Sienna Miller’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Sienna Rose Diana Miller, a well known American diva. This leading lady has a well-established name as a fashion fabricator too. A complete fashion label called ‘Pepe‘ has her contributions as an artistic fashion designer. This charming woman hasn’t earned less flags when it comes to charitable activities. Miller’s kick for tattoos is a gingerbread on her winning personality.


1. Cluster of Stars

Sienna, being is a fan of tiny and exquisite tattoos has got made a tiny tatt of three greenish blue stars on her right shoulder. Stars for a star – naturally. Beautiful Miller has got marked three stars in green ink on her right shoulder. Stars signify various meanings, maybe pursuing your goals to be a star one day or they can be correlated with a moment that left an everlasting impression in your life.

2. Below her abdomen


She has got wrapped one more bitty star just below her abdomen. This does a graceful addition to her cuddly curves.

3. Dove on Wrist


Miller’s wrist is an abode to a flying swallow, which is a symbol of acceptance from the Primrose Hill set, confirming she really is an ‘it’ girl. Another┬ásymbolism of such tattoo is a prison sentence from an ex-con to the meaning of “done your bird, done your time”.

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