Paulo Dybala’s 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

An Argentinian footballer, who is renowned for his impeccable style of play and the ability to score goals, Paulo, started his career in 2011 with the Argentine sports club. He had the option to choose between three countries to represent on the international stage – Argentina, Poland and Italy. However, he decided to represent Argentina – as he feels Argentine and always dreamt of representing La Albiceleste. He has some inkings on his skin. Let’s have a look into his inks.

Paulo Dybala

1. Armband on his Left Forearm

Paulo Dybala armband tattoo

Tattoo: Two Black Stripes

Meaning: Paulo has got his left forearm inked with two Black strips. In an interview with an Argentinian magazine, he was asked about the meaning behind this tattoo. Paulo said, “I did it because i liked it. A teammate has the same tattoo, and i liked its aesthetics. it is similar to the bracelets used by the ancient Romans for war, but i did it for the aesthetic, rather than for whatever meaning it may have.”

2. “Crowned Football” on his Left Calf

Paulo Dybala Crowned Football tattoo

Tattoo: Crowned Football

Meaning: Paulo got a tattoo of a football with a crown on his left calf. It shows his love, affection and dedication towards the game. This tattoo was inked by the tattooist, Noel, in Cordoba city.

3. Arabic Script on left Ribs

Paulo Dybala Arabic script tattoo

Tattoo: Arabic script

Meaning: Paulo got an Arabic script inscribed on his left rib cage near to his heart. In an interview with Argentinian magazine, he said that it is the most important tattoo for him as it is his mother’s name, Alice, inked in the Arabic language. This tattoo was done on 25th December 2013.

4. Arabic Script on Right Calf

Paulo Dybala arabic script leg tattoo

Tattoo: Arabic Script

Meaning: Paulo got one more Arabic script inked on his right calf. It is his father’s name, Adolfo.


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