Gilbert Arenas’ 16 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Gilbert Jay Arenas Jr, an American former professional basketball player is famous by the names like “Agent Zero” and Hibachi. He has also been voted as the NBA Most Improved Player in the 2002–03 season. The choice of his nicknames as chosen by his fans directs us to his late-game shot-making ability. He also owns his own production house named “No Chill Productions”. Gilbert has multiple body tattoos. Let us see what inks he has and what meanings do they hold for him.

Gilbert Arenas

1. ‘Family’ Tattoo

Gilbert back tattoo

Tattoo: Gilbert has got his back covered in a huge tattoo which contains the portraits of his family members along with a quote that says, ”Family is a Heaven in a Heartless World’.

Meaning: Gilbert’s family tree tattoo contains the portraits of his two daughters (Izela Arenas, Hamiley Arenas) followed by the portraits of his two sons (Aloni Arenas, Alijah Arenas) on the bottom.

2. Portrait with a Quote Tattoo

Gilbert portrait tattoo

Gilbert left leg tattoo

Tattoo: On the front side of his left leg, there is a portrait inked along with lines that say, ‘Let Freedom reign’.

Meaning: ‘Let Freedom Reign’ are the words spoken by Nelson and are well known to date. Nelson Mandela was an anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, and philanthropist. When Nelson was released from jail in the year 1990, after four years, he became the president of South Africa, and his inaugural speech caused waves of his words i.e. ‘Let Freedom Reign’. Nelson became the most famous and well acclaimed Black Leader in the history of the world.

3. Portrait of Malcolm X 

Gilbert left leg portrait

Gilbert leg portrait tattoo

Tattoo: On Gilbert’s left leg there is another portrait inked which is of Malcolm X,  an African American Muslim minister and another famous human rights activist who gained popularity during the Civil Rights Movement. Under his portrait, there are lines inked as, ‘By any Means Let Freedom Reign’. This tattoo is part of Gilbert’s civil rights movement leaders’ tattoos and all of them he got in Orlando.

4. Portrait Of Barack Obama

Gilbert Obama Tattoo

Tattoo: Another portrait is inked on Gilbert’s body which is of U.S.A’s former president, Barack Obama.

5. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

Gilbert rose tattoo

Tattoo: Rose, the symbol of love, romance, and affection is inked on the inner side of Gilbert’s right inner thigh.

6. ‘Star’ Tattoo

Gilbert tattoo on left body

8. ‘LA’ Tattoo

Gilbert left pec tattoo

Tattoo: On his left pec, Gilbert has got the letters ‘LA’ inked. Around the tattoo, there are multiple buildings inked. Interestingly, the tattoo has been given the effect of burning fire around it. The tattoo symbolizes the logo of The Los Angeles Lakers.

9. Chest Tattoo

Gilbert chest tattoo

Tattoo: Across the right side of his chest, Gilbert has got a tattoo that reads about the details of the physical characteristics of his daughter, Izela Samaya Arenas. The tattoo contains her weight, height, and date when she was born. Also, around the details and her name are multiple red colored tiny hearts inked in a circle.

10. ‘Tiger’ Tattoo

Gilbert abdomen tattoo

Tattoo: Gilbert’s stomach and abdomen are covered with the portrait of a tiger that goes from his chest till his navel.

Meaning: Such a majestic tattoo of the tiger is the symbol of showing your great strength, power, and courage. Gilbert got this done in October 2016.

11.  Quote on Fingers

Gilbert finger tattoo

Tatoo: On his left hand’s fingers, Gilbert has got the words inked as, ‘change we believe in’.

Meaning: In November 2018, just after the Presidental elections, Gilbert, in order to show his support for the Presidential candidate, Barack Obama got this portrait tattooed. He got the words tattooed as “Change We Believe In,” as a change to Obama’s slogan “Change We Can Believe In,”. When asked about this tattoo, Gilbert says that looking at this tattoo while on the field encourages him a lot and gives him all the hope.

12. Portrait of Martin Luther king

Martin Luther King, is the famous Civil Rights Leader in the years 1955-1968, until his death. Gilbert has always talked about his love for the leader and his work. His interest deepened when he played for Washinton Wizards and he was encouraged to know more about the leader as Washington, DC was the site where King gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963.

“It’s just amazing what a guy would do when he believes what’s in his heart is right,” Arenas said.

13. Tattoo on Right Side of Body

Gilbert side body tattoo

14. Abdomen Writing 

Gilbert abdomen writing

15. Adidas Shoe Tattoo

Gilbert adidas shoe tattoo

16. Logo with Angel wings Tattoo

Gilbert batch with angel wings tattoo

Tattoo: There is a batch cum logo tattooed on his lower left side of his body with the number 5 tattooed inside it and angel wings on either side.

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