Trippie Redd’s 20 Tattoos & Their meanings

19 years old,  Michael Lamar White IV, known by his stage name, Trippie Redd, is an Emo Rapper who is on a fast track to stardom. He is best known for his single, Love Scar, which currently has over 76 million views on YouTube and still counting! Trippie is also known for his expensive diamond-encrusted teeth, his devil looks, and tattoos on his body. Let’s check his collection of tattoos.

Trippie Redd

1. Numeral “14” on his Forehead

14 on forehead-Trippie redd tattoo

Tattoo: Numeral “14”

Meaning: Trippie Redd got Numeral 14 inked in red color at the center of his forehead. In an interview, he said,

It has two meanings; I grew up in a street called 14th Street. And Then, There’s also a religious connection. I have a real spiritual family. My grandma that stay on that street is real spiritual, too…There’s a 1400 angel; there’s a 14 angel. All that s**t tie into some angelic s**t.” The numbers recur in my daily life.”

2. “LOVE SCAR” below his Left Eye

Love scar-Trippie redd tattoos

Tattoo: “LOVE SCAR”

Meaning: Trippie got ‘Love Scar’ inked below his left eye. It is one of his most hit singles. Trippie got this ink before the recording of this song. In an interview with Pigeons & Planes, he said,

I just got it tatted on my face, and then, ever since after that, I made a song after the tat, and that s**t just blew up, I knew it was gonna blow up. I felt it—just the energy I gave in that song, the vibe.” 

3. “XOXO” below his Left Eye

XOXO-Trippie redd tattoo

Tattoo: “XOXO”

Meaning: Trippie got ‘XOXO’ tattooed in red ink under his left eye. In an interview with DJ Smalls, he said, “I got this XOXO-rock because of some heartbreak sh**.”

4. “M Oomps Revenge” on his Right Cheek

M oomps revenge-Trippie Redd tattoo

Tattoo:M Oomps Revenge”

Meaning: Trippie got a phrase, M oomps Revenge, inked on his right cheek. It is the title his song, released in 2018, and on his Instagram story, he said, “It is in the memory of his late brother, who died in a car crash in 2014.”

5. “Stars from Kill la Kill Anime” beside his Left Eye

Kill La Kill anime- Trippie redd tattoo

Tattoo: Stars from Kill la Kill Anime

Meaning: Trippie got two stars inked beside his left eye. The idea of this tattoo is taken from one of his favorite anime shows, Kill la Kill. In a chat show, Rosa Risky Rotation, he said,

These are actually from Kill La Kill anime. So, it’s like every warrior of that show have these stars on their suits. Each star makes your suit stronger and if you have three stars you are the most powerful. So,I got two stars and will get one more when i will do something crazy in the industry, that will make me feel like I m a three star warrior.”

6. “Barbed Wire” under his Right Eye

Barbed Wire-Trippie redd tattoo

7. “Vertical Scar” on his Left side of Face

vertical scar on left side of face-Trippie Redd tattoos

Tattoo: Vertical Scar

Meaning: Trippie got a vertical scar inked on the left side of his face which, starts from his forehead and ends on his left cheek. He streamed a live video on his Instagram account and said,

This is for my brother who passed away in a car accident. So, this part of the face was split away. So, they had a makeover on his face and it appeared like this scar tat of mine.”

8. “Infinity sign” on his Left Hand and Nose

infinity on nose-Trippie redd tattooinfinity on hand-Trippie redd tattoo

9. Numeral “14” on his Knuckles of Left Hand

Numeral 14 on knuckles-Trippie redd tattoo

10. “Celtic Crosses” on his Knuckles of Left Hand

Celtic cross on knuckles-Trippie Redd tattoos

11. “TR666” on the Eyelids of  his Both Eyes

TR666 on eyelids- Trippie redd tattoo

Tattoo: “TR666”

Meaning: Trippie got ‘TR666’ inked on his eyelids by the celebrity tattoo artist, Daniel Silva. In 2017, he released a song, titled, TR666. ‘TR’ are the initials of his name. However, many fans interpreted TR666 with Satanism and claimed that he worship devils. He shared a post (now deleted) on his Instagram account where he gave a unique scientific justification about this tattoo. He says it represents 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons. He said,

They be telling you “666” is the mark of the beast, explaining it’s a dark entity with wooly hair, and all this other s**t… N**ga, that’s black people! Six protons, six neutrons, six electrons, N**GA! Do your research. Don’t try to knock a black successful man and say I’m satanic or illuminati. I be trolling, you know what I’m saying? But this is not no troll, this is black power s**t.”

12. “Demons At Play” on his Left Forearm

Demons at play -Trippie redd tattoo

13. Numeral “14” in a Female Sign Emoji on his Left Forearm

14 in female sign Trippie Redd tattoo

14. “1400/800” on his Neck

1400-800 Trippie redd tattoo

Tattoo: 1400/800

Meaning: Trippie got numerals 1400/800 inked on his neck. The hip hop star explained that he grew up in the “Number 14 block/street” in Ohio and 1400 is significant to his old gang. 14’ and ‘1400’ are recurring numbers in his life which, have become both; his symbols for religion and the identity of his rapidly growing fan base.

15. “Crown” on his Chest

Crown on his chest-Trippie redd tattoos

16. “Undefined Design” on the Index Finger of his Right Hand

Undefined design on finger-Trippie redd tattoo

17. “Ninja Cartoon Character” on his Right Forearm

ninja cartoon character-trippie redd tattoo

18. “Undefined design” on his Right Forearm

Undefined design on arm-Trippie redd tattoos

19. “Inverted Celtic Crosses” on his Left Forearm

Inverted cross sign -Trippie redd tattoos

Tattoo: Inverted Celtic Crosses

Meaning: Trippie has got many inverted Celtic crosses inked on his right forearm. For some people, the upside-down cross is a symbol of Satanism, occult and demonic interferences, while, for others, it is a complete religious symbol.

20. “TR666 and A Big All-Seeing Eye” on his Palm

TR666 on his palm-Trippie redd tattoos

Tattoo: TR666 with a Big All- Seeing Eye

Meaning: Trippie got a big all-seeing eye with TR666 inked on his palm, after the release of his song, titled, TR666. Many fans interpreted its meaning that Trippie is a Satanist. However, he denies being into a Satanism.

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