Whitney Cummings’ 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Whitney Cummings is a stand-up comedian, podcaster, actress, director, and filmmaker, who started her stand-up comedian career in 2004 in Los Angeles. She has got a few tattoos on her body, which are very unique and hold special meanings. Let’s have a look!Whitney Cummings-Tattoos

1. Safety Pin Tattoo

Whitney Cummings-Safety pin-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Safety Pin’ tattoo near her right wrist.

Meaning: This was the first tattoo that Whitney got inked in November 2016. On November 12, 2016, she uploaded the picture of this tattoo on her Instagram account, with the caption,

Everyone deserves to be safe. Finally a reason to not regret this tattoo.”

Safety pins tattoos are the symbols of safety, protection, togetherness, and solidarity.

2. ‘i love you’ Tattoo

whitney cummings-i love you-tattoo

Tattoo: ‘i love you’ tattoo on her left forearm.

Meaning: This is the second tattoo that Whiney got inked in white colored-ink by the tattoo artist, Bang Bang. On February 8, 2019, she uploaded the picture of this tattoo on her Instagram, with the caption,

#tbt to my second tattoo. Does anyone know what it is? It’s white so it’s very hard to see 🧐🖊@bangbangnyc”

whitney cummings-i lov you tattoo-bang bang

Whitney getting her ‘i love you’ tattoo inked by the tattoo artist, Bang Bang

In an interview, she said,

People who ask about my white tattoos: they usually come out white, but when you first get them it looks like you got mauled by a rabid animal. They have to go even deeper than color tattoos so “there will be blood.” I got this banger from @bangbangnyc”

Whitney tattoo-i love you

‘i love you’ tattoo of Whitney is merely visible as it is inked in white-colored ink

3. ‘I ♡ J’ Tattoo

whitney cummings-jennifer-tattoo-foot-tattoo

Tattoo: ‘I ♡ J’ tattoo below her right foot.

Meaning: In the latest episode of Whitney Cummings’ ‘Good For You’ podcast, she allowed the social media influencer, Hannah Stocking, to tattoo her foot in the honor of a longtime friend, Jennifer Aniston. Hannah tattooed ‘I ♡ J’.

During the recording session of this podcast, Whitney said,

There’s nothing I won’t do for a laugh. I’m fully getting an ‘I love Jennifer Aniston’ tattoo. This is so dumb, and I’m so into it. …Jen’s gonna see this.”

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