Nigel de Jong’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Nigel de Jong is a Dutch professional footballer. Nigel plays as a midfielder for the club, Al-Shahania in the Qatar Stars League. He started his career in Amsterdam at the Ajax youth academy and debuted for the first team at the age of 17. He also plays for the Netherlands National Team. Nigel de Jong has represented several big clubs such as Milan, Ajax, and LA Galaxy in both European and MLS Leagues. Nigel de Jong has many tattoos on his body, most of which are floral or warrior inspired. His body also contains tattoos inspired by Indonesian carvings and patterns. Let us take a look at what tattoos he has and the meanings they hold.

Nigel de Jong

1. Tribal Waves Tattoo

Nigel de Jong wave tattoo

Tattoo: A major part of Nigel’s left arm and all of his forearm is covered in tribal tattoos done in the form of ocean waves and geometrical shapes of different sizes and flows. His elbow contains a pattern of waves moving in a circular region around it.

2. ‘More Waves’ Tattoo

Nigel de Jong wave tattoo 2

Tattoo: The wave tattoos on the upper side of his left forearm continue towards the backside too and cover-up of his left forearm.

3. Neck Tattoo

Nigel de Jong neck tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of de Jong’s neck contains a tattoo of a floral pattern done in the shape of a semi-circle.

4. ‘Floral’ Tattoo

Nigel de Jong floral tattoo

Nigel de Jong floral tattoo 1

Tattoo: Nigel de Jong’s right forearm contains another tattoo of a large floral design with geometric shapes in the form of a circle.

5. Hand Tattoo

Nigel de Jong hand tattoo 1

Tattoo: Nigel’s right hand is contains yet another floral pattern which covers most of his hand.

6. Shapes Tattoos

Nigel de Jong shapes tattoo

Tattoo: The upper part of his right forearm contains three different geometrical shapes tattooed on it.

7. Name Tattoos

Nigel de Jong name tattoo

Tattoo: Nigel’s left hand contains a tattoo of a flower, above which, the name, Kyan is inked. His right wrist contains the name, Isaura inked on it.

Meaning: De Jong got these tattoos for his son, Kyan and his daughter, Isaura-Sienna.

8. Chest Tattoo

Nigel de Jong chest tattoo

Nigel de Jong chest tattoo 1

Tattoo: Nigel’s chest contains one of the largest tattoos on his body. His chest is covered in an intricate design inspired by a tribal pattern.

9. Shoulder Tattoo

Nigel de Jong shoulder tattoo 2

Tattoo: De Jong’s left shoulder and upper arm are covered in tribal design tattoos with incredible details. These tattoos are inspired by Indonesian carvings. His arm is completed by different tattoos done in various geometric shapes and sizes.

10. Tribal Patterns

Nigel de Jong shoulder tattoo 1

Nigel de Jong shoulder tattoo 3

Tattoo: Nigel’s right shoulder is covered in a large black intricate floral pattern. There is another floral design above this one which covers his collar bone. Below this, his bicep and tricep contain a tribal design tattoo.

11. Back Tattoo

Nigel de Jong back tattoo

Tattoo: A major part of Nigel de Jong’s back is covered in a large tattoo. His back contains two large bands which start from his shoulder and end at his side formed out of leaf-like geometric patterns. The right side of his upper back contains a few lines tattooed on it in Dutch. His right elbow also contains an intricate mesh design tattooed on it.

12. Lower Back Tattoo

Nigel de Jong back tattoo 1

Tattoo: Nigel de Jong recently added to his lower back, another floral-inspired piece that merges with his upper back tattoo. He posted the picture on Instagram revealing this new addition. This was his 3rd session for the tattoos on his back. From where we are, we can be sure that there is more to come and his design is still not finished.

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