T-Pain’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Faheem Rasheed Najm popularly known by his stage name T-Pain, is an American Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Record Producer. He became famous in 2005 through his debut film, Rappa Ternt Sanga. His hit singles include “I’m Sprung”, “I’m ‘n Luv (Wit a Stripper)“, “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’)“, “Bartender“, “Can’t Believe It”, “5 O’Clock“, etc. This phenomenal American rapper has a great love for memes and this is evitable from his multiple body tattoos. Let us take a quick look at all of his body inking artwork and know about their meanings.

T Pain

1. ‘Jackie Chan Meme’ Tattoo

T Pain Right Hand Jackie Chan Tattoo

Tattoo: The backside of Grammy Award Winner’s right hand has a Jackie Chan meme tattooed on it. There is no special significance of the ink it’s just that T Pain loves to play with memes and this confused Jackie’s face is another image taken from one of his memes.

2. ‘Faheem’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The outer side of T-Pain’s right forearm contains the tattoo of his own name i.e Faheem taken from his full name, Faheem Rasheed Najm.

3. ‘Two-Faced Mask’ Tattoo

T Pain Right Arm Joker Tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of T-Pain’s right forearm is covered with the big ink of the mask which displays two faces, an angry face on the right and left half shows the smiling face of the joker. The angry face represents the anger and jealousy and the happy face represents happiness and contentment.

4. ‘YOU DON’T HAVE TO Like ME’ Tattoo

T Pain Right Arm Bicep Tattoo

T Pain Neck YOU DONT HAVE Tattoo

Tattoo: The upper arm of T-Pain’s right arm has a tattoo of a meme that reads ‘YOU DON’T HAVE TO Like ME’ inked on it.

Meaning: This ink contains the like button replica of Facebook’s trademark thumbs up button, however, the tattoo contains the words, ‘YOU DONT HAVE TO Like ME’ which according to T Pain is meant to show that people do not have to compulsorily like him or his tattoos.

Left Arm Tattoo

5. ‘NAPPY BOY’ Tattoo

T Pain Left Arm Nappy Boy Tattoo.jpg

Tattoo: The outer side of T-Pain’s left arm is covered with the permanent inking art that reads, ‘NAPPY BOY’ and a castle inked on it.

Meaning: Nappy Boy is an American record label founded by R&B and hip hop artist T-Pain himself. The words are followed by the ink of Florida’s Capitol on the back, i.e Tallahassee, which is the birth city of T Pain.

6. Interracial Design On His Arm 

T Pain left Arm Inside

Tattoo: The inner side of T-Pain’s left arm is has a tattoo of an arrow which is formed of three words that read, ‘RAPPA TERNT SANGA’.

Meaning: Rappa Ternt Sanga is the name of the debut album of  T Pain. The album is close to his heart and was released on December 6, 2005. This tattoo on his arm is the symbol of his love and happiness which he must have received after the release of his album and thus decided to get its tattoo.

7. ‘Panda’ Tattoo

T Pain Left Hand Panda Tattoo

Tattoo: The tattoo of a panda is located on the backside of T-Pain’s left hand.

8. ‘BAEN’ Tattoo

T Pain Left Arm Tattoo

T Pain Left Arm Tattoo

Tattoo: The left forearm of T Pain contains an ink which reads, the word ‘BAEN’.

9. ‘Floral Leaves Design’ Tattoo

T Pain Left Hand Tattoo

Tattoo: The back of the American rapper’s left hand is inked with the floral leaves design.

10. Tattoo On His Neck

T Pain Neck Tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of T-Pain’s neck has a spot of ink that reads, ‘Tattoo’.

11. Design On His Neck

T Pain Neck Tattoo

12. Tattoo on his Right Wrist

T Pain Hand Tattoo

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