Zena’s 7 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Zinaida Alexandrovna Kupriyanovich, known popularly by her stage name, Zena, is a Belarusian singer, songwriter, actress, and TV presenter. She represented Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 and has also co-hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Minsk. She is also famous as the voice of Moana in the Russian dub of the movie.


Zena has some pretty interesting tattoos on her body. Let us take a look at them and the meanings behind them.

1. ‘Floral’ Tattoo

Zena floral tattoo Zena floral tattoo1

Tattoo: Zena’s most known tattoo is the floral pattern covering her entire left forearm. But what many people do not know is that there is also a tiger hidden in the design between the flowers.

2. ‘Glow’ Tattoo

Zena glow tattoo

Tattoo: She also has the words, “Glow Body” tattooed on the side of her left wrist.

3. ‘Woman and Dog’ Tattoo

Zena woman tattoo

Zena dog tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a woman, being kissed by a statue on the right forearm of the singer. The tattoo continues inwards where it merges with another tattoo of the face of a dog on the inside of her forearm.

4. ‘Friendship’ Tattoo

Zena friendship tattoo

Tattoo: There is a word tattooed on the inside of her right forearm, just below her elbow.

Meaning: The tattoo is a matching tattoo that she and her best friend, Galya got together.

She posted the tattoo on Instagram saying, “At the end of the 19th year, Galya and I made each other huge gifts in the form of a tattoo in honor of our super strong and long friendship. And thanks for that to Christina (Santa) Frost@casey_chris_, which always embodies our ideas into great art on the body ❤️ I wish you all such real friends who will never leave or betray. Iiii I wish everyone to enter the New Year as the most beautiful and happy person!”

5. Date Tattoo

Zena date tattoo

Tattoo: The back of her right upper arm has five dates tattooed on it. What’s peculiar is that the dates are tattooed in reverse.

Meaning: She uploaded the tattoo on her Instagram and explained it along with her views on tattoos.

She wrote, “Back in October, I made a tattoo on my father’s DR, and I still couldn’t put it up) I want to share art with you Chris ⭐️ I don’t think that tattoos spoil the body, person, etc., they say, in old age, you will be blurry and ugly. That’s bullshit! Tatuha is an adornment on the body that has a meaning. When we get old, innovations will already reach the point that you and I will not grow old and will always be handsome😁👵🏽”

6. Side Tattoo

Zena side tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of her body has another floral pattern tattooed on it.

7. ‘Duck’ Tattoo

Zena duck tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of the singer’s body has a duck tattooed on it.

Meaning: Zena just likes getting tattoos and this was another random idea she came up with.

She wrote alongside the photo, “I came up with this baby quickly and spontaneously. But. There was no such desire to get a tattoo, putting a huge meaning. You will probably say, ” What kind of duck!?!?” This is the cutest! The plumpest! The kindest duck! Nika immediately understood my great idea) And then a masterpiece was born! 😍🥰

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