Audrina Patridge’s Tattoo & its Meaning

Audrina Cathleen Patridge, an American telly persona and a classical fashionista. Being launched as an enigmatic character in a reality show series The Hills, in 2014 and 2015, Patridge hosted NBC’s late-night travel show 1st Look. We know tattoos, today are sort of a vogue affidavit. It has become a new wrinkle to get yourself inked to imprint an indicative episode in your life, to pay an accolade to someone or something that is relevant to you, to emulate traits of your personality that you most identify with or that trot out your avowals. Let’s read about Audrina Patridge’s tattoo and learn what it means.

Audrina Patridge tattoo

  Back of her Neck

Audrina- Patridge- Back- Tattoo

Audrina gave us a field of vision of the applauded tattoo on her neck. At the earliest eye at Audrina’s tattoo, it emerges to be a snake bundled up in the vicinity of an apple. A contiguous gaze brings out openly that the apple is de facto a mongrel of the fruit and a heart with four enclosures. Such sui generis doodle has stockpiled attentiveness from her fans throughout the terrene.


Vivacious and zesty glows thrusting in the tattoo is good enough to draw people’s heedfulness. The placement of the ink is just perfectly intelligent as she can either keep her hair open when it doesn’t blend with her outfit or can go with a tie up style when she feels like flaunting about the tattoo.  Allying all artistry, tattoos too are vacated to apprehensions. The same symbols and images will have multiple meanings in different parts of the world. Sometimes, an image can have multiple meanings in the very same culture.

The apple and snake pretty undeniably gives us the idea of the Bible’s Adam and Eve story with the apple standing for tantalization and the snake a delineation of the Ophidian in the garden of Eden who ambushed Eve to take a bite of the apple which got things rolling and God to ban Adam and Eve from Paradise. But the heart which is a part of the apple is tough as nails to crack. Maybe, it can be said as a synthesis of humanness and prescribed apple from the Tree of Knowledge.

When talking about her tattoo, Audrina only touched up on the serpent, explaining that in many ancient cultures the snake represented both Gods and demons. “My tattoo is a heart with four chambers that turns into an apple with a snake around it, it symbolizes the story of Adam and Eve… and also temptation and destiny”, said Audrina.

We think the apple and heart combined indicate appetite, maybe for life or things or knowledge or all of these. The serpent – since she specified that it stood for both pleasant and dread – may be symbolic of how we as human beings dock both good and evil within ourselves. Our wants and our qualms once and again edit our conduct, which is why even ostensibly great guys make poor choices and why awful people often do uncommonly deluxe things. Audrina’s tattoo is suggestive of an authentic, fair and square effigy of humanity.

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