A J Buckley’s 4 Tattoos and their Meanings

Alan John Buckley is an Irish-Canadian actor, best known for his portrayal of the nerdy crime lab technician, Adam Ross, on the popular television series, CSI: NY. He also starred as a Navy seal on another blockbuster show called The SEAL Team. After gaining fame through CSI, he expanded his career to include producing and directing. The show not only showered him in stardom but also allowed him to give tribute to his late father through ink. Buckley has several tattoos and some of them express the pure love the actor feels towards his father. This article will navigate through all the tattoos he possesses and their significance in his life.

A J Buckley

1. Quote in Hebrew on the side of the Right Forearm

AJ Buckley's Right Hand Tattoo

The CSI: NY star recently visited Israel to shoot an episode and came back with a Hebrew tattoo on his right arm. The trip turned out to be an emotional and a deeply personal experience for Buckley as he mentioned that his late father always wanted to visit Israel once. To honor the memory of their bond and strong relationship, the Canadian star inked a Hebrew quote on himself which translates to, “I lay my father to rest on the Rock of Calvary.” Buckley utilized this trip of visiting Israel as an opportunity to spread his father’s ashes and bid adieu to him at last.

2. “It is what it is, Son” on the side of the Left Forearm

A J Buckley's Left Hand Tattoo

There is currently no information available about this specific tattoo from the actor himself or any other official sources. However, some of Alan John Buckley’s fans have speculated that the words “It is what it is, Son” may have been inked on his body due to his close relationship with his father. I can be assumed that these words serve as a constant reminder of his father’s wisdom during challenging times.

3. “Always beside you” on the left side of the Chest

A J buckley's Chest Tattoo

It has been revealed that the Irish-Canadian actor shares a twin tattoo with his father that reads, “Always Beside you” through an Instagram post shared by the actor himself. Although Buckley has not provided any additional information about the ink, it is believed that the tattoo symbolizes the profound significance that both have in each other’s lives and serves as a testament to the intensity of their loving bond.

4.  Navy SEAL Tattoo on the Right Bicep

A J Buckley's Bicep Tattoo

A.J. Buckley, an accomplished actor known for his portrayal of a Navy SEAL on the popular show The SEAL Team, possesses another tattoo that bears a symbol related to the Navy SEAL army. The tattoo is believed to honor the soldiers and reflect the deep respect and admiration that the actor holds for them. The tattoo is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by those who serve in the military and serves as a testament to the actor’s appreciation for their service.

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