Danny Shelton’s 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Daniel Saileupumoni Shelton better known by his short name, Danny, is an American football defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League (NFL). Daniel started playing during his college days and is known to have first played at Washington. Danny has got a few interesting inks on his body. Let us explore them.

Danny Shelton

1. ‘Bone Necklace’ Tattoo

Danny necklace tattoo

Tattoo: There is a large bone necklace inked around Danny’s neck along with the words, “Search for the Truth”.

Meaning: Danny got the tattoo done after his brother Gaston Shelton, was shot dead in the year 2011. The phrase inked is the actual meaning of Danny’s middle name i.e. Saileupumoni which stands for ‘Find the truth/search for the truth’.

2. Left Forearm Tattoo

Danny left arm Samoan Tattoo

Danny Samoan Tattoo

“Gotta give a s/o to my tattooist in WA @usomaniak360 for adding to my forearm this offseason! Got the Samoan Warrior Club added so I can use it this season on these Linemen. 😉💪🏽✊🏽 Appreciate the artwork”

Tattoo: Danny’s left upper arm is covered with the Samoan Warrior Club Polynesian design tattoo.

Meaning: Polynesian or Samoan design tattoos are used to depict your strength, masculinity, and manhood.  Some of the people also get these to reflect their tribe and relation with Samoan Culture.

3. Right Arm 

Danny right arm Samoan Tattoo

Tattoo: Danny’s right arm is also inked with a Samoan design tattoo.

4. Writing on the right arm

Danny Arm Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm we can see a word tattoo that says, ‘SuLuPo’.

Meaning: Danny has got the middle name of his grandfather tattooed on his right forearm. The tattoo reads ‘SuLuPo’ (Leau Sulupo So’oa’emalelagi Sa’u). His grandfather died in the year 2004. Danny shared a very close bond with his grandparents and thus, in his grandfather’s remembrance, he got this tattoo.

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