Future’s 31 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, professionally known as Future, is an American rapper, singer and a song producer. He started his career as a songwriter, writing for fellow Atlanta artists such as Ludacris. However, his big break came in 2011 when he wrote YC’s hit single ‘Racks’. He is an inspiration for young rappers of the new generation. He got various inks inscribed on his skin, each of which is based on his life. Let’s take a tour of his tattoos.


1. “Dungeon Family” on his Both Forearms

Dungeon family-Future tattoos

Tattoo: “Dungeon Family”

Meaning: Future got ‘Dungeon’ inked on his right forearm and ‘Family’ on the left forearm. Future is the cousin of Atlanta music mogul, Rico Wade. He used to spend most of his childhood in his studio watching legendary group, The Dungeon Family. The group is an inspiration to Future as he has developed the sense of melody from them, as well as a work-ethic which helped him to succeed. It was the members of the Dungeon family who gave him his stage name as they initially called him “Meathead Phuture.” Later, he changed it to Future.

2. “JAKOBI” in a Star on his Right Forearm

Jakobi-Future tattoo

Tattoo: “JAKOBI” in a Star

Meaning: Future got a tattoo of his son’s name, Jakobi, inked inside a star on his right forearm. Jakobi was born with his ex-girlfriend, Jessica. Future was 18 years of age when he was born.

3. “Stars” on his Right Forearm

Stars on his right forearm-Future tattoos

4. “Music Sign” on his Right Forearm

Music Sign-Future tattoos

5. “Dollar Sign” on his Right Forearm

Dollar sign-Future tattoos

6. “Baby Angel Holding Skull On The Plate” on his Left Forearm

Baby angel with skull on the plate-Future tattoos

7. “Flying Bird” on his Left Forearm

Flying Bird on his left fprearm-Future tattoos

8. “Lady With A Necklace” on his Left Upper Arm

lady with necklace-Futre tattoos

9. “Fire” on his Left Forearm

Fire -Future tattoos

10. Initial “C” on his Ring Finger

Initial C -future tattoos

Tattoo: Initial “C”

Meaning: Future got alphabet ‘C’ inked on his ring finger. It is the initial of his ex-fiance, Ciara. He got this tattoo after his engagement with Ciara in 2013.

11. “Eagle Holding Snake In Its Mouth” on his Left Shoulder

Vulture or Eagle eating snake-Future tattoos

12. “Dove” on the Left Side of his Chest

flying bird on chest-Future tattoos

13. “Celtic Cross” on the Middle of his Chest

celtic cross in the middle of chest-Future tattoos

14. “Tiny Star” on his Neck

Star on Neck-Future tattoos

15. “Rose” on Left Side of his Chest

Rose on chest-Future tattoos

16. “Baby” on the Right Side of his Chest

Baby-Future tattoos

17. “Face Of A Man” on his Lower Abdomen

face of a man-Future tattoos

18. “Londyn” With A Crown on his Right Elbow

Londyn- Future tattoos

Tattoo: Londyn

Meaning: Future got the name of his daughter, Londyn Wilburn, inked on his right elbow. Londyn was born with his other ex-girlfriend, India J. There is a crown inked above the alphabet ‘L’ of the name.

19. “Flying Bird” Holding Pearl Necklace on his Right Shoulder

Flying Bird with pearl necklace- Future tattoos

20. “Prince” on his Left Side of Chest

Prince- Future tattoos

Tattoo: Prince

Meaning: Future got the name of his other son, Prince Wilburn, inked on the left side of his chest. His other ex-girlfriend, Brittini, is the mother of Prince. Future was 30, when Brittini gave birth to his son, while he was engaged to Ciara.

21. “Gutta” on his Left Wrist

Gutta-Future tattoos

22. “A Huge Flying Bird” on his Abdomen

huge flying bird-Future tattoos

23. “Musical Sign” on his Chest

music sign -Future tattoos

24. “Stars and Dollars $ sign ” on his Chest

Stars and dollar sign on his Chest

25. “Young Thug”

Young Thug and future

Tattoo: “Young Thug”

Meaning: Future got the name of the rapper, Young Thug, inked on his skin. The location of the tattoo is not revealed yet. In an interview, Young thug said that he and future have tattoos of each other’s name. Earlier they both have some issues due to some internet arguments, but now they have resolved their disputes and are now, BFF.

26. “Undefined Design” on the Left Side of his Abdomen

Undefined design on abdomen-future tattoos

27. “Warrior Shield” on his Left Elbow

28. “Hand holding a Fire Torch” on his Left Forearm

29. “Celtic Cross” on his Thumb

30. “Creator” above his Right Elbow

31. “Pigeon” on his lower Abdomen

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