Gabriella DeMartino’s 2 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Aged 22, Gabrielle DeMartino is a YouTube star. She posts fashion tips and tricks which feature her sister Nikki as well. Their videos are inspired by the Ariana Grande Looks. She has namely 2 tattoos on her body and both these tattoos have something worth to express.

Gabriella DeMartino Tattoos

1. French Quote on Lower Back

Gabriella Demartino Lower Back Tattoo

She has the right side of her lower back inscribed with a French quote which says, “la vie en rose” which when translated would mean “life through rose-colored glasses.”  She took her Instagram account and explained “the idea is to depict a state where everything appears rosy and cheerful to you. It’s about a state of bliss when everything around you is a source of joy. This quote comes from my all-time favorite Audrey Hepburn movie called Sabrina, where she overcomes a depression like a state and she speaks of this quote while expressing how she has overcome it. This is one of the most self-empowering scenes and I can say this quote has helped me see the world truly from a different perspective. Whether you’re against tats or not, this was so emotionally satisfying.” Well, sometimes few words hold the greatest meaning!

2. Writing on Wrist 

Gabriella Demartino Wrist Tattoo

There exists a writing inked on her right wrist which states, “once upon a time…” The narration of any story starts with a slang like this and especially that of a fairy tale.

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