Sir Bradley Wiggins’ 22 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Professional road and track racing cyclist, Sir Bradley Wiggins, got retired in 2016 but maintained to remain in the spotlight for different reasons. He is the only rider who has won both world and Olympic championships on both the track and the road. Wiggins is also the winner of Tour de France and also holds an iconic Track Hour Record. With a penchant of collecting classic scooters, he is always sharply dressed and his tattoo, makes him look cooler. Let’s have an in-depth look into his inscriptions and understand the meanings behind them.

Sir Bradley Wiggins

1. Album Cover of “The Prodigy” on his Left Shoulder (Covered)

album cover of the prodigy- bradley wiggins tattoos

Tattoo: Album Cover of “The Prodigy”

Meaning: Bradley got an album cover of “The Prodigy” inked on his left shoulder. He is a great fan of them, since childhood. He first saw them performing in Camden in 1991. In an interview, he said, “They were like our S** Pistols.” Later on, it was covered under another one.

2. “Crucified Jesus” on his Back

Tattoo: “Crucified Jesus”

Meaning: Bradley Wiggins got a huge tattoo of Crucified Jesus, which cover his whole spine. This tattoo is inked by the tattoo artist, Mike D.

3. Initial “B” on his Both Thumbs

Initials B on his both thumb

Tattoo: Initial “B”

Meaning: Wiggins got the initial of the names of his children inked on his both thumbs. They stand for Bella and Ben. When he is asked about the reason behind having the initials on the thumbs, he said,

I have had my children’s initials tattooed on my hand because when I’m time-trialling, I lock my hands together behind the handlebars, and I can see Ben and Bella on my thumbs. It’s like a distraction thing.”

4. “Olympic Rings” on the Ankle

olympic rings on the ankle- bradley wiggins tattoo

5. “Queen of Hearts Card with Name of his Wife and Their Wedding Date” on his Right Forearm

queen of hearts card , catherine and wedding date - Bradley Wiggins tattoo

Tattoo: Queen of Hearts Card, Name of his wife above it and Wedding date underneath it

Meaning: Bradley got a tattoo of a queen of a heart card inked on his right forearm. The name of his wife, Catherine, is inked on the top corner of the card in cursive handwriting, whereas, the wedding date, i.e., V-XI-MMIV (5th November 2004) is inked at the lower end.

6. “Roman Numerals” on his Right Wrist

roman numerals on wrist- Bradley Wiggins tattoo

Tattoo: Roman Numerals- “XXVI-III-MMV and IX-XI-MMVI”

Meaning: Bradley got two Roman dates, “XXVI-III-MMV, and IX-XI-MMVI” inked on his right wrist, those translate into 26-3-2005 and 9-11-2006 respectively.

7. “Flowers” on his Right Arm

Roses on arm-Sir Bradley Wiggins tattoos

8. “Heart Shaped Design with Letter C” on his Ring Finger

ring tattoo-sir bradley wiggins tattoo

Tattoo: Heart shaped design with Letter “C”

Meaning: Bradley got a tiny tattoo inked on his ring finger. The design is in heart-shaped and contains letter ‘C’ in it; where C is the initial of his wife’s name, Catherine.

9. “Ben Isabella” on the Left Side of his Chest

Ben Bella on chest-Sir Bradley Wiggins tattoos

Tattoo: “Ben Isabella”

Meaning: Bradley got the names of his children, Ben and Isabella, inked on the left side of his chest.

10. “Portrait of a Lady” on the Right Side of his Waist

Portrait of a lady -Sir Bradley Wiggins tattoos

11. Numerals “101” on his Right Upper Arm

101- Sir Bradley Wiggins tattoos

Bradley Wiggins 101 edition opus

Tattoo: Numerals “101”

Meaning: Bradley got a number 101 inked on his right upper arm. After winning the Tour de France, he worked with the Opus Team to create an edition that was truly personal to his life and his closest fans were also allowed to share his win. The name of the book is, “THE OFFICIAL BRADLEY WIGGINS OPUS- THE HISTORIC TOUR DE FRANCE, 2012- ‘101’ Special Edition.” Moreover, Bradley also handed over his jersey that he won on the Tour de France, so a piece of it could be own by those who buy the edition. Furthermore, each copy comes in a yellow clamshell box and is bound in leather.

12. “Chakra” on his Right Upper Arm 

Chakra-Sir Bradley Wiggins tattoos

13. “Soldiers” on the Left Side of his Waist

Soldiers-Sir Bradley Wiggins tattoos

14. “Ben and Bella” on his Right Wrist

Ben Bella on hand- Sir Bradley Wiggins tattoos

15. “Portrait of a Warrior” on the Right Side of his Chest

winged warrior on chest- bradley wiggins tattoo

16. “Undefined Design” below his Left Collar Bone

flower like design Sir Bradley Wiggins tattoos

17. “W.A.R.R.I.O.R” on his Right Upper Arm

Warrior- Sir Bradley Wiggins tattoos

Bradley got ‘WARRIOR’ with two unidentified words inked on the inner side of his right upper arm.

18. “My English Rose” on his Right Elbow

My english Rose- Sir Bradley Wiggins tattoos

Tattoo: “My English Rose”

Meaning: Bradley got the phrase, My English Rose, inked on his right elbow. He is always a music enthusiast and loves Paul Weller. So, he inked the title of one of his favorite songs by Paul on his right elbow.

19. “Butterflies” on his Left Forearm

Butterflies- Sir Bradley Wiggins tattoos

20. “Flying Dove” on his Left Hand

Dove-Sir Bradley Wiggins tattoos

21. “Leaves and Flying Bird” on his Left Upper Arm

Leaves and flying birds -Bradley Wiggins tattoo

22. “Three Angels” on his Left Shoulder 

three angles- Bradley Wiggins tattoos

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