Offset (Rapper) 36 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Kiari Kendrell Cephus professionally known as Offset is an American rapper and songwriter. He is a member of the hip hop music trio named Migos, along with his cousin Quavo and the third member, Takeoff. Just like other members, he also has multiple face tattoos. Interestingly he is also an investor in the esports organization FaZe Clan. Offset has a huge number of body tattoos some sources also claiming it to be around 100 or maybe more, especially the ones adorning his arms and face, however, there has not been much public revelation about his arm tattoos by him. Let us explore his large body art and explore their meanings as well.

Offset Migos


1. ‘CARDI B’ Tattoo

Offset Cardi B Tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his neck, Offset has got the tattoo of his wife’s name inked, which can be read as CARDI B. Offset has four children: sons Jordan, Kody, and daughter Kalea, all from his previous relationships. His first child with CARDI B is a daughter, named Kulture Kiari Cephus, who was born on July 10, 2018.

2. Bird on Neck

Offset Bird Tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of his neck, Offset has a tattoo of the sparrow inked.

Meaning: Sparrows are received as tattoos in order to show love for family and friends. According to Offset, he got this sparrow inked as the tribute to the adorable relationship that he shares with his wife Cardi B, and his four children.

3. Neck Tattoo

Offset Neck Tattoo

4. ‘Buttercup Powerpuff Girl’ Tattoo

Offset Powerpuff Girl Tattoo

Tattoo: The most appealing tattoo on his body is the Buttercup Powerpuff Girl tattoo on the right side of his neck.

Meaning: Buttercup tattoo is his reference to his wife Cardi B. Interestingly, buttercup was the badass of her group, being the boldest and toughest of the three. And, thus it is enough for us to understand what Offset wants us to know about the personality of his wife, Cardi B.


5. Tattoo on Left Arm

Offset Left Arm Tattoo

The whole of Offset’s left arm is inked with multiple tattoos, but neither any revelation has ever been made by Offset nor any images have been captured.

6. A microphone on Right Arm

Offset Migos Microphone Tattoo

Offset as we already know is a songwriter, and a rapper, so the microphone tattoo on his right arm is enough for us to understand his love for his music and career.

7. Tattoo on the right arm

Offset Migos right arm Tattoo

8. ‘Death bt dishonor’ Tattoo

Offset right arm

Death bt dishonor is inked on the center of the inner side of Offset’s right arm. This means that Offset strongly believes in the fact that he would prefer to die rather than accept any kind of dishonor in his life.

9. Gucci Sign Tattoo

Offset Gucci Tattoo

Tattoo: A tattoo on Offset’s right arm represents a huge Gucci sign inked. It is no doubt the logo of the famous fashion brand, Gucci, however, it can also be used a the symbol of representing Offset’s work links with Gucci Mane.

10. ‘Book’ Tattoo

Offset Cards Ttattoo

11. ‘Dollar’ Tattoo on Left Arm

Offset Huge Dollar Sign

On Offset’s left forearm there is a big dollar sign tattooed. Dollar tattoo is no doubt the sign of your obsession with money and the financial world. However, some people may get it only for the sake of getting it.

12. Mother’s Name

Offset Mother Name on left arm

Tattoo: On his left bicep, Offset has got the tattoo of his mother’s name inked. No clear image has ever been captured because Offset is known to be too obsessed about his body tattoos and like to keep them all private. It was just in an interview where he revealed that this was his first body tattoo and he decided to get his mother’s name inked so that his mom would not raise an objection against his decision of getting a permanent tattoo done. According to Offset, his father had left his mother and him all alone when he was just four years old. Thus, he was raised by Quavo’s mother, Labatia Woodward.

13. ‘Angry Boy’ Tattoo

Offset Angry Boy Ttattoo

On his right inner forearm, there is a tattoo of an angry boy wearing a helmet. The tattoo is some cartoon character.

14. ‘Dollar Sign’ Tattoo

Offset Dollar Tattoo

Just like other multiple dollar tattoos, this is another which lies on the outer side of Offset’s right bicep.

15. ‘Money Bag’ Tattoo

Offset Money Bag Tattoo

Besides multiple dollar tattoos, there is a money bag tattooed on Offset’s right upper arm.

Meaning: Money bag tattoos are the way of depicting that the person is capable of multiple things, and considers himself worthy of his inner wealth. Money bags are also a symbol of good luck and wealth.

16. ‘007’ Tattoo

Offset 007 Tattoo

Tattoo: On the top of his left bicep just above his underarm lies a tattoo of the number, ‘007’ followed by fire flames rising from it.

Meaning: 007 is considered to be the number of famous character, James Bond who James Bond is a secret agent with Her Majesty’s Secret Service known as MI6. The concept was introduced in the 2006 film, ‘Casino Royale’, in Bond’s words, it stands “that you’ve had to kill a chap in cold blood in the course of some assignment.” Any person who gets the number 007 gives us proof that he is a fan of James Bond.

17. Skull on the right arm

Offset Skull on Right Arm

Offset right arm

Tattoo: There is a huge skull tattooed on the center of his right inner arm.

Meaning: Skulls, no doubt are the symbol of death, however, they also represent overcoming some obstacles and difficult phases of life.


18. ‘Blessed’ Tattoo

Offset Blessed Tattoo

Tattoo: On the top of his right eyebrow, Offset has got the word, ‘Blessed’ inked.

Meaning: In an interview, Offset said that everyone is blessed by God in different ways, and so is he, and this tattoo is the representation of the fact that he considers himself the blessed child of God.

19. Daughter’s name

Offset Daughter Name Tattoo

Tattoo: Offset has got his daughter’s name, ‘Kulture’ tattooed on the lower left side of his face.

Meaning: The tattoo was done by the tattoo artist Bricks, who made it known to the public through his Instagram post besides Offset’s revelation. He is known to be too close to his children and to commemorate the birth of his daughter, he got this tattoo done when she was five months old.

20. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

Offset Cross Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a huge cross tattooed across Offset’s left cheek.

Meaning: Cross is the symbol of a person’s religious beliefs.

“It is on what Jesus Christ died, and it is important to me. I believe in god.”

21. ‘Kody’ Tattoo

Offset Kody Tattoo

Tattoo: Near his jawline on the right side of his face, Offset has got the name of his another son inked. The tattoo carries the name, Kody. Kody is another child from his previous relationships.

“No I don’t just got her name man.  All kids tatted Don”t play wit me.  I got my other boy right here, it’s Kody” (which is on the opposite jawline).  Offset continues, “I’m gonna put an angel on top of him. And Jordan, my older son, is on the shoulder piece. Stop trying me.”

22. ‘Eiffel Tower’ Tattoo

Offset Eiifel Tower Tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his face, towards his hairline, Offset has got a replica of Eiffel Tower inked.

“This is one for my friend, his name was Paris, and this is the representation of him.”

23. ‘Angel Playing Guitar’ Tattoo

Offset Angel Playing GuitarTattoo

Tattoo: Near the hairline on the left side of his face, there is an angel tattooed which is seen playing the guitar.

24. ‘A couple of hearts’ Tattoo

Offset Hearts Tattoo

Tattoo: A couple of hearts are tattooed on the right side of his face.

25. “100” Tattoo

Offset 100 Tattoo

Tattoo: Offset Migos has got the number 100 inked vertically on his right cheek.

“100 represents me, it represents my personality i.e i m 100 percent me.”

26. Chinese symbol

Tattoo: There is some Chinese symbol inked on the top of his right eyebrow. No detailed revelation has been made by him, but in an interview, he just revealed the existence of the tattoo on this location.

27. Grandmother’s Name Tattoo

Offset Grandmother name Tattoo

Offset Grandmother name

Tattoo: On the top side of his left eyebrow, Offset has got his Grandmother, Sallie Ann Smith.

Meaning: The tattoo is proof of the fact that Offset and his grandma shared a very close bond, and he decided to pay tribute to her when she died of bladder cancer.

28. ‘Jordon’ Tattoo

Offset Jordon Tattoo

Tattoo: On the upper side of his left shoulder line, Offset has got the tattoo of the word, ‘Jordon’.

Meaning: Jordon is the name of Offset’s oldest son which he had with a woman named Justine Watson.


29. Gucci Sign on Left Hand

Offset Left Hand Tattoo

30. Jesus Christ’s Portrait

Offset Jesus Christ Tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of Offset’s right hand, there is a portrait of Jesus Christ Tattooed.

Meaning: Jesus Christ’s tattoo symbolizes Offset’s religious beliefs and connection to God.


Offset’s stomach inks have never been exposed except in a recent interview where he revealed his stomach and chest inks.

31. ‘LORD, Please Forgive Me’ Tattoo

Offset Lord Please Forgive Me Tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of his stomach, Offset has the words inked which can be read as, ‘Lord, Please Forgive Me’.

Meaning: This tattoo according to Offset is his apology to God for all the wrong things that he has ever committed or might commit in the future.

32. ‘MOB’ Tattoo

Offset MOB Tattoo

Tattoo: Exactly on the center of his chest, Offset has got a tattoo which says, ‘MOB’, when asked about its meaning, he said, It stands for Man of Business.

33. Chest Design

Offset Chest Tattoo

34. Tattoo on Left Arm

Offset Left Arm Tattoo

The whole of Offset’s left arm is inked with multiple tattoos, but neither any revelation has ever been made by Offset nor any images have been captured.

35. Tattoo on the right arm

Offset Migos right arm Tattoo

36. Cartoon Character with money bag

Offset Tattoo on right shoulder

On the top right shoulder, Offset has a tattoo of a cartoon character which is seen carrying a money bag on his back followed by a few more around him.

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