Madison Beer’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Madison Elle Beer is an American Singer. Her debut play, ‘As She Pleases’ was released on February 2, 2018. Madison is known to have very few inks on her body. Let us explore them.

Madison Beer

In 2018, she said, “I have two! a lip tattoo that says Honey I got about 2 years ago and a little bee on my ankle I got like 6 months ago. I might get more but very small ones.”

1. ‘Honey’ Tattoo

madison beer honey tattoo

Tattoo: The name, Honey is tattooed on the inner side of her lower lip.

Meaning: Madison is really fond of dogs and thus she decided to get the name of her pet dog inked. ‘Honey’ is the name of one of Madison’s pet dogs. She got it done in March 2017.

 “what did humans do to deserve such a gift like dogs.”

“can’t wait to get older so I can live with 500 dogs”

2. ‘Bee’ Tattoo

madison beer bee tattoo

Tattoo: The ankle of Madison’s right foot contains a small tattoo of a bee.

3. ‘Finger and Wrist Sharpie’ Tattoos

Tattoo: On June 26, 2017, American singer for the first time unveiled two mini sharpie tattoos on her right wrist and her middle finger socially.

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