Maddi Bragg’s 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Maddi Bragg is a rising YouTuber, who has created a name in the lifestyle and beauty segments of social media. With over a million subscribers and two happening channels, Miss Bragg sure has all the rights to brag about her blooming ‘YouTube’ career! Kickstarting into the ‘YouTube’ space in the year 2011, Maddi quickly made her way into the hearts of her few fans, especially those who religiously followed beauty tutorials. Now the 20-year-old has grown into a phenomenal YouTuber and offers more than just makeup tutorials- product hauls, challenge videos and even vlogs about intense topics! Not just on ‘YouTube,’ Maddi’s fame is even glorified on other portals like ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’ where she has managed to gain over a million followers! She has also posted her Tattoos vlogs on her YouTube channel. So, here is her Collection of Tattoos.Maddi Bragg

1. Little Star on the inside of her Middle finger

Maddi Bragg Star Tattoo

Tattoo: Star

Meaning: It was her first tattoo which was inked by Tattoo Artist Romeo Lacoste on the inside of her middle finger of Left hand. It was her 18th Birthday Tattoo as a Gift for herself.

2.Honey on the Back of her Arm

Maddi Bragg Honey Tattoo

Tattoo: honey

Meaning: YouTube Phenomenon, Maddi inked her back of arm with Honey in fine cursive handwriting and it was done by Tattoo Artist Romeo Lacoste. In one of her video (I GOT A TATTOO, NEW PUPPY, PINK HAIR! |Q&A| Maddi Bragg), she said that she got this Tattoo for her Dad who passed away seven years back because her Dad calls her honey and this tattoo reminds her of him.

3.Tiny Wing on her right Thumb


Maddi Bragg got herself inked with the Tiny wing between her right thumb and wrist.

4. Initials with Numeral 13 on Left Thumb


Maddi Bragg got her left thumb inked by numerals 13 by the Tattoo Artist Jon Boy.

5. Rose on her Right Wrist

Maddi Bragg Rose Tattoo

Tattoo: Rose

Meaning: Maddi got her right wrist inked with a Rose by the Tattoo Artist, JonBoy in November 2017.

6. Lover on her Right Upper Arm

Madii Bragg Lover Tattoo

Maddi got her upper right Arm inked the initials LOVER.

7. 1963 on her Right shoulder

Maddi Bragg 1963 Tattoo

Bragg embedded numerals 1963 on her right shoulder.

8. Touched by the God’s Hand Tattoo on her Neck

Maddi Brag neck tattoo

Tattoo: Touched by the God’s hand

Meaning: Maddi got her back of the neck inked by a Sistine Chapel inspired Single Needle Tattoo which symbolizes “touched by the God’s Hands”

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