35 Amazing Sun Tattoos with Meanings, Ideas, Celebrities

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

— Buddha

Tattoos have various purposes. Some tattoos are for the sake of craze, while others are for dispatching a deeper meaning. Whatever your purpose is in getting a tattoo, you should always pick a design that will best portray you as a person. Many people will be attending your tattoo from time to time. Those characters who don’t know you will automatically have the sparsest idea about your temperament just by looking at your tattoo. This is one of the purposes why you should only use a tattoo design if you grasp what it signifies.

In many communities, the sun has different meanings for them. The types of sun, that is, the rising and the setting sun, have different meanings too. Most commonly, the sun signifies virility and energy. Many people also pray to the sun for the same. In some cultures, the sun is considered as a god even now. It is considered to be something holy probably because of the great power that it represents. There are many different ways to show the sun. For instance, some people would show the sun with some stars while others will add some moon, and as a matter of fact, there are other people who would like to add various other elements. In Christianity, the sun stands for life energy, dynamism, and power. Moreover, some believe that it represents and symbolizes Jesus Christ and his sacrifice. As a result, it can be said that various cultures and communities regard the sun differently but the whole essence boils down to something similar.

The tattoos of the sun are represented in various designs and they have separate meanings, depending on the cornerstone or foundation of that tattoo. Sun tattoos can be painted to mean longevity, rehabilitation, resourcefulness, and fervor.

When you think about the Sun, you should acknowledge the subsequent meanings:

  • sexual fertility
  • eternal restoration
  • discernment
  • jurisdiction
  • perspicacity
  • growth
  • dusk or dawn
  • guidance
  • male energy
  • renaissance
  • incorporeality
  • religion
  • epiphany
  • knowledge
  • administration
  • life-giving strength
  • new life
  • healing
  • curing
  • vitality
  • revival
  • life force
  • self-respect
  • truth
  • luminosity
  • acknowledgment

Coloring of Sun Tattoos

The use of coloring in all of the sun tattoos is just about necessary.  If you’re on a budget, totally add the color only if you can bear it. Many of these tattoos just crave for penetrating but fundamental colors with the exclusion of tribal sun tattoos.  However, even these designs are wrapped with the sun often in color and the rest in conventional black.  The cloud and sun tattoo present the most challenging in terms of design and color depending on why you’ve picked this tattoo.  You’ll want to review these sun tattoos with your design artist who will be ready to offer recommendations.

Ideas of Sun Tattoos

Sun tattoos can be located anywhere on your body. For women, it would be more suggestive to put it at the back of your neck or the nape. This will be excellent for women who choose to fasten their hair into messy buns. The sun tattoo will emphasize your fortitude, which will make you look hotter than ever.

For men, this tattoo presents an ideal piece for the arms, legs or shoulders. These body parts are most pronounced by other people. You will not have any difficulty displaying your beautiful and hot-looking sun designs on these placements.

  • Sun and Moon Tattoo

sun tattoo

As we have already ascertained, the Sun and the Moon can be imagined as dual. So, if you consider your good side and your bad side can suffice in a peaceful way and are balanced, then this tattoo can symbolize what you believe.

  • Embellished Tattoos

sun tattoo

For a thigh tattoo, this one is carefully embellished with ornaments and comes to a piece of advice that says it all: “Through every dark night is a brighter day.”

  • Lotus Sun Tattoo

sun tattoo

Each form can be altered so that it includes traits that determine its wearer. For instance, this tattoo incorporates something that looks like a Lotus flower, which is a representative of purity.

  • Solar System Designs

sun tattoo

The sun is unquestionably the centerpiece of this tattoo delivering its dimension and value in the solar system. This one proffers a more deductive approach to planets.

  • Cute Sun Designs

sun tattoo

This tat is not really perfect in the sense that the moon is really a she. However, you can’t challenge the cuteness of this design.

  • Hippy Sun Designs

sun tattoo

This idea right hither is not very obvious but still prepared by some. The bitter part is that the sun and the moon never truly meet, just like in real life. However, they look exceedingly fine next to each other.

  • Couple Tattoo

sun tattoo

…my Sun and star. As a testimony of affection, one is for another that without he or she cannot exist; actually and metaphorically.

  • Feet Sun Design

sun tattoo

Very comparable to the idea exhibited above, this person adjusted it by substituting the tattooed area, which is her feet. Before you settle for something to ink on your feet, please take into account that because of shoe wear, these tattoos can fade away quicker.

  • Beautiful Sun Tattoo

sun tattoo

If cannot stand the thought of having these two apart, maybe you like the idea up above.

  • Back Sun tattoo

sun tattoo

Whether a sun tattoo looks delicate or not, that is entirely up to your choice in design.

  • Symmetrical Designs

sun tattoo

The moon on a woman and the sun on a gentleman is a fabulous thought for a couple’s tattoo. This specific couple fancied circular and symmetrical designs and arranged them on their upper arms.

  • Sparkling Designs

sun tattoo

This sun seems as if it is substantially sparkling. The colors are astounding. If you desire something that yells pretty then this is the one for you. We love how uncomplicated it is.

  • Bold Sun Tattoo

sun tattoo

This bold tattoo is an excellent design if you are searching for a shoulder tattoo. The deployment is wondrous and the dark design is profound and magical.

  • Classic Sun Tattoo

sun tattoo

A magnificent tattoo that seems very tender on the skin. The shading in the center is rather unusual and we love the fact that it looks like it’s glowing.

  • Tiny Tattoo Designs

sun tattoo

If you are looking for something really tiny and yet cute, this kind of design is extremly suitable for you. The shoulder is a great place to get some small design. However, you can add some colors to let your tattoo pop out a bit, otherwise, just some lines in the design are also great.

  • Beautiful Sun Tattoos

sun tattoo

This big star is certain to give you a lifetime of motivation. The lines on this tattoo are astoundingly thick and dark. But it executes as a beautiful design. If you require a badass style, then this is the one for you.

  • Summer Sun Designs

sun tattoo

A glorious sun tattoo that makes you perceive as if it’s already hitting down on you. The twisting lines are absolutely one of a kind. We cherish this fun design because it makes one feel like summertime just glancing at it.

  • Simplistic Sun Design

sun tattoo

Toss some triangles and circles together and you’ve made yourself a day-star. Plain design and yet it has everything that you necessitate for a sun tattoo.

  • Striking Sun Design

sun tattoo

This sun is so piercing that it seems like a throwing twinkler. We adore this badass style. You will too if you are searching for an authentic design.

  • Sun Tattoo on Ribs

sun tattoo

A great sun tattoo is the one that has bright colors on it. How can you not wish for a radiant sun like this one? It’s completely perfect.

  • Wrist Tattoo

sun tattoo

This glorious sun is perfect for a wrist design. The red, orange and yellows are all so impressive together and they essentially glow off the skin.

  • Black and White Sun Pattern

sun tattoo

If you are searching out for a black and white tattoo, then here is the one for you. There are several lights and darks here that proffer for an astounding sun tattoo.

  • Shoulder Sun Tattoo Design

sun tattoo

A great sun design that is truly unprecedented. We just cherish how manageable the design is.

  • Miniature Sun

sun tattoo

A very uncomplicated sun that seems quite dainty on the shoulder.

  • Rays of the Sun

sun tattoo

A simple design that just presents you with the feeling of the beams of the sun.

  • Full Thigh Tattoo

sun tattoo

We just love this excellent sol design because of the scratchy features it extends.

  • Tangled Tattoo Designs

sun tattoo

If you are a follower of the movie Tangled, then you will appreciate the thought behind this tattoo. The intensities are brilliant and flawless for any tattoo, but this golden sun, in particular, is extraordinary.

  • Simple Line Tattoo

sun tattoo

A simple sun with uncomplicated lines that make up the sunbeams. There are practically hundreds of methods to design a sun.

  • Lined Sun

sun tattoo

Another instance of a tattoo design that is extremely easy. There are just lines for the waves, but we recognize that it’s a Sun.

  • Unique Sun Design

sun tattoo

A truly unusual sun design. If you require a design that is unlike all the other suns, then you need to seek this design. The coloring is pretty dark, but you will treasure it all around.

Celebrities With Sun Tattoos

It cannot be dismissed that there are a lot of influential people all around the globe these days who are wearing very attractive tattoos on their frames. Some of these beautiful pieces of body art are sun tattoos. Yes, you interpret it right. If you crave to know those famous people who enjoy sun art like you, then here are some of their names:

  • Lucy Hale

sun tattoo

Lucy Hale has both, a sun tattoo and a moon tattoo on the opposite sides of her body. They are inked on the upper side of her back. Maggie, her sister, has a similar design inked on her too. She said in an interview: “I have a little, tiny sun that I got with my sister in honor of our grandmother.”

This sun tattoo is close to the “light” tattoo that she got inked on her ribs and the lightbulb tattoo on her upper arm that she had added later. Her name too, Lucy, means “light”. Quite a coincidence, right? The sun is definitely something related to the light reference here.

  • Dove Cameron

sun tattoo

Dove Cameron got herself a tiny black and white sun tattoo on her ring finger.

  • Bea Miller

sun tattoo

Bea Miller got a sun tattoo and a cloud tattoo on the knuckles of her fingers. They are quite different symbols when compared to each other. They are almost opposite to each other. But it is still very intriguing, right? She got the tattoo done by Generation8Tattoo artist, Chawat Chutikul in March 2017.

  • Maggie Lindemann

sun tattoo

Maggie Lindemann also followed in the footsteps of the people in the list above and got a sun tattoo and a moon tattoo on different fingers. While her sun tattoo with two dots is done on her middle finger, the moon tattoo, of course including the two dots, is done on the ring finger. She got it done by the tattoo artist, Romeo Lacoste who posted a picture with the caption: “They don’t call me the Line God for nothing. Clean and crisp lines that heal perfectly every time. Don’t be fooled by the artist who can’t do straight lines, perfect circles or tattoos that heal properly.”

  • Mriza Bisognin

sun tattoo

Marzia got a sun symbol too but this one is quite different from the rest we just saw. The sun is actually a yin and yang symbol that symbolizes two opposite forces coming together in harmony.

  • Asami Zdrenka

sun tattoo

Asami Zdrenka got a sun and a moon inked on her hand right where the thumb starts, between the thumb and the index finger.

  • Scarlett Johansson

sun tattoo

Scarlett Johansson has a very colorful tattoo on her arm. The tattoo comprises of a setting sun and a waterbody done in pastel shades. It looks amazing.

It is very vital to learn to do your investigation before you get inked. There are thousands of designs to pick from, with even more symbolic meanings. Of course, you may choose a design for its attraction only, but either way, don’t hasten into the tattoo method. Those that dive into a tattoo have a greater likelihood of censuring it later on down the road.

“Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.”

— John Lennon

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