Mike Scott’s 45 Tattoos & Their Meanings

James Michael Scott is an American professional basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Mike has always been in headlines for the crazy inking on his body which is the collection of multiple emojis, and not only this, as when a new emoji is added in an application, he gets it added on his body too. They are totally random and abrupt tattoos without any special link to any occasion or dates. People have always expressed funny reactions towards his silly attitude of choosing more than 80% of his tattoos from the emojis of an application. Let us explore his unique emoji collection and analyze his idea of getting them tattooed over his body, forever.

Mike Scott

“The story behind it is I just use emojis a lot when I text. It’s me; it’s original. People are doing it now, but no one else had it before I started getting into it. I dunno — I guess I started the trend. It’s a trend I see now but for sure no one had it when I started.”

“Sometimes they say what you can’t say. They can express the words that you can’t say about how you feel. You can do a whole conversation just using emojis and people will understand. I actually do that a lot.”

Mike Scott Arm Emojis

1. Chest Tattoo

Mike Scott Chest Tattoo

Tattoo: Across his chest is the ink which includes two figures, the one on the right pec seems to be an angel with wings, whereas, the one on the left pec is of some lady which also carries sunrays rising from her back.

2. Dancing Girl in Red Emoji

Mike Scott Dancing Girl in Red

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right forearm, there is an emoji of the girl in a red dress which is popularly known as the dancing girl’s emoji.

“I’m a little crazy, I just like to do things that are out of ordinary.”

3. Finger Tattoos

Mike Scott Hand Tattoos

No clear images of finger tattoos have been captured, but as per our research Mike has got multiple tiny symbols and emojis tattooed on the knuckles of both his hands.

4. ‘JS’ Tattoo

Mike Scott JS Tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of his left and right arm, respectively, there are the letters J and S inked in italicized font.

Meaning: JS represents the first and last name’s initial letters of Mike’s full name i.e (James Michael Scott)

5. Burger, Carrot, and an Eye Emojis

Mike Scott Right Inner Arm Emojis

Tattoo: On the inner side of his upper right arm, there are the emojis a burger, a small carrot inked in red, and a single eye.

6. Wrist Tattoos

Mike Scott Wrist Tattoos

Mike Sniffer Tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of Mike’s wrist there are inks done, the one on the left hand’s wrist carries the name of his brother ‘Antonn‘, whereas the tattoo on the right wrist contains the word, ‘Sniffer’.

7. Writing on Left Side Of neck 

Mike Scott Writing on Neck

8. Emojis on Left Bicep

Emojis on Left Bicep

Mike’s left bicep is tattooed with the multiple emojis which include, a pair of eyes popping out, an alien, and a running man emoticon.

9. ‘Hamburger’ and ‘Frog Emoji’

Mike Hamburger and Frog Emoji

Tattoo: There is a frog emoji inked on the lower part of his neckline, followed by a hamburger emoji tattooed on the top of his left shoulder.

10. ‘Umbrella’, ‘Gorilla’, and ‘Microphone’

Mike Microphone, Gorilla, and an Eye Tattoo

Tattoo: Mike’s right inner forearm contains the tattoo of emojis of an Umbrella, A Gorilla, and a tiny microphone that is towards his wrist.

11. ‘Speak no Evil’ and ‘Telephone Booth’ Emoji

Mike Monkey and Telephone Booth Tattoo

On his right bicep, there is a monkey emoji which depicts ‘Speak no Evil’ character and a telephone booth which is inked in red and black.

12. ‘GUM SHOW’, ‘CROWN’, and ‘Football Emoji’ Tattoos

Mike Scott Left Inner Arm Emojis

On the inner side of Scott’s left bicep there lies the emojis of a football, a golden crown, a small cruise which is inked in red, and red colored tickets which contain the words ‘GUM SHOW’.

13. ‘Monkey’ and ‘Spider’ Tattoo

Mike Scott Monkey and Spider Tattoo

There is an orange-colored monkey inked on the backside of Mike’s neck, followed by a huge spider tattoo.

14. Neck Tattoo

Mike Scott Neck Tattoo

On the front part of his neck, there is a ghost-like tattoo whose face has been made in shape of the skull, just below it is also an emoji of a yellow-eyed star and a baseball emoji tattoo.

15. Paw Prints on Neck

Mike Scott Paw Prints

Under his right ear, there are red-colored paw prints.

16. Quote on Right Forearm

Mike Scott Qoute on Right Arm

Tattoo: On Mike’s right forearm there are lines inked which can be read as, “The wages of the righteous bring them life, but the income of the wicked brings them punishment.

Meaning: The proverb has been taken from Proverbs 10:16 which means that the person who earns honestly especially the poor, their earnings helps them to live their life ahead, whereas the rich or the ones who earn by wrong ways, their rewards is often the punishment.

17. Baby Emoticon

Mike Tattoo on Hand

There is a Baby emoticon inked below his right hand’s thumb

18. ‘Video Game Remote’ Tattoo

Mike Umbrella and Video Game Remote Tattoo

On the inner side of his right bicep, there is a video game remote tattooed.

19. Solar System

Mike Scott 9 Planets Tattoo

Solar System

On the outer side of Scott’s right forearm there is a beautiful solar system tattooed showing all the 9 planets in their respective original shapes and colors as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and PLuto. Though Pluto has been removed from the list of planets now.

20. Happy and Annoyed Face

Mike Happy and Annoyed Smiley

On his left bicep, Mike has got a happy face and annoyed face smiley tattooed.

21. Left Inner Arm Emoji Tattoos

Mike Left Inner Arm tattoo

Tattoo: Mike Scott’s left inner arm is tattoed with the dancing girls’ colorful emoji, and a family emoji, which shows the mother, and father, and their two children all inked together.

“A pair of dancing ladies in leotards — Scott describes them as “two mistresses”

22. Lips Emoji Near Left Ear

Mike Lips Emoji

Lips emoji inked under his left ear.

“I have that lips emoji on my neck and he was asking me during the game if that was a specific lady’s lips or whose lips or what. I said ‘No, it’s no one’s lips. It’s just the emoji lips.'”

23. ‘Mickey Mouse’, ‘Pair of Eyes’, ‘Gun’, ‘Ghost Smiley’, and ‘Cat Heart’ Eyes

Mike Mickey Mouse ,Donouts, Gun

Mickey Mouse, Pair of Eyes, Gun, Ghost Smiley, and Cat Heart Eyes on the inner side of Mike’s upper left arm.

24. 3D Basketball Tattoo

Mike Scott 3d Basketball Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a 3D basketball inked on Mike’s right bicep.

Meaning: Mike Scott being a professional Basketball player is a huge fan of the game, and this tattoo is his tribute to his love for the game.

25. ‘Multiple Falling Stars’ and ‘Drowsy Man’ Tattoo

Mike Scott Drowsy Man Walking and Falling Stars

Mike’s right upper arm contains a huge galaxy of stars tattooed in black, and just below that there is an emoji of a tired man walking slowly.

26. Emojis on Right Bicep Tattoo

Mike Scott Emoji Bicep

Mike has the various emoticons tattooed all close to one another on his right bicep, which contains the emoji with heart eyes, and emoji showing surprise, tired emoji, a wicked emoji, and a skull emoji.

27. Right Inner Arm Emojis

Mike Scott Emoji Inner Arm

Towards his right underarm, there is an angry red-faced emoticon whose nose is elongated, whereas just above it is another evil angry faced emoji which also has horns.

28. Emojis on Right Shoulder

Mike Scott Emojis on Right SHOULDER

Mike has three interesting smileys inked on the top of his right shoulder, a side-eye emoji between a police officer emoji and police car emoji.

29. Emojis on Left Shoulder

Mike Scott Emojis on Left Shoulder

30. ‘Crowned JMS’ Tattoo

Mike Scott MS Tattoo

Tattoo: Mike’s left bicep is inked with the letters ‘JMS’ in an Italicised font. There is also a crown inked over the letters.

Meaning: JMS is the initial letters of Mike’s full name, i.e James Mike Scott.

31. ‘Pizza Slice’, ‘Ladybird’, ‘Zipped Mouthed’ Emoji

Mike Scott Pizza Slice and Silent Smiley

Mike’s left arm contains three prominent emojis, which are a piece of a pizza slice inked in yellow and red, a ladybird inked in red and black, and a smiley which is zipped mouthed.

31. ‘Spider Web’ and ‘Pac Man’ Tattoo

Mike Scott Spider Web and Pac Man Tattoo

Mike Scott Spiderweb on left Elbow

On Mike’s left elbow there is a spiderweb inked and just above it, there is also a yellow-colored Pac man emoji tattooed.

32. ‘High Five’ and ‘Slug’ Tattoo

Mike Scott Tiny Hand and Slug Tattoo

Tattoo: Just above the solar system tattoo on his right forearm, Mike has also got the emojis of the High Five and a slug.

33. ‘Contre Le Monde’ Tattoo

Mike Chest Tattoo

He does have an elaborate chest tattoo with a seemingly misspelled French phrase.

34. Family Emojis

Mike Scott 4GIRL Smileys

His left inner arm carries a family emoji tattoo in which we can see husband and wife along with their two kids, a boy, and a girl.

35. ‘Alien’ and ‘Green Box’

Mike Scott Alien Face and Medicinal Tin Box

On Mike’s left upper arm there is an alien emoji and a small green colored box which seems to be a first aid box.

36. ‘Smart Smiley Face’ Emoji

Mike Scott Angry and Smart Smiley

Quite opposite to the angry smiley tattooed on his right upper arm, Mike’s left upper arm contains the emoji of the smart smiley face.

37. Tattoos on Left Arm

Mike Scott Baby Panda, broken Heart and rocket

Tattoo: There is a panda face, a rocket, a shadowed man, a broken heart emoji on Mike Scott’s left inner arm.

38. Basketball and Fire Emoji

Mike Scott Basketball and Fire Smiley

There is a basketball emoji on Mike’s right shoulder and a fire emoji on his left shoulder.

39. Cat with Heart Eye Emoji

Mike Scott Cat Smiley with Heart Eyes

40. Emojis on Right Forearm

Mike Scott Ghost, Crab, Frenchfries, Dollar Note

Exactly above his solar system ink, there are multiple emojis tattooed which include, a box of french fries, a ghost, a female face, dollar notes, and a robot-like structured emoji which is also wearing headphones.

41. ‘Money Bag’ Tattoo

Mike Scott Money Bag Tattoo

Money Bag tattooed on Mike’s left upper arm

42. Quote on Left Forearm

Mike Scott Quote on left arm

“No one can see through what I am Except As the one who made me”

this word was spoken by a basketball master,
LeBron James

43. Area Code 757

On his body, he has also got the tattoo of the area code of Virginia, i.e 757. However, the picture of it is not available. Mike was born in Chesapeake, Virginia, United States.

44. ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ Tattoo

Mike Scott Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoo

Tattooed on his left tricep. Below this, a pair of eyes popping out are also inked.

“My first tattoo (points to his left tricep) was Laugh Now, Cry Later (seen in picture below). And I got it because, I just got it. I didn’t really have a reason. I was just like, that’s dope! I’m going to get that. I was in college my junior year, so I just got it. A couple of my friends had it already. It’s a stupid reason, but that’s why I got it, honestly.”

45. ‘EMOgI’ Tattoo

Mike Scott EMOg.I Tattoo

When asked in an interview about his favorite emojis, he said,

“Of course, my favorite is the eyes 👀, so many meanings. (Mike peruses over his arms, searching for the rest of his favorites) I’ve got my two girls right here 👯 Twin nieces. Of course, the middle finger, two tickets to the gun show (flexing biceps at this point). And, I do not care at all (which is symbolically inked with three emojis, an eyeball 👁, a donut  🍩 and a carrot 🥕).

What was the first emoji tattoo you got and when did you get it?
My first emoji tattoo was after my rookie year, that summer [in 2013], going into my sophomore year. They were on top of my shoulder, the orange mean face emoji, then the purple devil face emoji.


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