Marcus Stroman’s 36 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Marcus Earl Stroman better ,known as Marcus Stroman is an American Professional Baseball pitcher for the New York Mets of the Major League. He made his debut in 2014 with Toronto Blue Jays. Marcus is the CEO and founder of the brand HDMH, which stands for “Height Doesn’t Measure Heart.” He calls it to be his passion project and the one, veheartose to his heart. Marcus is a huge ink lover, and that is clearly evident from his heavily tattooed body. Let us explore his interesting tattoos and their meanings.

Marcus Stroman

Chest Tattoos

Marcus Stroman Chest Tattoos

1. ‘BElieve in YOUself’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman BELieve in YOUself Tattoo

Tattoo: Right across his cheekbones, there is a bold writing that reads ‘BElieve in YOUrself.’ The ink itself is another clear symbol of the fact that how strong a believer and follower of motivational quotes Marcus is.

2. ‘Height Doesn’t Measure Heart’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Just below the heartbeat tattoo Marcus has got the words tattooed, which say “Heigh.”Doesn’t Measure Heart“.

Meaning: Heighheartsn’t Measure Heart is the full form of the word HDMH which is the brand of Marcus Stroman. He is not only the CEO but also the founder of this project.

3. ‘Heartbeat (Pulse)’ Tattoo

Marcus Heartbeat Tattoo

Tattoo: On the upper right part of his right chest, there is a pulse tattoo.

Meaning: A pulse or heartbeat tattoo symbolizes that life is indeed precious to Marcus. It is the mere symbol of a life continuing without any struggles, hindrances, and pauses.

4. ‘sMILE’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman sMILE Tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the center of his chest, there is a spot of ink that reads ‘sMILE.’ He claims to have received it as a continuous reminder to himself that a person should keep smiling always, irrespective of all tensions in life.

5. ‘No.6’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman No 6 Tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of Martin Luther King’s quote tattoo, there is No 6 inked.

Meaning: Marcus Stroman is the player of the Toronto Blue Jays, and No 6 represents his Jersey Number. The relevance of the number 6 relates to two aspects. First, he wore it in Toronto, and people there refer to the city as ‘the 6’. Second, it also represents the area code of Toronto city as, ‘416’

Left Pec Tattoos

6. ‘Family and NY 631’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Left Pec Family Tattoo

Tattoo: On Marcus’s left pec lies a tattoo which includes the names of all heartembers closest to his heart along with Spanish phrases inked in a clockwise way as “Mom, Dios me Bendiga, Dad, Dios me guarde, Jes“.

Meaning: Right in the center on his left pec, there lies a batch which reads ‘NY 631′ i.e., the area code of his residence inked inside the barbed wire fence and surrounded by the words “Dios me Bendiga” which means “God Bless me”, “Dios me guarde” which means God save me. The letters Mom, Dad, and Jes show his love for his family, which are all written inside the hearts that are tattooed on his left pec.

Right Pec Tattoos

7. Quote on Right Pec

Marcus Stromann Right PecTattoos

Tattoo: On his right pec, there is a quote inked that represents one of the famous sayings by Martin Luther King Jr, which can be read as, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Martin Luther King Jr.

Meaning: The quote means that the perfect and the ultimate way to judge the man of his strength and capabilities is from the way he acts during the times of his challenges and problems in his life and not through the way he lives through the times of his leisure and comfortable life.

8. ‘Poker Chip’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On the top of the right shoulder of Marcus, lies an ink of a Poker Chip which contains the words on its outer side, “Doing Everything They Said I Couldn’t!” whereas on the inner side of it, written are the words that can be read as, “Critics Doubters & Haters.

9. ‘Music Notes’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Music Notes Tattoo

Tattoo: The lower part of his right pec is inked with musical notes. This ink is the symbol of Marcus’s love for music.

10 ‘Airplane’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Airplane Tattoo

Tattoo: Just at the beginning of the quote on Marcus’s right pec, there is an airplane tattooed in dark black ink.

Meaning: The placement of the tattoo near Martin Luther’s quote is the symbolism of the fact that Marcus believes in soaring high in his life by living through his own thoughts and imagination through self-motivation.

11. Shaded Designs on His Pecs

Marcus Stroman Designs on Chest Tattoo

Tattoo: His right and left pecs are all covered in designs shaded in black ink.

Stomach Tattoos

12. ‘Grow through what you go through Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Grow through what you go through Tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the right side of his upper stomach is a quote inked that says, “Grow through what you go through,” which means that all of us have to go through lots of hardships and difficulties in life, we should learn to face them with confidence and all the courage, and ultimately grow through them easily.

13. ‘Toronto Skyline’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Toronto Skyline Tattoo

Tattoo: Marcus has a huge ink on his stomach, which shows the Toronto Skyline. He got it done by the tattoo artist Levi Reimer. The ink on his stomach contains a four-image homage to Toronto city.

On the top, there is a image representation of  Toronto shown by CN Tower and the Rogers Centre, followed by the portrait of Rihanna under it. Whereas towards the right side lies an ink of a full wine glass and an orchid.

Meaning: The tattoo is permanent mark of the fact that he loves Toronto City. The face of Rihanna shows his great love for the singer and music. However, have you ever that how the Toronto city and the image of Rihanna could be merged into a  tattoo?

It signifies the exact representation of what Marcus actually wanted in his ink. As per the claims, he wanted the combination and collaboration of various elements of life. The half full glass symbolises that he has multiple things that yet, need to be achieved. The orchid is his favorite flower and the most important one; since he wanted to whole imagery to be foggy and shady, her favorite singer, Rihanna is seen blowing out smoke to give that feel and look!!

“Basically, he wanted to do a (collaboration) of different elements of his life,” said Reimer over the phone from his Abbotsford home. “The (half full) glass of wine means he isn’t finished (accomplishing great things) yet. The orchid is his favorite flower, he usually has them in his house. And we wanted to capture kind of a foggy, misty presence to the skyline, so we incorporated kind of like a cloudy look to it. And there’s the female figure (Rihanna) below that has some smoke billowing out of her mouth to create that ambiance.”

14. ‘Bible Verse 9.23’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Quote Tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of his stomach, Marcus has got a tattoo of some line inked which, seems to be taken from the Holy Bible.

Meaning: The ink reads, “Everything is possible for him who believes,” which stands for the fact that the person who believes in his goals, can achieve them in any way. The quote has been obtained from verse no. 9.23 of The Bible. It focuses on the encouragement towards life. Marcus claims to have got this inked to keep himself motivated and focused on whatever he wants to achieve in his life.

Arm Tattoos

Left Arm Tattoos

Marcus Stroman Left Arm Tattoos

15. ‘Stars and Angel Wings’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Stars and Angel Wings Tattoo

Tattoo: Marcus’ left shoulder is inked with multiple stars followed by angel wings.

Meaning: Stars represent the faith and hope and the relationship that a man shares with God. They are also believed to be the source of guidance and direction in life.

Marcus is known to have received the ink of stars and angel wings for good luck and as a mark of his faith and love for God.

16. ‘May 4, 2014’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman May 4 2014 Tattoo

Tattoo: Just below the Blessed ink, Marcus has got the date, May 4, 2014.

Meaning: The date holds great relevance for Marcus as on this day, he had joined Toronto Blue Jays. The tattoo shows the date written inside a rectangle whose inner sides are tattooed with the color of Toronto Blue Jays.

17. ‘Blessed’ Tattoo

. Tattoo: Marcus got the word Blessed inked on his left forearm on January 23, 2013. The tattoo was received by him when he found himself contending with his life and achieving his goals easily.

18. Quote and stars on left bicep

Marcus Stroman Inner Bicep Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left bicep, there lies an ink all covered with stars on all sides, which reads, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.

Meaning: The quote has been said by Les Brown (famous American Motivational Speaker) which means that life is short and full of unexpectedness. Thus, we should keep working on our goals to become successful, no matter what. And guess what? Marcus is known to be a strict follower of this.

19.Mom’s Green Eye and La Familia’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Left Forearm Tattoo

Tattoo: Right on the center of the inner portion of his left arm, Marcus has got his mother’s eye inked. According to him, his mother has green eyes thus, the tattoo has been done in the same shade.

Just above the eye tattoo lie the words, ‘La Familia’, which means ‘The Family’ in English. These inks are another way of showing his love for his mom, family, and friends.

20. ‘Daddy’s Gift and Mamma’s Bheartttoo

Marcus Stroman Mammas Boy Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Daddys Gift Tattoo

Tattoo: Marcus is known to be a family guy, which is clearly evident from his multiple body inks, which are dedicated to his family.

This is another addition to his already existing body inks. It is rather one of them and shows his true love for his parents. The tattoo includes the words, Mamma’s Boy and Daddy’s Gift written across his left hand’s wrist.

21.DETECTIVE 1278 Coin’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman DETECTIVE 1278 Tattoo

Tattoo: Just below his mother’s eye tattoo, there is a badge cum coin inked which reads DETECTIVE 1278 written on the lower part of it.

22. ‘Puerto Rican Flag’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman American Flag Tattoo

Tattoo: Surrounding the left side of his mother’s eye tattoo, there is a colorful ink that represents ‘The puerto Rican Flag’, which signifies his mother’s roots.

23. ‘Dreamchaser’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Dreamchaser Tattoo)

Tattoo: Flowing downwards towards his wrist lies an ink which reads, “Dreamchaser.” The tattoo symbolizes that Marcus believes in following his heart and goals with continuous faith in achieving his dreams.


Tattoo: On his left forearm, Marcus has got a tattoo that reads, ‘BREAKING STEREOTYPES‘ followed by two fist punches inked on either side of the tattoo.

Meaning: This ink is clear proof of the fact that Marcus is a strong believer in his own thoughts, understandings, and rules. He doesn’t believe in following the so-called rules and customs of society.


Marcus Stroman Left Arm Tattoo

Tattoo: On the left forearm, Marcus has another quote inked in Bold Letters, which says, “MY BELIEF IS STRONGER THAN YOURS”

Right Arm Tattoos

26. ‘Always keep climbing’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Always keep Climbing Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a line inked on Marcus’ right bicep which reads, “Always keep climbing,” which means that no matter what problems we face in life, we should continue to focus on higher goals and reachheartuccess in life.

27. ‘Lion’s Face’ Tattoo

Marcus Lion Tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of his right forearm, Marcus has got the face of Lion inked in a very linearhearted outline. The tattoo is the representation of Marcus’ fearlessness towards his life.

28. Quote on Right Forearm

Adversity Defines Character Tattoo

Tattoo: Marcus has another quote inked on his right forearm, which says, “Adversity defines character,” which means that the way we act during times of difficulties, misfortune, and distress in life is how our character can be judged.

29. ‘161’ Tattoo

Marcus 181 Tattoo

Tattoo: On Marcus’ right shoulder, there is a tattoo of the number ‘161’.

30. ‘Sportsman’ Tattoo

Marcus Right Wrist Tattoos

Tattoo: On his right hand’s wrist, there is a tattoo of darkened sportsman along with a phrase that says ‘Never Fear.’

This is the ultimate symbol of sportmen spirit!!

31. ‘Loyal L<3VE’ Tattoo

Marcus Loyal LOVE Tattoo

Tattoo: On Marcus’ inner right bicep, there is another tattoo ink that reads as, Loyal LOVE, where the letter O in LOVE is replaced with the heart.

32. ‘More life, less stress’ Tattoo

Marcus Quote Tattoo

33. ‘H and H symbol and phrase’ Tattoo

Marcus H and H Tattoo

Marcus H AND H

Marcus Stroman H&H Tattoo

Tattoo: Marcus is very fond of his project ‘Height Doesn’t Measure Heartand has got the brand’s symbol tattooed near his right hand’s wrist. The symbol also carries a phrase under it that says, Go To Work, Boy.

34. ‘3-19-2015’ Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Date Tattoo

Tattoo: Dates have always been important for Marcus, and it can be clearly understood from the various date tattoos which he has on his body. On his right upper arm lies a tattoo that reads, 3-19-2015. This is the date when Marcus had to undergo major surgery after his knee injury.

Stroman noted on Twitter: “Surgery tomorrow. March 19, 2015. The road to the top is always under construction!”

 Back Tattoos

35. ‘FAMILY FIRST and M.E.S’ Tattoo

Marcus Back Tattoo

Tattoo: On Marcus’ back, there is a collaboration of tattoos inked. On the top of his back, there are words written which say, “Family First” inked in italic font, followed by M.E.S written under it. “M.E.S” stands for his full name i.e., Marcus Earl Stroman.

36. Family Portraits

Marcus Stroman Back Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Baseball Portrait Tattoo

Tattoo: On the top right of his back lies the portrait of his mother, ‘Adlin Auffant‘, and right below it lies the portrait of his father, ‘Earl Stroman‘. Towards the left of his father’s portrait, there is a signboard inked that reads ‘SCOTCHPIN DR‘, which is the area code. He got his own full portrait inked on his lower right back, displaying him in the batting position on the field. His body structure is tattooed inside a baseball glove that reads GOLD GLOVE AWARD. He got his own statue inked as a tribute to mark his winning of the 1st Gold Glove Award of his career in 2017.

37. Ear Tattoo

Marcus Stroman Ear Tattoo

Marcus Ear Tattoo

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