Taylor Decker’s 20 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Taylor Decker is an American professional football player who represents the Detroit Lions of the National Football League. Like most athletes, Taylor also has many interesting inks on his body that show a part of who he is. Let us take a look at his tattoos and the meanings they hold.

Taylor Decker

Left Arm Tattoos

1. ‘Owl and Compass’ Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a large tattoo of an owl on his left shoulder and upper arm. The owl is sitting on top of a compass tattooed on his left upper arm. The whole tattoo design has purple petals surrounding it.

Meaning: The Owl is the symbol of wisdom and protection. Often carried by Greeks into a war as a guide and as a protector. The compass tattoo represents one who loves to explore. The whole tattoo design acts as a protector for Taylor on his travels and adventures in life.

2. ‘Ghost Mountain’ Tattoo

Taylor Decker ghost mountain tattoo

Tattoo: The backside of his left upper arm contains a tattoo of mountains with little ghost faces tattooed on it.

3. ‘Viking’ Tattoo

Taylor Decker viking tattoo

Tattoo: The back of his left upper arm also contains a tattoo of a Viking on it next to trees.

Meaning: Vikings also used to get tattoos on their bodies. The meaning of getting the tattoo of a Viking warrior on your body is a representation of power and strength.

4. Samurai Tattoo

Taylor Decker samurai tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a samurai mask near Taylor’s left elbow.

Meaning: The samurai tattoos are very popular ones that represent the qualities of the samurai warriors such as discipline, strength, loyalty, and honour.

5. ‘Lantern’ Tattoo

Taylor Decker lantern tattoo

Tattoo: The lower side of Decker’s left forearm contains a tattoo of a Lantern on it.

Meaning: The Lantern shines bright through the darkness and represents the ability to make your way as well as the same for other people in life and through problems which is the reason he got this tattoo.

6. ‘Warrior’ Tattoo

Taylor Decker warrior tattoo

Tattoo: The upper side of his forearm is covered by a large tattoo of a warrior woman with red ink covering her eyes, wearing a cowl made of a leopard’s head.

Meaning: The tattoo of the warrior on his arm represents his warrior spirit and how he would fight hard and long to protect the things he believes in.

7. ‘Gorilla’ Tattoo

Taylor Decker gorilla tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his left forearm, contains a tattoo of the head of a gorilla, just below where his elbow folds.

8. ‘Helicopter and Naked Man’ Tattoo

Taylor Decker helicopter naked man tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his left forearm contains a tattoo of a helicopter on it. There is also a tattoo of a naked man on his forearm.

9. Flower Tattoo

Taylor Decker flowers tattoo

Tattoo: The area around his wrist is covered in a tattoo design made up of different kinds of flowers.

10. Hummingbird Tattoo

Taylor Decker hummingbird tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a little hummingbird on Taylor’s left hand.

Meaning: Taylor got this tattoo as there are a lot of hummingbirds near his home and his wife is also fond of them.

Right Arm Tattoos

11. Hourglass Tattoo

Taylor Decker hourglass tattoo

Tattoo: The right shoulder and upper arm of the athlete contains a large tattoo of a very intricate hourglass on it. There is also a quote tattooed along with the hourglass that reads, “What we do in life, echoes in eternity”

Meaning: The hourglass represents the idea that time is fleeting and we have to do right in little time that we have on this earth. The famous quote is from the movie, “Gladiator”

12. ‘Gladiator’ Tattoo

Taylor Decker gladiator tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a gladiator’s mask on his right upper arm. There is also a tattoo of a man lying down, just below the mask.

13. Woman Tattoo

Taylor Decker woman tattoo

Taylor Decker woman tattoo2

Tattoo: The right bicep of the athlete is covered by a large tattoo design of vibrant colours and the faces of two women on it.

14. Skull Tattoo

Taylor Decker skull tattoo

Tattoo: The upper side of his right forearm and the area around his elbow are covered in a large tattoo of a skull. There is another compass tattooed just below the skull with an anchor in the middle instead of a pin.

Meaning: Although most people would confuse the anchor and the compass with direction and love for the sea, the anchor tattoo is a religious symbol of Christian faith. The tattoo design of a compass with an anchor represents religious guidance.

15. ‘Ohio and Number’ Tattoo

Taylor Decker ohio number tattoo

Tattoo: The backside of his right upper arm contains a large “O” tattooed on it. The number, “68” is also tattooed above the “O” and there are little leaves tattooed here and there.

Meaning: The “O” stands for Ohio, that represents his place of birth. Taylor also started playing college football for Ohio State. The number 68 is the jersey number that he wears.

16. Scenery Tattoo

Taylor Decker scenery tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of scenery that contains an orange sky, sand dunes, and cacti covering his right hand. There is also a quote tattooed around his right wrist that has not been fully revealed.

Leg Tattoos

17. Thigh Tattoo

Taylor Decker thigh tattoo

Tattoo: There is a large scene of a path up a mountainside filled with large rocks, a mountainous road, and fir trees in the distance, covering most of the athlete’s left thigh.

18. Boxer Tattoo

Tattoo: The side of his right leg, just above the ankle contains a tattoo of a boxer on it. There are also other tattooed done in the shape of a band covering the area above his right ankle.

Chest Tattoos

19. Lion Tattoo

Taylor Decker lion tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of his chest is covered in a large tattoo of the head of a lion. The right side of his chest contains a tattoo of a grenade on it along with a heart, along with the quote, “All is Fine” tattooed right in the middle.

Meaning: The lion tattoo represents Taylor’s personality and symbolizes strength and leadership. The other tattoo of the quote is a tattoo that shows his sensitive side but also the fact that he is not afraid because he has his family by his side always.

Back Tattoo

20. Back Tattoo

Taylor Decker back tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of his upper back contains a tattoo of a naked man, inside a circle with his arms and legs spread apart to show his anatomy.

Meaning: The tattoo design is known as the Vitruvian man which is one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s original designs. The Vitruvian Man or the universal man represents the complexity and beauty of the human frame.

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