Katy Perry’s 9 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Katy Perry is a famous American singer and songwriter known for her vibrant personality and hard hitting songs. While this talented star is known for her hits and awards, the tattoos possessed by her are unique and intriguing. While most of her tattoos are tiny, colorful and cartoonist, few of them are meaningful and are in different languages. Nevertheless, Katy’s tattoos top the list of “Cutest Tattoos.”

Katy Perry

1. Jesus on her wrist

Katy Perry - Jesus Tattoo
The star’s oldest tattoo is a ‘Jesus’ inked on her left wrist which she got at the age of 18. This tattoo showcases the spiritual side of her, and since both her parents are evangelical ministers, this tattoo was a reminder for her religious upbringing.

2. A strawberry on her ankle

Katy Perry - strawberry tattoo
The star is known for her cute tattoos; she got a smiling strawberry tattoo on the inside of her left ankle in 2009. Katy also uses Strawberry prop in her concerts many times.

3. Sanskrit tattoo on her arm

Katy Perry - Sanskrit tattoo
Katy and her ex-fiance, Russell Brand got Sanskrit tattoo saying “Anuugacchati Pravaha” which means “Go with the Flow.” They got these matching tattoos on the inside of right biceps. This particular tattoo was significant to both of them as Russell proposed Katy in India during their Jaipur vacation and one year after that they got married in India with proper Hindu traditions.

4. Peppermint on her ankle

Katy Perry - peppermint swirl tattoo
Adding to the list of cute tattoos, Katy got a smiling cartoon of peppermint candy inked on her right ankle. She said it was matching the smiling strawberry on the other ankle.
Katy also said that while strawberry represented ‘One of the Boys’, peppermint tattoo represented her candy-themed, “Teenage Dream” album.

5. Lotus flower on her wrist

Katy Perry - lotus flower tattoo
Katy Perry got an intricate outline of lotus flower tattooed on her wrist in the year 2012. Even though, Katy herself never revealed why she got that tattoo, many believed that lotus signifies the clarity phase for the star after her separation from husband Russell Brand.

6. Cherry blossom on her ankle

Katy Perry - cherry blossom tattoo
Katy also has a tattoo of cherry blossom on her right ankle. This particular tattoo comes from a traditional Japanese tattoo art which represents transience of life. Katy’s ex-boyfriend, John Mayer also has a similar tattoo on his wrist.

7. Hello Kitty’s face on her finger

Katy Perry - Hello Kitty Tattoo
Hello Kitty’s head is inked on Katy’s right middle finger. For Katy, it signifies significant birthdays of her and the cartoon kitty. While Katy’s birthday is on 25th October, Kitty’s birthday is celebrated on 1st. The tattoo was done on Hello Kitty Con celebrating the 40th anniversary of the characters. Katy once tweeted “OMG HELLO KITTY IS A SCORPIO TOO ILY!!!” showing her obsession with the cartoon.

8. Superbowl number on her finger

Katy Perry - superbowl tattoo

Katy has Roman numeral XLIX inked which represents number 49, following her halftime appearance at a show of Superbowl XLIV. In her performance, Katy sang the medley of her greatest hits. She got this tattoo only after few hours of the show and wanted to remember the night of celebrations forever.

9. Prism Tattoo

Katy Perry - Prism Tattoo

Katy recently got a colorful triangle/prism tattoo on her left ankle which has rainbow colors and features a happy and smiling face. Such a tattoo correctly defined the vibrant image of the star.

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