastic example of dandelions combined with elements of a different stylistic style than what we’ve seen other times. The illustration style used here draws from aspects of American Traditional tattoos such as the limited color palette and bold outline to create a unique piece. A simple and robust image of a bottle of dandelion wine with a field of grass and flowers really pops, even though it hasn’t been finished.  One of the best ways to incorporate dandelions into a design is with a unique and individualized tattoo.

  • Artistic Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

14 black flower wrist dandelion tattoo

By employing an illustrative style, this tattoo creates an appealing image that is simple and yet extremely effective. As for the seeds blowing in the wind, they are designed in such a way as to be more child-like and animated. The single line characteristic of the seeds contrasts well with the more realistic black and grey shading that is used on the leaves and stem of the flower. It’s really cool to have the stem cut at its bottom where it helps complete the tattoo and gives it a nice consistency that compliments it well.

  • Formative Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

15 arm fine line dandelion tattoo

Another piece was inspired by dandelions, this time using the flower as a jumping-off point for a more elaborate and interesting design. There are elements of the trash-polka tattoo style found in this design, like the collage-like composition and the realistic representation of the dandelion seeds. By combining simple geometric shapes with perfectly straight lines, the artist achieves a striking contrast that is not only beautiful to look at but also an indication of his skill and profound attention to detail. Unique and eye-catching, this piece is sure to attract attention.

  • Elegant Dandelion Tattoo Design On Wrist

Dandelion Tattoo

I really like these ebuatoful dandelion tattoo designs which look pretty awesome here. It is added with dot work patterns that look gorgeous!

  • Granular Dandelion Tattoo Design On Wrist

Dandelion Tattoo

The beautiful petals of the dandelion tattoo designs go upwards and look quite nice.

  • Slender Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

The back of the arm o near the elbow is a great place to make your dandelion tattoo designs.

  • Vivid Dandelion Tattoo Design Behind Ear

Dandelion Tattoo

The wearer here has made the dandelion tattoo designs on the back of the ear along with musical notes which look great.

  • Decorative Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

The colorful floral tattoo designs look quite nice.

  • Delightful Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

I really like the subtle deisgn which looks pretty nice here.

  • Incredible Dandelion Tattoo Design On Leg

Dandelion Tattoo

The amazing rainbow colors really steal the show in this dandelion tattoo design.

  • Marvelous Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

A common weed in North America, Europe, and other continents across the world, the Dandelion has become an invasive weed all over the globe. There is no discernible flavor difference between the leaves and flowers, although the flowers are somewhat less bitter than the leaves. A large number of rural people still make Dandelion wine from the flowers in the summertime. In addition to the compounds found in the root, the tea from the plant is supposed to relieve kidney and bladder troubles.

  • Distinct Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder 

Dandelion Tattoo

The Victorian language of flowers doesn’t even mention the Dandelion since it is such a common weed. Despite this, medieval peasants and contemporary spiritualists considered the plant a sacred symbol. The modern admirers of the statue view it as a symbol of overcoming challenges in life and emerging victorious on the other side. Other people use it to remind themselves of the sun’s power, especially when depression or grief makes it hard to keep going. The white puffball of seeds that the flowers form becomes a white puffball of seeds when you blow it out, which will grant you one wish. Many use it to remind them that they should use intelligence no matter what situation they find themselves in. In addition, most people agree that Dandelion flowers look so cheerful and happy, regardless of whether they are covering a sidewalk or shading a lawn.

  • Slenderical Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Make a beautiful bouquet of Dandelions and place them in an area where they can brighten up your room and instill a sense of optimism and positivity in you. As a living reminder to fight against hardships and to endure everything in life that is hard to deal with, you can look to them for inspiration. Don’t give up on yourself, be as humble and resourceful as a Dandelion, and the world will reward you as you deserve.

  • ‘It Is Well With My Soul’ Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Behind every flower lies a secret message and meaning. We can make a wish and hope for something better when we look at dandelions. Likewise, they are telling us not to give up and to persevere despite all of the hard times in our lives, just as this plant stands strong no matter what the weather is like. In fact, they are universal symbols of happiness and joy, and their bright yellow blooms simply bring joy and optimism into our lives.

  • Subtle Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

The bright color of dandelions reminds us of the strength and power of the sun, and their strong will is indicative of our ability to endure whatever challenges come our way. Whenever you feel down or depressed, try adding a splash of yellow to your day to add a bit of optimism to your day. In addition to their visually appealing appearance, dandelions have a pleasant smell, so you can take advantage of both aspects of their presence.

  • Joyous Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelions grow only during summer and spring, but they can be used dried as a remedy as well. Dandelions, while fresh, do not last very long, so picking them and keeping them in your house for a long period of time is not recommended. Dandelion flowers complement other brightly colored flowers, but you can also combine them with some neutral ones as well. Using them is an excellent idea for children’s birthday parties, for celebrating summer days, or when preparing for any happy event in your life.

  • Sweet Dandelion Tattoo Design On Chest

Dandelion Tattoo

Throughout North America and Europe, Dandelion can be found growing. This beautiful flower was introduced to the entire world as a result of the development of trade and commerce. In addition to the fact that Dandelions are capable of enduring difficult conditions without a problem, I mentioned earlier.

  • Tiny Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Growing in spring and lasting until the end of summer, they are a common sight. The plant can be found most places outside, so they are not often grown inside. Occasionally, dandelions flower can be eaten as an ingredient in salads, or incorporated into other dishes.

  • Miniature Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Flowers on the Dandelion can be eaten too, and they are slightly less bitter than the leaves. Occasionally, people still use dandelions to make Dandelion wine in rural areas. It is said that the root of the dandelion has many health benefits and has been used for treating bladder and kidney issues. Dandelion flowers, leaves, or roots can be made into tea and drunk to alleviate these symptoms.

  • Powdery Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

As a symbol of overcoming all the difficult times we face in life, Dandelion is regarded as a symbol of overcoming all our difficulties in life. An extraordinary and praise-worthy trait of this small flower is its endurance despite some challenging living conditions. This flower’s bright color reminds us of something joyful, so we often use dandelions to decorate our homes.

  • Cutesy Dandelion Tattoo Design On Body

Dandelion Tattoo

Symbolizing the sun and the recovery of emotion, dandelions are also found in nature. Being able to endure through everything and stand proudly at the end is the highest level of achievement in life. We must rise each day as the sun does, and for that, we can take inspiration from this small flower.

  • Rotating Dandelion Tattoo Design On Wrist

Dandelion Tattoo

The seeds of dandelions have been used for making wishes since ancient times. It is something I did as a child, and I am sure you have also done it. Picking a flower, blowing to make the seeds fly, and then making a wish is something I did as a child.

  • Bluish Dandelion Tattoo Design On Body

Dandelion Tattoo

It has already come true for some of those wishes, while others remain unfulfilled. Pick up a dried Dandelion next time you see one and blow off its seeds while you make a wish. You never know, the stars might join in and make your wish come true.

  • Perfect Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

There are no Dandelions in the Victorian language of flowers because they are weeds. They simply didn’t view it as a flower, even though it had both the appearance and beneficial characteristics that were beneficial to people. Even though royalty didn’t accept this plant, medieval peasants knew it was necessary to respect it, since it had such beauty and was in no way a weed.

  • Luscious Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Historically, peasants used this weed as a cure for a variety of ailments and even as a food source. This weed was discovered to have good taste early on, and its leaves are often used in salads and other dishes. Moreover, dandelion flowers have many benefits that make them appropriate for creating healing remedies.

  • Light Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

There is something joyous and happy about dandelions so they can be used to decorate parties, celebrations, and to represent something. Children’s parties and other events where you want to emphasize the joyous nature of the occasion can benefit from them as decorations. No matter whether you choose to decorate your bedroom or living room with this flower, you’ll feel joyous immediately.

  • Unusual Dandelion Tattoo Design On Body

Dandelion Tattoo

Symbolizing the sun, dandelions are known as dandelion flowers. The sun represents the power to me, so it was a pretty obvious choice to incorporate the sun into this flower. With its bright yellow color and rounded shape, it has a distinct sun-like appearance that is hard not to be influenced by its appearance. The fact that dandelion grows best when the weather is warm and sunny adds to its significance as a symbol of the sun. Choose a beautiful bouquet of dandelion stems and place them on your coffee table to bring a bit of sunshine into your home. So, even when it is raining outside, you’ll enjoy sunshine inside your home.

  • Touching Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

Flowers like dandelions can grow in any environment, regardless of how challenging it may be. Consequently, they are regarded as symbols of overcoming challenges and surviving hardships in life. Their stories also show how even the smallest and most humble of people are capable of being strong, resilient, and overcoming anything thrown their way. When you put dandelions in your home, they can be pleasant reminders about the importance of fighting against problems and standing up for yourself when hardship comes. Dandelions are often considered perfect examples of how even the weakest and most humble individuals can survive great struggles.

  • Selflove Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Colorful Dandelion flowers symbolize happiness and joy due to their bright yellow hue. A glance at the simple but beautiful flower automatically takes us back to summer and spring, two of the hottest and most vibrant seasons of the year.

  • Threesome Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

According to one traditional legend about the Dandelion, the tallest one found by a child in spring is the one that will tell the child how tall he or she would grow that year.

  • Be Happy Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

According to another superstition, if you can blow all the seeds together with a single breath, then you’ll be granted a wish, and fortune will wash over you.

  • Dainty Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Furthermore, it is believed that if you can blow every seed off a Dandelion in a single breath, the person you love will decide to return the love. In the end, you will never have the person you love if you do not blow them off all in one go.

  • Friendly Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

According to another version of this superstition, if you blow on Dandelion’s seed head, the number of seeds left will reveal how many children you will have.

  • Amiable Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

There is also the legend that if a Dandelion has been woven into a wedding bouquet, it will bring good fortune to the newlyweds.

  • Likable Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

In terms of tattoo themes, flowers are definitely at the top. There are not many dandelions tattoos, but they’re very impressive-looking tattoos. Many people get and wear tattoos of Dandelion on different parts of their bodies. As a result, not only do women appreciate them, but men are now beginning to acknowledge their beauty

  • Smooth Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Back

Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelions belong to the genus Taraxacum and are commonly called dandelions. It is a corruption of “dent de lion”, which is French for “tooth of the lion”, which refers to the jagged leaves of the plant.

  • Extensive Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

The Taraxacum genus is a large genus of herbaceous perennials belonging to the Asteraceae family, native to Eurasia and numbering more than 500 species. The genus name is derived from the Greek words zaharakos, which means remedy or cure, and taraxos, which means disorder.

  • Striking Dandelion Tattoo Design On Body

Dandelion Tattoo

An abundance of dandelions generally symbolizes happiness, joy, and youthfulness, but they can also symbolize courage, strength, perseverance, endurance, and determination. A sun tattoo is often said to symbolize the power of the sun, good wishes, a sense of prosperity, and hope. Yellow flowers closely resemble the sun, white seeds closely resemble the moon, and the dispersing seeds closely resemble stars. I have already explained many of these meanings in the introduction part of the article.

  • Energetic Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Symbolizing freedom is also one meaning of a dandelion tattoo. New beginnings can be represented by it, and the opportunity to start over can be provided. The seeds blow away in the wind, and you may think you’ve solved the problem, but you’re wrong! Rebirth is the hope that comes with every seed.

  • Charming Dandelion Tattoo Design On Leg

Dandelion Tattoo

Do you give dandelions to people when they are in need? Dandelions bring a cheerful yellow glow to any space with their beautiful blooms. They’re also known to be resilient plants that can grow almost anywhere – even when they have to take root through cracks in the pavement. 

  • Boundless Dandelion Tattoo Design On Leg

Dandelion Tattoo

A dandelion flower will do just the trick whether you are looking for a pick-me-up or if you’re sending someone a happy thought. Many people throughout history have reaped the benefits of dandelion flowers due to their versatility and versatility in medicinal and practical uses – so there are very few situations in which not to give dandelion flowers.

  • Dandelion Tattoo With Message Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Heather Babcock, an author, and poet from Canada, once noted that dandelions are friendly little weeds who only want to be loved like flowers. In truth, Dandelions maybe just weeds to many people, but we should not discount their importance in herbal medicine. In addition to this, they hold a range of meanings and symbols across cultures throughout the world.

  • Wavering Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

It was the ancient Egyptians who first cultivated dandelions and used them for brewing wine. The practice of using dandelions to make beer is also widespread in other cultures today but is largely extinct. Not only that but they were also grown in Europe and China for medicinal purposes, as well as being used as livestock feed. 

  • Winning Dandelion Tattoo Design On Leg

Dandelion Tattoo

Despite their cultural significance, they remain relevant today. Since their chattering teeth from cold weather disturb the sleep of everyone by the time they bloom after rainstorms, they are called “pissenlit” (which means “wet the bed”). Likewise, the name translates to “blowball” due to the way the seeds shatter easily when picked up off the ground 

  • Destined Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

There is a great deal of popularity for tattoos using dandelions. What does a tattoo of a dandelion symbolize exactly? There are many different meanings associated with dandelions according to different cultures and beliefs systems, but they always represent something positive.

  • Splendid Dandelion Tattoo Design On Wrist

Dandelion Tattoo

An inkped dandelion represents hope for most people. Dispersion occurs when the seeds blow away in the wind, bringing new life to all places they visit. Dandelions are weeds that can be found just about anywhere, which makes them very symbolic to people who have felt uprooted from their hometowns or communities – another good point to consider when getting a dandelion tattoo.

  • Creative Dandelion Tattoo Design On Leg

Dandelion Tattoo

Although dandelions are considered a nuisance to gardeners and lawn owners, they’re also the flower of life. Courage, happiness, and love are represented by them. The main reason that people get dandelion tattoos is that they want to convey that these qualities are important to them.

  • Flexibility Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Symbolizing spring, dandelions are symbolic of the season. There are kinds of soil where these plants can grow, even on sidewalks and in city streets, where they are commonly referred to as weeds. But dandelions offer much more than just flowers – their roots can also be used for food or medicine.

  • Sunflower Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Symbolizing hope, love, and happiness, dandelion plants are found in gardens. A yellow petal represents the sun emanating from countless good deeds throughout your life. When they fly away into the sky, the black seeds of this plant are said to carry with them wishes for prosperity and new beginnings.

  • Playful Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

The skull can even be viewed as a symbol of a free-spirited spirit, innocence, and playfulness. Often thought of as a symbol for renewal and hope, dandelions symbolize resilience. Regardless of harsh winters, pollution, drought, or being stepped on, or even driven over by cars, dandelion will survive. Their ability to bounce back from adversity and continue to grow is impressive.

  • Fantastic Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Back

Dandelion Tattoo

You can associate dandelions with different meanings depending on where you are in the world. As an example, dandelions are sacred in Japan because they grow anywhere and everywhere. They symbolize faithfulness and love as well as hope for the future in Europe.

  • Sprinkling Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

To start with, dandelions stand for happiness, joy, and youth, and they are generally associated with positive things. Dandelions always bring a smile to our faces with their bright, cheerful yellow flowers as they are usually in bloom at this time of year. They are often viewed as harbingers of spring and a symbol of youth in many cultures. Upon maturing, the yellow flowers become white fluffy spheres that carry seeds that spread with the wind. As the seeds grow, they resemble little puffballs, which are amusing to blow apart. Seeing and playing with these white puffballs is a lot of fun. These crowns provide an enjoyable experience for many children who are fascinated by how they transform into whitish, fluffy crowns that blow apart very easily in the wind. Children enjoy picking them and blowing them purely for amusement. I have never seen anything so awesome and I feel so free and happy!

  • Charming Dandelion Tattoo Design On Thigh

Dandelion Tattoo

Since Dandelion flowers are so small, they have enjoyed a great reputation as a healing herb for centuries. Dandelions are used in both traditional and modern herbal medicine systems. They are also consumed as a food source throughout the world. In addition to detoxification, inflammation reduction, and antioxidant properties, they have also been used for diuretic and detoxification. Plants contain abundant amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates, such as vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, potassium, magnesium, and beta-carotene. This treatment can be used to treat a wide selection of ailments and diseases so you can feel your best and regain your health.

  • Hope Dandelion Tattoo Design On Wrist

Dandelion Tattoo

As a symbol of overcoming all the challenges life throws our way, it represents our will to succeed. The adaptation of dandelions to their environment is excellent. Most are resistant to a wide range of herbicides, and they can grow in a wide variety of soils as well. There are a lot of them around the world, growing almost anywhere there’s a pinch of soil.

  • Twin Dandelion Tattoo Design Behind Ear

Dandelion Tattoo

The dandelion embodies how the rising sun can conquer life’s challenges and rise above them. The petals of the flowers signify that the sun is a source of life and warmth. We feel warm inside when we look at the yellow flowers. Some people consider dandelions to be associated with the Celtic god Belenus, the sun god. In addition to Apollo, one of the Greek gods of the sun and medicine was known for having the Dandelion as one of his medicines.

  • Healthy Dandelion Tattoo Design On Wrist

Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelions are flowers that most of us associate with our childhood and with the memories of blowing the seeds away as a child. There are often instances where people, usually kids, will blow dry seeds of the plant into the air like little helicopters in the areas where the plant is actively growing. The goal of this practice is to bring good fortune, as it’s believed that blowing seeds away brings good luck or grants one’s wishes.

  • Eventful Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelion seeds have been associated with many superstitions and myths, and many of these tales have been passed down through the generations. Despite their prevalence, here are a few superstitions that still have a lot of believers.

  • Hearty Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Getting a tattoo of a dandelion seems to be an interesting idea and one that is definitely mysterious. It is unique and rare, unlike the flowers themselves. There are various sizes to choose from, which allows you to wear them anywhere on your body. Dandelion tattoos are available in a variety of different styles, but the most common is a Dandelion puff that releases seeds as they float through the air.

  • Cute Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

In addition to being a common sight, dandelions are associated with many spiritual and cultural values. Dandelions are associated with childhood, innocence, happiness, and joy, regardless of their golden yellow or fluffy white color. As well as overcoming challenges in life with pure motivation and love, the beauty of this flower represents optimism, hope and dreams come true. With its combination of a flock of birds, this tattoo embodies the dreams and goals you intend to reach in life. A lot of people wear it to indicate the joy and fulfillment of the wishes that they are seeking. Furthermore, because dandelions are among the most versatile flowers, they symbolize resilience, agility, and tenacity.

  • Cosmos Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelion flowers remind us of summer and springtime with their green landscapes filled with this feather-like flower. The peculiar appearance of these creatures is not the only thing they have going for them. Flowers from dandelions have been used in culinary traditions around the world as the main ingredients in salads.

  • Slendrical Dandelion Tattoo Design On Body

Dandelion Tattoo

Dendrobiums grow all over the world and have several phases of growth. The flowers start as beautiful yellow blooms marking the start of spring but end up as white, feather-like flowers announcing the beginning of summer. There is no question many people enjoy seeing dandelions, but it is important to note that they are actually weeds.

  • Customized Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

All over the world, gardeners struggle to remove dandelions from their fields and backyards. A weed can grow in nearly any soil and under nearly any condition. Its lifespan is long, plus they have a high level of resistance to weather conditions outside. Spring and summer would be simply unimaginable without the bright scent and beauty of dandelions, despite what you may think about them.

  • Rising Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

It is said that every flower has its own, unique meaning. Sometimes this meaning is simple and easy to understand, and other times, we have to acquire more knowledge about a certain flower to understand its significance.

  • Modest Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

The humble dandelions might appear simple and modest, but they are among the most powerful healing plants. A flower of this peculiar kind can benefit our bodies and souls so much that the leaves alone can rejuvenate them. As a flower symbol, the dandelions represent emotional healing. As a natural remedy, dandelion leaves are used to cure many illnesses and pains. The fact that they can survive almost any type of weather means they symbolize overcoming hardship and standing tall and proud.

  • Precious Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

A dandelion represents emotional intelligence or being able to understand something without struggling to accept it. An individual with strong emotional intelligence understands how emotions work as well as how to prevent pain. Individuals who struggle with this skill will find it difficult to develop healthy, meaningful relationships with others in the future.

  • Anchored Dandelion Tattoo Design On Foot

Dandelion Tattoo

You can easily get yourself dandelion tattoo designs on your feet as they look pretty amazing. The blue color is really distinctive.

  • Energetic Dandelion Tattoo Design On Ankle

Dandelion Tattoo

The little dandelion tattoo designs on the ankle of the wearer look pretty cool. 

  • Winning  Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

This dandelion tattoo design is definitely more meaningful than it looks. It speaks a thousand words and is worth a lot. 

  • Scattered Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

I really like this subtle dandelion tattoo designs which is made on the neck and which looks really admirable.

  • Expressive Dandelion Tattoo Design On Thigh

Dandelion Tattoo

This is a beautiful colorful dandelion tattoo design that has been made on the thigh and is filled with a lot of colors.

  • Graphic Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

The dandelion tattoo designs on the upper arm of the wearer look pretty cute. The beautiful rainbow colors give it a different look too.

  • Wondrous Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

I think this deisgn is a great one even though it is done using black ink that looks amazing.

  • Good-looking Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

This is a beautiful dandelion tattoo design that has been made in a variety of colors.

  • Meticulous Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

I love the addition of butterflies along with this dandelion tattoo design that is done with black and grey colors.

  • Alluring Dandelion Tattoo Design On Back

Dandelion Tattoo

A little and delicate dandelion tattoo design is done on the back of the wearer and looks pretty elegant.

  • Indefinite Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

I really like this deisgn on the upper chest of the wearer.

  • Connected Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

This is a beautiful deisgn that has been made on the arms of the wearer. It is quite nice.

  • Growing Dandelion Tattoo Design On Stomach

Dandelion Tattoo

The outline designs are always pretty special because they are simple and very meaningful.

  • Ascending Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

The dandelion tattoo designs are also added with some doves that represent love and serenity as well as a quote!

  • Amazing Dandelion Tattoo Design On Body

Dandelion Tattoo

This beautiful colorful effect done with some amazing dandelion patterns looks pretty amazing.

  • Splendid Dandelion Tattoo Design On Wrist

Dandelion Tattoo

A simple dandelion tattoo design on the wrist with black ink looks really nice.

  • Skillful Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

This dandelion tattoo design on the back of the arm is one of the simplistic and yet attractive deisgn on this list.

  • Flowery Dandelion Tattoo Design On the arm

Dandelion Tattoo

The front arm here is covered with a colorful and beautiful dandelion tattoo design!

  • Youthful Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

What makes the dandelion tattoo design so pretty is the simplicity that it brings with it.

  • Significant Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

This is a great dandelion tattoo design done with simple black ink on the wrist.

  • Tiny Dandelion Tattoo Design On Wrist

Dandelion Tattoo

Making a minimalistic dandelion tattoo design on the wrist is pretty chic.

  • Felicitous Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

This dandelion tattoo design does not show the whole flower but rather the bud of it.

  • Splendid Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Back

Dandelion Tattoo

This is a really innovative dandelion tattoo design that has been made here.

  • Dandelion Tattoo For Papa Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Theseus, for instance, ate a lot of dandelions before his battle with the Minotaur by eating as many as possible for 30 days. With this strength and energy, he could take on the challenge of finding his way through the maze. In the Greek world, the plant was thought to represent strength and power, giving it a positive symbolism for anyone confronting a challenge.

  • Finicky Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelions, which are commonly considered weeds, would surprise most people to receive a gift of flowers made from them. Although they do make a lovely way to express your thoughts and to wish someone a speedy recovery, they are not necessarily a necessity. In addition to cheering up someone who is wishing for something, yellow blooms can also help to cheer someone who is just not feeling well.

  • Charming Dandelion Tattoo Design On Wrist

Dandelion Tattoo

In contrast to the sunny flower, the dandelion flower is most symbolically represented by its puff-ball seed head. The puff-ball, called a clock in the United States and Europe, is picked up by children and adults around the world and blown away with a wish. This has given the flower a strong association with hope, optimism, and good wishes. In Asian countries like Japan, the sunny appearance of the bright yellow flower also reinforces this association.

  • Conducive Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

A long backstory surrounding the transformation into a flower was not given to Dandelions like it was to other flowers. Despite this, they played a vital role in many myths during the Ancient Greek era, which indicates their widespread use.

  • Marvelous Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelions have also become a symbol of endurance and perseverance for Christians, even though they are not mentioned in the Bible. Several pastors preach to their congregations encouraging them to multiply and be cheerful as dandelions popping up in solid green grass. For missionaries who feel zealous about sharing the gospel, the tenacity of the plant and its ability to spread rapidly has been inspiring.

  • Nice Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

You can use the flowers fresh or dried as food decorations. Numerous studies have demonstrated that herbal supplements have healthy effects on the digestive system, blood sugar regulation, and urinary tract health. During the spring and summer, dandelions are also among the earliest flowering plants, making them valuable to bees and other pollinators.

  • Picturesque Dandelion Tattoo Design On Leg

Dandelion Tattoo

Often, the flowers of dandelions have many petals, giving them the appearance of being fluffy. It is followed by a more fluffy ball-shaped seed head covered in fibers that makes the seeds fly. In most cases, dandelions have dark green leaves that grow in rosette shapes around the base of the plant. Almost none have a discernible fragrance.

  • Harmonious Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Despite dandelions being native to many places on this planet, the species native to Europe, such as Taraxacum officinale, spread worldwide in the 1600s and 1700s. Eaten and used medicinally both where it was originally found and where it has since been introduced, this plant has been consumed for centuries.

  • Adorable Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelions are raised for their large, mild-flavored leaves rather than their flowers because improved varieties tend to have larger leaves. Widely planted varieties such as ‘Ameliore’ and ‘Improved Broad Leaf’ represent examples of this. There is a fascination with Taraxacum pseudopodium due to its pinkish flowers.

  • Dignified Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

A Dandelion is named for its origin in the French word dent-de-lion, which came from the Latin word for lion’s tooth. A leaf’s spiky shape and toothed edges are reflected in this. Aratacacum is part of the family of bitter plants called taraakhshagog, from the Arabic word tarakhshagog.

  • Majestic Dandelion Tattoo Design On Back

Dandelion Tattoo

In addition to being consumed as a food and used as herbal medicine, dandelions are also widely used as edible plants. Taraxacum officinale is the only plant deemed safe for this purpose; however, there are others native to each area that are used as well. Despite its edible nature, the plant’s entire root and flower tips are poisonous, so the leaves and roots can both be dried to make herbal teas.

  • Exalted Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Back

Dandelion Tattoo

Around the world, dandelions are among the most widespread flowers. Their presence is considered an invasive species in many areas. Despite its cheerful yellow appearance, the cheerful yellow flower is a valuable nectar source for pollinators. As well as being a powerful symbol, it is widely used in many cultures. Learn about the flower symbolism, dandelion history, origins, uses, benefits, and cultural significance of the flower around the world on this page.

  • Prying Dandelion Tattoo Design On Neck

Dandelion Tattoo

Symbolizing growth, healing, and hope, the Dandelion is both bright yellow and humble. As opposed to the sunny flower, the puff-ball seed head of the Dandelion flower has the greatest meaning and symbolism. Children and adults alike around the world pick the puff-ball, which is called a clock in America and Europe, and then blow the seeds away while wishing for happiness. Since the flower is closely associated with hope, optimism, and wishes, it stands for hope, optimism, and wishes.

  • Uniform Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

This is a fine and delicate dandelion tattoo design that has been made here and looks really awesome.

  • Regular Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

I really like this deisgn which has the flower coming with its roots. The roots signify that they are strongly rooted in probably their family or values.

  • Methodical Dandelion Tattoo Design On Body

Dandelion Tattoo

The wearer has made this dandelion tattoo designs on the lower part of the body which gives a beautiful crease to the deisgn.

  • Ultimate Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

In this dandelion tattoo design, the little birds are accompanying the petals of the dandelion as they flow away. 

  • Versatile Dandelion Tattoo Design On Back

Dandelion Tattoo

The wearer has made quite elaborative dandelion tattoo designs on the back which looks super awesome. The addition of blue color is really amazing too.

  • Multifaceted Dandelion Tattoo Design On Wrist 

Dandelion Tattoo

The wearer has made the two designs on different wrists of the dandelion tattoo designs but they connect to make a complete picture.

  • Terminal Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

This is quite a delicate fine line tattoo design which have been made on the upper part of the back of the wearer.

  • Lustrous Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

I really like the black ink deisgn which has been made on the back of the wearer.

  • Bouquet Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

The yellow and green colors that have been added to the upper arm of the wearer look pretty nice.

  • Alternative Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

The wearer here has added the dandelion tattoo designs on the back which looks super cool. The wearer has also added some colors to it which look pretty great.

  • Intensifying Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

I really like this dandelion tattoo designs which has been added with other elements like the beautiful setting sun which is a great idea.

  • Beautiful Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

This dandelion tattoo design is spread across the leg of the wearer. It looks rather elaborative but still pretty amazing.

  • Pretty Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

This black and grey dandelion tattoo design on the wrist of the wearer looks pretty awesome. The shading effect on the wrist looks really great.

  • Amazing Dandelion Tattoo Design On Arm

Dandelion Tattoo

Many people choose to go with colors when making a floral design but this wearer here has chosen a white ink flower that looks super cool.

  • Delightful Dandelion Tattoo Design On the shoulder

Dandelion Tattoo

The beautiful colors have really made the deisgn even prettier than before.

  • Vigorous Dandelion Tattoo Design On Body

Dandelion Tattoo

The watercolor effect is always a great choice when you are going for a floral deisgn as it gives your tattoo a beautiful depth.

  • Friendly Dandelion Tattoo Design On Upper Back

Dandelion Tattoo

You can always add some kind of quote with your dandelion tattoo designs so that it looks a bit more significant. The butterflies also add a beautiful effect on the dandelion. 

  • Enchanting Dandelion Tattoo Design Behind Ear

Dandelion Tattoo

This dandelion tattoo designs on the ears look pretty awesome. It is made with amazing pink color that looks super delicate and is a great deisgn.

2 Celebrities with Dandelion Tattoo Designs

  • Lily Collins Dandelion Tattoo Design On Body Side 

lily collins fairy side tattoo

On February 26, 2016, Lily Collins showed off a new fairy-tale tattoo on her left side at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.  There is a dreamy image of a little fairy blowing dandelion seeds into the wind as she sits on a crescent moon. Despite the writing below her clothing, there is more text hidden under her clothing that ends with the words “fragile thing.”

  • Jenna Ushkowitz Dandelion Tattoo Design On Shoulder

jenna ushkowitz dandelion shoulder tattoo

Jennifer Ushkowitz has a tattoo of a dandelion with its seeds blown away in the wind on the left shoulder blade of her body.  Designed by artist Dr. Woo, it was completed in September 2012.

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