Keith Flint’s Tattoos & Their Meanings

The Prodigy star, Keith Flint was an English Singer, Dancer, and Musician. He is known for singing UK’s two famous singles in 1996; Firestarter and Breathe. Reportedly, he committed suicide on 4 March 2019. He received the acclamation not only as a vocalist but also as a trendsetter in fashion. His body was covered with tattoos all over. Let us find out the tattoos of Keith Flint and their meanings.

Keith Flint image



Keith Flint stomach tattoo

Tattoo: INFLICTED; the word INFLICTED, he got it inscribed on his stomach. According to him, it was a very painful tattoo.

2. TRIBAL Tattoos

Keith Flint Left Arm Tattoos

Tattoo: Tribal Tattoo; on left arm which was entirely covered, notably with some tribal work. An image of a tribal lady could be seen clearly.

3. SKULL and ROSE Tattoos

Keith Flint Right Arm Tattoos

Keith Flint tattoos photograph

Tattoo: Skull, Grenade, and Rose tattoos. He had scattered black and grey images on his right arm, including a skull and 2 roses in 2 hands.

4. Grenade Tattoo

Keith Flint Tattoo - Grenade

Keith Flint Grenade Tattoo

5. Planes & Rockets and a Design on Chest

Keith Flint chest tattoos

Keith had 2 planes and multiple rockets inked on his chest, along with that a big tattoo was also inked at the center of his chest.

6. “You Fools” Tattoo on neck

Keith Flint Tattoo - You Fools

7. Flying Bird Tattoo on the right-hand forearm

Keith Flint Tattoos

Keith Flint's Bird Tattoo

8. Emoji Tattoo

Keith Flint's Emoji Tattoo

9. Music Nodes

Keith Flint - Music Nodes Tattoo

10. Panda Tattoo on the right-hand forearm

Keith Flint's Tattoo

Keith got a Panda inked on his right-hand forearm and some text below it which says something like- “PLEASE DON’T FEED THIS…”

11. Various Animals Inked Throughout the Body

Keith Flint Tattoos

Keith had different animals inked on his body, in the image above, a Horse, Tiger Face, a Dog, Panda, a Bird can be seen.

Apart from the above-listed tattoos, Keith had many more tattoos inked on his body which can be seen in the images below.

Keith Flint neck tattoo


Keith Flint Hand Tattoos photo

Keith Flint image of tattoos

Keith Flint Tattoos Keith Flint Tattoos Keith Flint Tattoos
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