Thierry Henry’s 9 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Thierry Daniel Henry is a famous French professional football coach. He has been an assistant coach for Belgium. Thierry is believed to be one of the greatest players in the history of the Premier League. He has the following victories in his cap: Premier League twice, three FA Cups, two La Ligas, the Champions League, World Cup of 1998, and Euro 2000 with France. Thierry is famous for getting multiple historical designs related to New York City and its milestones. Let us explore his magnificent body arts.

Thierry Henry

1. ‘Angel’ Tattoo

Thierry angel tattoo

Tattoo: On Henry’s left bicep, there is an iconic tattoo of an angel and stars.

Meaning: Angels are believed to be the messengers of God. Angel with wings is the symbol of good luck. People often get angel tattoos to pay tribute to someone who was too close but, is no more. Someone, who was their guardian. Stars on the other hand are considered to be the guiding lights of life. They also symbolize hope, desire, honor, and guidance.

2. ‘Portrait of Daugther’ Tattoo

Thierry baby tattoo

Tattoo: Henry’s left inner forearm is inked with the portrait of his daughter.

Meaning: Henry’s daughter, Téa Henry was born to Thierry and Claire Merry on 27 May 2005. Henry got her portrait tattooed when she was just eight months old.

3. ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ Tattoo

Thierry Brooklyn Bridge tattoo

Tattoo: On his inner right forearm, Thierry has got a huge tattoo representation of the famous Brooklyn Bridge. It is situated in New York City.

Meaning: This tattoo was part of few other iconic landmarks of New York City which, Henry got inked on his body.

4. ‘Eagle’ Tattoo

Thierry forearm tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Flying Eagle’ Tattoo on his right Forearm.

Meaning: Henry’s right forearm is covered with an awe-inspiring tattoo of a flying eagle with its wings spread all over. Eagle is the symbol of power, courage, wisdom, and strength.

5. ‘NY Street’ Tattoo

Thierry NEW YORK tattoo

Tattoo: On his upper left arm, Thierry has got the imagery representation of New York streets tattooed.

Meaning: Thierry was the part of New York Red Bulls from 2010-2014. He got it inked because of his deep connection with the city and its areas.

6. ‘Empire State Building’ Tattoo

Thierry NY City Tattoo

Tattoo: On his inner left upper arm, Thierry has got the tattoo of The Empire State Building.

Meaning: It is actually a well-known 102-story Art Deco skyscraper situated in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, United State. Henry said that these historical buildings and various other locations are close to his heart. At one point or other, there are many of his memories attached to them.

7. Right Arm Tattoo

Thierry right arm tattoo

Tattoo: Henry’s right arm is completed covered with feathers, leaves, and shaded designs. The arm tattoo has been put up keeping in view the Japanese culture and its importance. They are the symbol of protection and spirituality.

8. ‘Statue of liberty’ Tattoo

Thierry Statue of Liberty Tattoo

Tattoo: Thierry’s left arm is a complete representation of his dedication and tribute to important milestones of New York City. So is this ink. Exactly above the portrait of his daughter on his left inner forearm, Henry has got the tattoo of the Statue of Liberty.

Meaning: Statue of Liberty is the universal symbol of freedom. It stands in the upper New York Bay and is considered to be important in the history of the United States. It represents the United States itself!

9. ‘Motif Star’ Tattoo

Thierry motif star tattoo

Tattoo: The image above has been blurred as Henry has never shared and talked about his back tattoo. It is actually a motif star inked on the top right side of his back.

Meaning: Star is the symbol of direction. Star tattoos have multiple meanings. A traditional Motif star is a symbol of strength and wisdom.

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